My experience this weekend

Submitted by djohnson2112 on October 14th, 2008 at 2:53 PM

I meant to get an account before the weekend, but ran out of time.  I videotape and take pictures for the toledo
marching band, and becasue of this i get to be in the press box for
part of every game the band is at.  I have been in toledo's press box,
the cincinatti bengals box, Bowling green and now Michigan.  I've been goin to michigan games
since 1994 and have been to at least one game every year since then, so
getting into the pressbox is probably the most exciting thing iv'e
experienced at the stadium (next to going down the tunnel, which i also
did at this game).  Watching the the game from the field is an awesome experience, one that i will soon not forget.  watching the game from the top is just as exciting.  I was reallly torn in this game, rooting for michigan all my life, and going to school at toledo,  it kinda sucks.  I did however wear both michigan and toledo shirts at the game, to keep the band director happy.  This is the part that i wanted to get out before the game but FWIW, i'llput it in now:

You can't look past toledo

We beat pitt a few years ago, destroyed utep and jordan palmer at the gmac bowl, beat kansas in overtime at home (who was supposed to go to the natilanl championship that next year, people seem to forget what happen a year prior) and we almost beat a ranked fresno state.We lost to arizona, FIU, and ball state.  we haven't scored an offensive touchdown in 10 quarters, we were SHUT OUT by ball state.

We won because we aren't consistent.  no one knows if we are on or off.  you have to play us like we are actually a competition.  and our kicker is pretty good too



October 14th, 2008 at 4:34 PM ^

You know I was happy to see Toledo get a break through win, even at the expense of my favorite club.

I'm not so bitter and partisan, that I cant see that.

What bugs me is, will the Rockets turn the corner. Sadly, I dont think they will. I am pretty sure, Western and Central and probably one or two other MAC swuads will beat up Toledo this season because of that inconsistent tag you have rightfully labelled them with.

Thats when maybe I will get more depressed about Michigan losing to a few weeks when they're getting crushed by CMU on ESPNU.

But, I'll be pulling for them and hopefully they can build on this win get back to their peak, circa 1997-2004.