Nick Sheridan Broken Leg?

Submitted by Michiganguy19 on March 26th, 2009 at 9:46 AM

I have seen comments on several sites about this and I just want to point out that losing the star of last years Michigan v. Penn State game is not great but this should hopefully be a Non-issue. This is assuming that the injury is a broken leg, not something major and the medical staff is being extra cautious.

Postives on this...

- Tate will get even more time with the 1st team and should get extra snaps in the short spring practice season.

- This should solidify that the race to be the opening game starter is wide open.

- Creates some options to re-evaluate the experiments at the QB position that include: Carlos Brown and Justin Feagin.

- Asks the team to rally around Tate and may officially signal the start to his era as the starting QB.

- At least he was out and about, so the injury probably isn't in great need of any major surgery.


- Sheridan can use all the practice he can get.

- David Cone might be forced to throw the football with a helmet on to someone that should actually see the field in the fall.

- The urgency to get Denard Robinson on campus and practicing just became even more apparent.

- This could diminish the QB competition between our two best options for the fall.


Hopefully there is some good news from Richrod today, and that this is just precautionary.…


Six Zero

March 26th, 2009 at 10:14 AM ^

How in the love of all that is maize and blue can anyone call this a non-issue? Yes, this is not totally code red panic mode with Forcier here and taking snaps, but your choice of words implies that you're not being realistic of the situation.

I'm still curious of how often Threet's phone rang yesterday...?


March 26th, 2009 at 10:15 AM ^ be the opening game starter that involved Nick Sheridan. Or, have we equated horrific 2008 experience with 2009 starter-worthy experience when two dual threat QBs are on the roster?

The race was always between Tate and Denard. This just will make it clearer. Tate will start day 1. Denard will get mixed in. They both will have to fight to keep Devin Gardner off the field in 2010. That's the race.


March 26th, 2009 at 8:56 PM ^

He's not at all...there is no future with Nick Sheridan...none. We know we are going to take our lumps this season no matter which of the three we start, but at least with Forcier or Denard the mistakes they make will all be a good learning experience for the future, when they have a chance to make this team great. We can never be great with Sheridan at the helm. Don't get me wrong, I bet he is a nice guy...but he is not a good fit for our offense and he is not talented enough to be the future of Michigan football. Unless the future is the Motor City Bowl at best.


March 26th, 2009 at 10:46 AM ^

Milve still hasn't said a word about this. I'm guessing it means the staff is busy learning to twitter, etc (as per Carty's interview with the new CEO or whatever), so that they might get "hired" for Ann Arbor dot com.

I find this to be quite ironic. MSM generally holds bloggers in contempt, but now the Ann Arbor News is turning all of their reporters into bloggers.


March 26th, 2009 at 11:41 AM ^

So there was this one year, a big year for Michigan Offensive Line Hating god, when there were two quarterbacks for Michigan, one wearing No. 10, and the other in No. 7. Then, the following year, No. 10 was gone and No. 7 was the presumed starter. Except he broke his leg in practice, and the QB duties went to a statuesque Lurch impersonator, with a freshman ATH-style QB behind him.

There the similarities end.

1. Steven Threet ≠ Tom Brady
2. Nick Sheridan ≠ Drew Henson (and Nick wears No. 8)
3. David Cone ≠ John Navarre
4. Tate Forcier = Jermaine Gonzalez?
5. They still had Andy Mignery and walk-on Mike Kaselitz behind Navarre

When I worked at Pizza Bob's, Henson would come in every morning right at opening (and order a Torpedo). One day he came in on crutches, his foot in a cast, wearing a Yankees shirt. I thought our season was over. Turned out, Navarre as a RS Freshman was more than good enough to lob passes over MAC DBs to Terrell and Walker, although not quite enough to beat UCLA.

Having Sheridan as your No. 1, then, is more like going into 2000 with Mike Kaselitz as your starter, and praying that Jermaine Gonzalez or Zia Combs would grab the starting gig. Oh, and instead of Steve Hutchinson, Maurice Williams, Jeff Backus, Jonathan Goodwin and David Brandt, we have the equivalent of their backups: Joe Denay, Tony Pape, Ben Mast, Courtney Morgan*, Demeterius Solomon* (Baas being a redshirting true freshman). And instead of Terrell and Walker, with Bellamy your third guy, we've got Bellamy at No. 1, followed by Tyrece (The Original OMG SHIRTLESS!!!) Butler, and many clones of Calvin Bell.

Oh, and Bennie Joppru.

Anyway, in case you were deceived by the height of our weakside starting cornerback, this isn't 2000. You're losing Kaselitz, in an offense designed more for Jermaine Gonzalez than Drew Henson. So long as you keep your expectations for Forcier the same as you would for Jermaine behind sophomore linemen with young receivers, your mind's in the right place.

*If remembrances of the above give you bad dreams, I apologize.

Six Zero

March 26th, 2009 at 1:14 PM ^

After fruitlessly combing the Interwebs for over 5 years, Zia Combs is thrilled and using your very post to prove to someone that he was once involved with the Michigan football program.

Well done, Misopogon. Dreams do come true.


March 26th, 2009 at 11:57 AM ^

I saw Sheridan in Dennison today, using crutches with his lower leg/foot in a soft cast and a boot with a block 'M' on it. He was moving around pretty quickly, and actually putting weight on his right foot, though he clearly was favoring the left. Probably a hairline fracture of the fibula. He should be back to 100% within a couple months.


March 26th, 2009 at 1:14 PM ^

I'm still pulling for David Cone to lead the team this year.

I mean, he's been around for forever, taking all this time to get ready to lead Michigan to their first National Championship in a decade.

This is going to be his breakout year.

Unless he sticks around till next year. Or the year after that.


March 26th, 2009 at 3:11 PM ^

"...rally around Tate and may officially signal the start to his era as the starting QB."

At least until Robinson enrolls a year from now. Not so sure Tate drives the Cadillac for 4 years because of this.


March 26th, 2009 at 4:35 PM ^

What it(Sheridan's Injury) really does is put Michigan right back where they were at the start of last season. And that is it forced to go with its best passing options on first, second and third downs. I say that in contrast to the non designed QB runs and the designed ones. Because IF YOU RUN FORCIER INTO THE TEETH OR A DEFENSE and he get's hurt...NOW YOU'VE GOT ALMOST ZERO in the backup passing game. Which is exactly where they were last year.

But Rich will run Forcier anyhow.

Utah presented Michigan with a great Mid range, hard to defend passing attack. I think MI, with guys like Koger and a few others can win those lil passing play-jump balls on the edges and over the middle. Minor and the backs can help on receiving and running yardage as well.

I want to see how he adjusts his offense.

And once again Forcier and the other younger guys are not saviors here. They are young, so if they miss reads, audibles(which they will on critical blitzes), and easy open receivers do not throw your remote at the dog.

There's more than enough talent to do some amazing offensive things here at MI from formations other than the spread. It(this injury wrinkle) should be a welcome challenge for the coaching staff.

Update: I know the 1st game is months away but this post was meant to imply the injury as an omen.