Next Stadium Expansion - The Latest News

Submitted by MichiganPhotoRod on August 19th, 2011 at 11:49 AM

Michigan Athletic Director David Brandon confirmed with me in a one-on-one interview on media day that a working design is ready for the next stadium expansion, which would start on the south end zone.

The specs include all-bleacher seating, which will rise up to enclose the spaces between the sideline structures to the scoreboard at a height that the scoreboard will appear as if it is "set into" the new seating area.

The design would also make the seating appear like a second deck, as a concourse will be included in the new construction below the new seating.  Brandon said the waiting list for season tickets supports the expansion.

He offered no thoughts on a how soon he would take this project to the Regents for approval.  He said the south end zone expansion would increase the stadium's capacity by 6,000.

This can only mean that a similar NORTH expansion would follow at another time in the future to balance the stadium's appearance from within the bowl.

With this updated information, one can reasonably conclude that including a north expansion of an additional 6,000 seats, we can project the capacity of Michigan Stadium will eventually increase to at or near 122,000 (and 1).




August 22nd, 2011 at 9:32 AM ^

Yep, nothing significant about a golf course which has been in operation since 1890..

Nevermind the fact that it is a relatively low-cost "locals" golf course, unlike Barton Hills..

A better plan would be to take over the land of Ann Arbor Pioneer.. (Which I recall as to actually still being held by the University of Michigan, which is why it is compulsory for the school to allow football parking.) As there isfalling enrollments in the Ann Arbor Public Schools after City Council and the Granholm administration ran out Pfizer, there is no need for four public high schools in the city.