Never Forget (Michigan Secondary): A Time to Heal

Submitted by MGauxBleu on August 22nd, 2010 at 4:28 PM

We know that we have been dealt a tough hand regarding the secondary: denied admissions, early entries, transfers and strikes-down from upon high. Yes this is all hard to handle, mostly because we are dealing with it all simultaneously. Yet, we all need to move on, play on and dream on. Is this an ideal situation? No, but our team needs us, and us them. So how do we move past all this: grieve and catharsis.

As such, I have created a work of art to help us understand this difficult situation (grieve), pour out our emotions (catharsis) and move on to support a young and important position group in this, a pivotal year for our beloved and historic program.

Take your moment of silence, feel free to cry, do whatever you need. For those less intimately familiar with the program and its struggles, I have made this handy key:

  1. The Michigan flag, waving proudly in a crisp autumn breeze: 
    This element reminds of the glory that was, is and always will be Michigan football.
  2. Demar Dorsey: Demar was the highest rated Big Ten recruit in the class of 2010 (according to ESPN), but was denied admission by the UM. His story is long and alternatingly heart-warming and -breaking. The MGoCommunity writhed as it seemed the administration was out to get Rodriguez, then we learned that Dorsey never completed his admissions requirements. He committed to play for Louisville but has been conspicuously absent from their team. He will likely play for a Ju-Co this year.
  3. Michigan Secondary-Hating God: Likely a hold-over from days of yore, this deity uses his powers for evil: dismantling Michigan's secondary at any and every opportunity.
  4. Troy Woolfolk (Artist's rendition): This image (by MGoBoard's very own The Shredder), depicts Troy's epic demise at the hands of the MSHG (see #3 above). The resulting dislocated ankle and broken fibula have likely ended Troy's senior season before it began; a medical redshirt is expected.
  5. Donovan Warren: All-Big 10 corner who skipped his senior season to enter the NFL draft upon reports he would be a third-round pick or better (and likely loss of interest in Michigan). He went undrafted and was signed as a free-agent by the New York Jets.
  6. The Wolverine: Our beloved avatar, a member of the Michigan family and legendary nickname. He sheds a single tear as he surveys the wasteland that is this 18 month famine for his beloved secondary.
  7. Justin Turner: A blue-chip corner recruit and redshirt freshman who just transferred to West Virginia. He missed most of fall camp waiting for the results of his Ohio high school graduation test. He spent his brief career at safety weight (likely not Good, Barwis weight) and had conditioning and motivation issues. Seemed like a tremendous loss, but was unlikely to be in good enough playing condition for at least the begining of this season.
  8. T-Wolf (Artist's rendition): The alter-ego of Troy Woolfolk. T-Wolf has never been captured in photographic form, so Michael J. Fox's iconic (and nearly as fierce) Teen Wolf stands in. However, Teen Wolf's facial expression accurately represents the pain* that T-Wolf feels. (* This pain is spiritual as T-Wolf can feel no physical pain)
  9. Boubacar Cissoko: Diminutive but well-rated cornerback who was dismissed after a troubled and brief Michigan career. This decline was extrapolated into real-life, where Boo Boo ended up robbing some delivery and cab folk and was recently sentenced to prison for a short-to-long period of time. It appears that the lime light was too much for this young, introverted immigrant.
  10. Adrian Witty: Three-star-ish corner recruit seemingly pursued to lock up Denard Robinson, but rumored to be highly desired by the Rodriguez regime. He was denied admissions after his test scores jumped too much too quickly. It seemed as though he might enroll in January instead, but admissions closed the door for good allowing Witty to enroll at Cincinnati (upon Rodriguez emphatic recommendation.) He is a projected starter as a freshman this fall.
  11. Never Forget: This phrase represents our undying devotion to these fallen heros, and leads to much lamentation amongst fans. However, by putting this entire situation in proper view, we can move on and begin to heal. Never forget these men of fall (fail), but never fail to embrace those brave warriors who are still with us. "Let the dead bury their dead." For the rest of us, let us rise from the ashes, just like the remaining Michigan secondary and focus on the triumph that can be ours.




August 22nd, 2010 at 4:42 PM ^

Hopefully, by season's end, we can create artwork for a gritty, young secondary who stepped up and helped us forget  the "grieve and catharsis" depicted in this piece. 

PS-Got 'em all except 20 (Witty). Gotta love Teen Wolf--one of my fave's.

U Fer M

August 22nd, 2010 at 5:49 PM ^

I think that's how you spell it, last time I used that word was when I actually made one for my pot smoking art teacher in junior high. Thank you for the key as well, my identification skills are somewhat lacking, but trying to get better....Go Blue and here's to a change of fortune!!


August 22nd, 2010 at 6:50 PM ^

RR must have a lot of respect for Witty as a player.  What an amazing coincidence that Cincy plays WVU every year.  It would be poetic justice to see Witty win a game against WVU with a fourth-quarter pick-six.

ND Sux

August 22nd, 2010 at 9:14 PM ^

(and I know I'll get negged for this), but a felon and two guys unable to make grades do not belong on the Michigan team.  I'm thankful that RRod seems to understand this too.  We'll get through this season, and these departures will open up recruiting for next year.  Go Blue!!!