Opponent Press Conference Notes - Penn State (Paterno)

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After doing just one of these (MSU), took a break because work/family/school/life in general got in the way.  But, seeing how this is kind of a big game, here are the notes on JoePa's press conference.  No mention of brains, sadly.


On Forcier:  Impressed by what Forcier has accomplished thus far as a freshman, although PSU didn't recruit him (no interest in the Lions).  Says Forcier reminds him of Tebow with qualities like leadership and confidence, but with more finesse than power. 

On injuries:  Ako Poti will start at RT.  Backup Nerraw McCormack, is "not 100%" this week. 

Stephfon Green (RB) has a hurt ankle.  Says it's "loose" and that he's a "maybe" for Saturday.  Says not having Green would be a "big loss."  Will probably go with Brandon Beachum and maybe Brent Carter to spell Royster.

On the M defense: Aggressive, a lot of different blitzes, but that has allowed opportunities for big plays. 

On the M offense:  Knows they have to stay disciplined when facing Michigan and all their different looks/formations.  Forcier is tough because he "moves around a lot."  Also mentions that they "stuck the other kid in there" against Iowa who "made the one mistake when he overthrew the kid..."  Tough to prepare for two quarterbacks, but it's a fact of life.  Robinson can really run, Forcier is more of a throw-first guy who can scramble and is "clever, very, very clever."  But both kids can throw.

On the rivalry:  There's a problem if "extra motivation" is needed in a game of this importance.  Michigan has been playing well and been in every ball game, so need to practice well and play hard.

Doesn't think Michigan is a tough place to play.  Cites some key plays from over the years, like the Tony Johnson out-of-bounds call (so THIS is where the fanbase gets it from!) and kicking to Breaston.  Goes on to say that Ohio State, Iowa, Wisconsin, Michigan are all tough places to play.

On the depth chart:  Not sure which CB will start, AJ Wallace or Knowledge Timmons.   Wallace played well last week against Minnesota covering Decker. 

Now some random, non-game related items:

On being offered the Michigan job in 1968:  Direct quote: "Don Canahm and I met...I think it was after the '68 season in Pittsburgh and we talked and he offered me the job when they hired Bo Schembechler. And once a year Don used to write me a letter and say, "Thanks!" "

On kids enrolling early: Doesn't like the practice and thinks it should be banned.  Thinks kids should enjoy senior year.  Does think it has been helpful to some programs. 

On kids staying out of trouble:  Some guy asked about kids staying out of trouble and the UConn CB who was stabbed.  Says it was tragic, but that football players are no different than any other kids.  Sometimes they make bad decisions.  Doesn't remember knives from back in his day, just "guys making jack asses out of themselves." 


oriental andrew

October 20th, 2009 at 8:30 PM ^

here is joepa's direct quote:
"We knew about him; we didn't really recruit him. He really didn't have a lot of interest in us, I don't think."


His rivals page does list PSU. To be fair, it did seem that Tate would commit to Michigan as soon as he was offered. It almost seemed a forgone conclusion, as I believe Tate was a Mr. Blue (at the very least, Happy Teeth) from almost the start. Maybe JoePa knew that PSU was, at best, a distant second to Michigan.


October 20th, 2009 at 8:13 PM ^

So, Michigan "isn't a tough place to play," but then he backtracks and says it is.

Well, Grandpa, adjust the hearing aid. The volume and intensity will be much different than in years past.


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I have been lucky recently to catch some of his press conferences on ESPNNews. I have to say that each week there is some connection that leads to a antidote based on the fact that JoePa has been around major college football for so many decades.

Example before the Syracuse game: JoePa is so old that he remembers recruiting current Syracuse coach Doug Marron in his home in the Bronx. And his take that they used to fight for kids in the Bronx with Syracuse and that recruiting was tough in that region.

Overall, they are great tidbits and it is especially enjoyable watching someone as old as your grandpa relay his memories about college football of yore.


October 20th, 2009 at 11:26 PM ^

I believe you are trying to say "anecdote."
Here is a dictionary entry for "antidote:"

1. A remedy or other agent used to neutralize or counteract the effects of a poison.
2. An agent that relieves or counteracts.

Blue in Yarmouth

October 21st, 2009 at 7:47 AM ^

If it is so easy to play at the Big House you'd think PSU would have more wins there.......I thnk the team alone has made it a tough place to play for PSU over the years, and now we have increased crowd noise that should make it even tougher on them.


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This a load of BS: "Enjoy their senior year". Kids who enroll early want to get a leg up on their college career and get on with their lives. Most kids who do this (athletes or not) are beyond high school, mentally and/or physically, and could care less about their senior year.