My Sports Power Weekend

Submitted by HAIL 2 VICTORS on September 12th, 2013 at 8:23 PM

I want to share my ND vs. Michigan experience with Sports Power Weekend. (Jared Cooper)

I can not recommend this service enough.  Having gone through trying to get tickets on Craig’s list, Stub Hub as well as purchasing on game day I am as frugal as the next guy every time.  Jared is impeccable about quickly returning every e-mail, responding to each and every phone call as well as taking the time to ensure that your game day experience is everything you hoped it could be.  I found the service as recommended on MGoBlog and knowing nothing else going in was a little concerned as to what could happen to my investment.  I soon realized I was in very professional and responsible hands.  This experience was worth EVERY PENNY!

Friday night before the game I opted for the Big House tour where my oldest Daughter and I met a small group at the same time the band was practicing on the field.  I felt chills down my spine as I imagined all the great names that walked down the player’s tunnel as I was now. 



Band...Take the Field!


Hallowed Ground~


Kiss the M!

My Very sad version of the DESMOND catch.

My moment with the student section after THE WIN!

My Daughter wanted this for my 50th B-Day which is sadly too close for comfort.

Sugar Bowl Trophy as part of the tour of the stadium

The many impressive murals on the walls where the camera does not capture the scope and detail...


A view from the Suites

Game Day

And because I went through useful stuff on the front page of the Blog I chose Zingermann's in the great sandwich war (4th time there and IMO worth the 30 minute wait) as well as breakfeast at Angelos...see picutre below!

My FAV Zingermann's Sandwich

As fate would have it our own Brian follows his own front page advice where I just had to literally accost the poor man as I interrupted his breakfeast to beg him to reinstate my lost 14,130 MGoPoints (that I had deservedly taken away for a terrible comment) so I could share this with you today.  Thank you again Brian for allowing me to recommend Jared at Sports Power Weekend and post this today.

THIS POOR POOR MAN! Special thanks to your wife for being so sweet too...




September 13th, 2013 at 11:38 AM ^

Zingermann's is so over-rated now. Imploded on itself. BFD on sandwiches already. Especially now that they have installed the new cafeteria in the back for all of the Tourists.  The place doesn't deserve to be the Go-To place any longer on visits.  Yes we go there, but the Place sucks

And it's not even an original pick.  Blah.

What about Dominick's?





September 13th, 2013 at 4:10 PM ^

Poor Brian...there he was having a wonderful Breakfeast at Angelo's basking in the afterglow of beating ND and his order of egg's Bennedict with his very nice wife and here comes HAIL 2 VICTORS asking to get the 14,130 lost MGoPoints back.  All I could think of was wow he really follows his own "useful stuff" section.  Next I am doing Cafe Zola for brunch...Angelos during the rush was overwhelming to the staff and the bread was not properly is very good though.