More Optimism - A Look at HS All-Americans

Submitted by BleedingBlue on November 23rd, 2009 at 3:46 PM
Coach Rod got some talented freshman great experience this year (aside from the obvious Tate and Denard on offense and Roh (UA AA) on defense) that will get unleashed at the beginning of the 2010 season including Vincent Smith, Roundtree, Omameh and Campbell (Army AA), and there should be even more talent to contribute in 2010 as the season unfolds like these kids did in 2009. The following guys were Under Armour or Amry All-Americans and redshirted this year (not sure on Stokes): 2009: Army AA JT Turner - CB Je'Ron Stokes - WR Anthony LoLata - DT Brendan Gibbons - PK Jeremy Gallon - Slot UA AA Taylor Lewan - OT Isiah Bell - LB/S Quinton Washington - OG That's some pretty stellar looking talent spread across the field waiting in the wings. -------------------- A look ahead: --------------------- 2010 Commits: UA AA Devin Gardner - QB Marvin Robinson - FS - Early Enrolee! Army AA Will Hagerup Possible: Dillon Baxter? Tony Jefferson? Dior Mathis? -------------------- A look back to see where our past AA's ended up or how they contributed: -------------------- 2001: Pierre Woods - Patriots Marlin Jackson - Colts -------------------- 2002: Mike Kolodjzei - backup O-Lineman? Jason Avant - Eagles ----------------------- 2003: Garret Rivas - awesome kicker/nickname "Pork Chop" also awesome Clayton Richard - MLB Pitcher Will Paul - backup DT? Ryan Mundy - Injured/transferred then drafted Leon Hall - Bengals Shawn Crable - Patriots? Anton Campbell - Transferred? Prescott Burgess - Ravens -------------------------------- 2004: Max Martin - transferred Tim Jamison - multi-year starter Chad Henne - Dolphins Doug Dutch - Special Teams contributor - never found position Jeremy Ciulla - left at coaching change? Alan Branch - Cardinals Adrian Arrington - Saints ----------------- 2005 - bad year except for Space Emporor of Course: Marquez Slocum - yeah...that whole Lion thing Zoltan Mesko - Best punter EVER James McKinney - ? -------------------------- 2006: Stephen Schilling - should dominate next year Jonas Mouton - hopefully can put it together for Sr. year Brandon Graham - best player on the team this year Steven Brown - best LB on the team Mr. Plow - argh ----------------------------- 2007: Mike Williams - still young, hopefully the light goes on here Donovan Warren - will be best the player on the Defense in 2010 ----------------------------- 2008: Brandon Smith - monster on Special Teams as a RS Frosh Sam McGuffie - bler Boubacar Cossoko - bler -------------------------------

That's a pretty good record of good play from All-American kids that didn't end up transferring/quitting or pulling a Benedict Arnold. An especially big haul (9 contributers)in 2003 and 2004 probably directly contributed to the stellar 2006 season.

I'm hoping all the 2009 talent (10 All-Americans) will emerge en force in the 2011 season and we will see an 11-0 spread 'n' shred edition of the Maize&Blue destroy the Buckeyes the next time they come to Ann Arbor...maybe on the way to a National Championship.



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He had a groin injury that kept him out a few games, but word was he sat out the last few because his team was horrendous (they won 1 game or something) and he didn't want to risk re-injuring it. He wanted to be healed and ready for winter conditioning/spring practice. That was the rumor I heard.


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If we can pull off Cullen Christian (CB), Grimes (CB)- Murphy (DE) combo, Furman (S), Beau Allen (DT), Beachum (DT) and any other defensive three to four star talent this will be an incredibly successful recruiting class. The pipeline of offensive talent began last year. Defense is around the corner. The OSU loss hurt, but having it a be a close game where the defense looked competitive was huge for the future of the program.


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I could be completely out in left field on this. Didn't Mundy graduate then go to WVU as a grad student to use his last year of eligibility that he had coming?


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This is strictly from memory and could be way off...but I think he had a funky neck injury and the michigan staff didn't want him to play with it.

Yes, he did transfer to WVU by going to Grad school there. There was a funky rule that has been repealed where you could do this if the school you transferred to offered a graduate degree your current school did not offer.


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you mean the ones I have listed as redshirting, correct? Because obviously quite a few true freshman played this year...

I did see a chart this afternoon that had Stokes as not getting a redshirt and sophomore eligibility next year.


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This is a great post and has me really excited for next season. I had forgotten how much talent we redshirted this year. Here's to hoping they can make big contributions to next years team

edit: and this list doesn't even include the talent that didn't play in the AA game