One Day the Wolverines WILL shine again!

Submitted by UMFootballisLife67 on July 5th, 2009 at 11:42 AM

To all GO BLUE fans, "Hail to the Victors" will be heard more often in the next coming years. One year, one bad year will not hold back this great amazing football legacy that needs to continue til this world comes to an end. There will be more Tom Brady's, Mike Hart's, LaMarr Woodley's, Anthony Thomas', Braylon Edwards', Charles Woodson's, and Desmond Howard's so you get the idea. The 125 winning seasons, 11 Nat' Titles, 874 wins, and 25 undefeated seasons will grow and grow as the new years come and come. Don't worry UM fans stay in there and stay strong next to your victors and don't let what the OSU, ND, MSU, and other wussy ass fans get ya down for what they say, because no matter how much they try no other team will EVER mount up to the legacy and greatness the Univeristy of Michigan has and will bring in the future. Today, go out and cheer on your team of Wolves. Go out and show off your merchandise to those wussy fans that have no idea the greatness of the Wolves and let them see and talk their smack cuz they know the real truth.



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I'm all for mindless fanaticism, but bring something new to the table when ya start up a diary entry.