Novak must go, exclamation point

Submitted by zoltan the destroyer on January 29th, 2009 at 11:30 AM

I tried not to write this. I waited, but I have to say it, even if I may get banned.

I wasn't at last night's Michigan-Ohio State basketball game, but the camera angles made me feel like I was on the hardwood. I saw OSU guard PJ Hill reeling backward with one hand on his face, his other arm waving helplessly in the air. Evan Turner was right there, anger coursing through his veins, seemingly unable to grasp the brutality of what he had witnessed. I wished I were down there on the court with him. But that's the difference between men like Novak and pigs: curly tails. That's it. Everything else is the same- not physical enough to legitimately box out, so they just get dirty.

I thought I'd cool off overnight, but I woke up craving bacon. I was pissed; I couldn't even enjoy breakfast without being reminded of one of the most vicious, disgraceful incidents I've seen on a basketball court. Zack Novak should be booted from the NCAA, the local YMCA, and the Special Olympics, period.

Then I read the news. Ejected from the game? A one-game suspension?! What a joke. Skipping a beatdown at the hands of Purdue? Hardly punishment at all. It's superficial. Not .001% of enough. You could start with a ban on the NIT- but seriously, this basketball season is already over.

I watched Novak line up Hill's jaw out of the corner of his eye and then launch his elbow like a coiled snake striking. Hill was just playing a simple game, oblivious to the 100 MPH python that was about to slam into him. At the bare minimum, the NCAA needs to have Novak register his right elbow as a weapon or a pet and never set foot in Ohio again. And even then, they'd just be covering their asses.

I'm still pissed. You should be, too. I thought Michigan basketball was above such thuggery. At least under Ellerbe we just had scandal, not this on-court violence.