Never Forget Guy Presents: Buckeye Angels Xmas Gifts

Submitted by MGauxBleu on November 25th, 2011 at 11:35 PM

Here we are, on the eve of the game. And while we hate Ohio (State) with every fiber of our beings, that does not change the fact that many of us have misguided friends or loved ones who cheer for the Buckeyes. Obviously, dealing with these people will be easier this holiday season after a victory, but you will still have to see them. So with only 30 shopping days left until Christmas, I have setup an Etsy account to peddle cheaply made crap that you can give to your cousin's dick husband instead of the usual forties of Camo or Skoal variety packs.

As always with Etsy, each product is handmade with found materials (from in my neighbors' garbage), so quantities are limited and are priced accordingly.

Jim Tressel Angel Tree Topper


Bask in the glow of a tragic hero. Wonder at his pureness as he gazes down upon his Christmas kingdom.

Two AA batteries not included.

$164.00 USD

Terrelle Pryor Doily Angel


This is a charming small angel, about twelve inches across, that attaches nicely to a window with a small suction cup hook. It's slimness is convenient because it does not interfere with closing blinds or curtains. Light enough to be hung on a mirror for an unexpected seasonal touch. At first glance, it appears to be a large intricate doily cut from paper. That is the first impression when hung on a window and viewing it from outside. Folding the paper angel's wings forward gives a feeling of motion. This would make a great seasonal decoration for any window. Please contact me if you need a quantity.

Small suction cup not included.

$47.98 USD (Bulk Discounts available)

"TatGate: Redemption" 10 Piece Nativity Set


Celebrate in your own way, this wondrous event that is about to occur before our very eyes.   Our "TatGate: Redemption" nativity set feature finely crafted figurines, with rich colors and detailed expressions.  They are a pleasure to behold and a joy to own.  The high quality of these figurines ensure that they will be a family keepsake for generations to come.


  • 1 Terrelle Pryor Shepherd Boy
  • 1 Virgin Jim Tressel
  • 1 Devier Posey (Delivering frankincense)
  • 1 Boom Herron (Delivering myrrh)
  • 1 Mike Adams with realistic bewildered action
  • 1 Diper Dandy Savior Braxton Miller
  • 1 Urban Meyer as the wisest king of all
  • 3 sheep representing

    • NCAA Investigators
    • OSU Compliance
    • All of Buckeye Nation


$10,000+ USD (Though might be willing to barter for the right amount of autographed memorabilia, used football equipment, rounds of golf and no less than 7 heavily-discounted and/or free loaner cars.)