Open Letter to Bill Martin

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Attached is the contents of a letter I just wrote to our AD in support of Coach Rodriguez

Mr. Martin,

As a proud Michigan graduate and individual who is responsible for guiding, coaching, and mentoring a team, I'd like to voice my support for Coach Rodriguez.  As you know from your sailing career, character is shown to the crew when sailing rough waters.  It's a lesson that I've learned personally and from observation.  It's clear to me that Coach Rodriguez has character that is second to none.  Through one of the most turbulent times in Michigan football history, there has been no wavering in his commitment to the players, coaches, and fans.  No excuses were given by him at any time.  Now, with accusations made regarding violation of practice restrictions, he has shown his character again and stands by his word in a public forum without placing blame or making attacks on the accuser.  I am proud to say he is the football coach of the team I support. 

Coach Rodriguez must produce results on the field.  But with the solid example he and his staff set for the student athletes and for the general public, I believe the good results are inevitable.

Please pass along my support to Coach Rodriguez, his staff, and the players.  And please remind them all -  It's great to be a Michigan Wolverine!

I'm sure the grammar police will be on this in 3... 2... 1...



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Mr. Rosenberg and Mr. Snyder,

Do you understand that the world does not revolve around you and your do whatever it takes, ruin as many people's lives, so long as you can make a name for yourself as an investigatory journalist, no matter how many friends you lose or people you leave dead and bloodied along the way, just so long so you can make a name for yourself as an investigatory journalist, no matter how many friends you lose or people you leave dead and bloodied and dying along the way?

You think that you're too cool for school, but I have a newsflash for you Walter Cronkite... you aren't.


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I concur. The class, passion, professionalism and sel-control that Rich Rodriguez displayed during the presser this morning echos what a true Michigan Man is all about. As you eloquently stated, coach cares about his players, coaches and this university.

Anyone can hire someone to coach a team to victories, but to hire a man of integrity, passion and a desire to make men out of the young men that come to him to be coached takes a great skill.

Coach Rodriguez is truly a unique individual. I cannot think of another coach that has fought off the emotions he fought off today while defending his staff, players and the university he represents. Dick Vermeil broke down in front of the media once, but that was it.

Coach truly cares about these young men and wants them, the university and the fanbase to succeed. This is not a money-grab or a stepping stone to this man. Today I saw a different Rich Rodriguez than the one that was hired some 20 months ago.

He went through the gaunlet of fire of a 3-9 season, the pitchforks of the old school alumni and now is having to defend himself and his staff for doing what he was hired to - build a winning football program that competes with best programs in the country within the regulations set forth by the NCAA and the university.

If all he wanted to do was win football games, he would just get angry and blame the media. He is hurt by the accusations and the treatment of his players by disloyal ex-players and a vindictive faction of media and possibly alumni.

The man cares about Michigan. Not just the block-M, not just football on Saturdays. He cares about the school, the tradition, history of excellence, and yes, the football program. But more than anything else he seems to care about his players, the young men entrusted to him by their parents to teach them and help mold them to be Michigan Men.

We have the right coach. Coach Rodriguez is the on and only man I want leading this program back to glory. Mr. Martin, if you are reading any of this, know we all stand behind coach Rod and we emplore you to vindicate he nad his staff from these atrocious, baseless allegations.

Let the man do the job he was hired to, Coach!

Go Blue! Bring the Broncos!

Meeechigan Dan

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Well done, but I am just so pissed. So pissed my eyes are bleeding. After watching the presser, I could tell in my marrow that this is an honest guy, but I also could see that his rough edge and his folksy language are at the core of what those cocksucker little effete peckerhead nonsports fucks at the Freep hate. Justice, I want a little justice on those two.


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How can you judge a man simply on his speaking style. These little pinheads from the freep obviously don't know much about Michigan Football history. Fielding H Yost came from WV and had a pronouced WV drawl.

Bo came from Ohio, he coached at OSU! How can these jackasses have the audacity, the unmitigated gall to claim that RichRod shouldn't be the coach. Let the man do his job. If RichRod coached as badly as these two report, then he wouldn't ever get a job.

blues next

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has done a nice job with upgrading buildings...needs to work on personnel managment skills. Hiring process was a mess. With all that is at stake within the football program, regular efforts should be made by a manager to have file full of candidates and an understanding of who is interested in our program when an opening occurs. A good portion of UM AD time should be in communicating with potential candidates, esp. knowing that Lloyd was potentially leaving some time soon. We "lucked" into a great candidate who was not our first choice and presented a big change in world view. In what appears to be a hasty hiring, few expectations were laid out...creating a number of bumps in the transition. I hope Mr Martin takes a greater leadership role in helping his "guy" manage what appears to be ongoing internal challenges to his hiring. Bring the internal conflicting powers together and try unite behind our current coach.

I agree with valenti that we risk becoming the next ND or MSU if the UM stakeholders bicker about the hire, with some factions sabotaging rr.


November 7th, 2009 at 7:59 PM ^

Michigan football took a beating last year and many of the loyal fans stayed patient and understood that Rich Rodriguez was in a tough situation with no quarterback.

Well, now ten games into his second season a Rich Rodriguez coached Michigan team looks lost and poorly coached for the third game in a row. Rodriguez's excuses are running out and the majority of the fans in Ann Arbor are getting impatient. If Michigan fans liked to play the waiting game and wait for their team to be great again, then Rich Rod is their man. But, the Michigan faithful never want to wait, they want to win now and when they don't there are never good enough excuses. I have supported Rich Rod ever since he was hired until today. I have never been so disgusted watching Michigan games in my entire life and the pain that the greatest fans in the world have been going through must stop now.

If Michigan can win their next two games I believe Rich Rod deserves at least one more year to show the world what he can do. If Michigan loses their last two games and does not make a bowl game, I can't see any other way than to let Rodriguez go. There are no excuses for taking the winningest program in CFB history with some of the most talent in the country, and then turning it into the laughing stock of a mediocre Big 10. Michigan fans deserve better than anything less than a championship contender.

Rich Rods time is running out and unless the team can end the season in spectacular form, he should be gone. Many do not support the hiring of a new coach right now, but I feel that there are several qualified coaches who can bring this exact roster to a top 15 ranking. Michigan will always have talented players and they deserve a talented coach to lead those players to a bright future.

Many fans are looking at successful and current head coaches to come in such as Chris Peterson of Boise State, Brian Kelly of Cincinnati, or Gary Patterson of TCU. These coaches could very well be the future of Michigan football, but I feel that the best choice for head coach would be Kirby Smart, defensive Coordinator from Alabama. Smart is a former Georgia Bulldog defensive back and has worked with Nick Saban for years, including in the NFL. Every position Smart has coached has been nothing short of spectacular and I feel that he would turn Michigan and their defense into a winner right away. Smart is only 33, but as Josh Mcdaniels is proving in Denver, age is overrated and studying under Nick Saban is a plus for becoming a head coach. I feel Smart would turn next years Michigan roster into an immediate winner and he could turn the program into one of the most respected again.