This Month in MGoBlog History - October 2006: The Defense is Rolling and an Iconic Photo is Taken

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September 2006


On September 30, Michigan beat Minnesota 28-14. WH highlights.

October 2 - Monday

Minnesota game open thread.

Minnesota game column. Brian has praise for DeBord! But Henne is still mystifying.

October 3 - Tuesday

On Notice Week 5.

Brian’s Blogpoll Ballot Week 6.

UFR: Defense vs. Minnesota. The performance was better than the final score indicated. Woodley had a +7, but Charles Stewart came in for a -6.

October 4 - Wednesday

Official Blogpoll Ballot.

Hennechart Legend. This is a helpful explanation of the different categories.

UFR: Offense vs. Minnesota. Again, mostly a discussion about the improvements of Henne and Debord.

So how do you like me now?

Uh... Mike? DeBord?

Darn tootin'.

Blogpoll Week 6.

October 5 - Thursday

Unverified Voracity is Brief. Max Martin has been kicked out of Alabama (after earlier being dismissed from Michigan). The football team’s injury situation is improving. Morgan Trent should be back, and Carson Butler will be back from suspension.

More on the blogpoll.

Brian challenges some recent mainstream media pieces. The first might have been sarcasm, but the second asserts that there is too much talk about 11-0 ‘M’ meeting 11-0 OSU, it will automatically send one of those teams to the national championship game and other teams won’t be considered.

October 6 - Friday

Blogpoll roundtable with questions about how much the blogger pays attention to the national CFB scene…

Well... no. I have long advocated finding a niche and becoming lord of that niche. My niche is Michigan and the Big Ten, so I do things like DVR Penn State-Northwestern and keep an eye on Wisconsin-Indiana.

And if their team needs better or different exposure…

Michigan doesn't exactly want for attention, but I would like it if Drew Sharp was reassigned to prep volleyball. And forced to dress up like a clown to attend games. And then spanked on the local news. By Madeline Albright.

Michigan State game preview. This could be the fourth straight year an ‘M’ running back rushes for more than 200 yards in this game. How things have changed…

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Hart: 159.

  • Breaston rips off a huge return.

  • 34-17, Michigan.

October 7 - Saturday

Michigan State open thread.

Michigan beat Michigan State 31-13. WH highlights.

October 9 - Monday

Brian’s Blogpoll ballot.

Michigan State Game Column.

Ever since college football entered my consciousness, Michigan State has been dangerous because of its stupidity. Sometimes they're a danger to others because they're too stupid to know they should lose. Sometimes they're a danger to themselves because they're too stupid, period. This was the latter.

Manningham is on crutches and likely out for the Penn St. game.

October 10 - Tuesday

Review of Penn St. vs. Minnesota film. The Nittany Lions don’t look too difficult. They are only getting a pass rush from Jay Alford, Anthony Morelli is only slightly less erratic, and Derrick Williams is about where Steve Breaston is.

Unverified Voracity Rips the Vote and analyzes reasons and theories of why voters vote the way they do.

Manningham will be out 2-3 weeks. Penn St. is still preparing for him to pay.

UFR: Defense vs. MSU. Hall had a +9, but Trent had -4. Overall, there are concerns that the defense might not be as amazing as it was earlier expected. I bet this wasn’t as spectacular as Jourdan Lewis:




3-3-5 Stack




Bomb (rollout) (2)

Um... okay, Jamar. Nice interception, but you cost us like 30 yards of field positon. Feel my wrath: -1. (Coverage +1)

Drive Notes: Interception, 31-7, 13 min 4th Q.

October 11 - Wednesday

Official blogpoll ballot week 7.

Blogpoll breakdown week 7.

Unverified Voracity Verbally Commits to Kicking Your Ass. Paterno continues to take shots at recruits who didn’t go to PSU, despite having a number of players who were committed to other schools before they signed with Penn St.

Offensive UFR will be delayed.

MGoBlog becomes affiliated with ArmChair GM. Sounds like it was similar to SB Nation.

October 12 - Thursday

Brian hates time of possession. He makes the point that TOP was more important when the game was primarily running based. Also, “per possession” is the key measure, not “per game”.

UFR: Offense vs. MSU. Henne was off compared to recent weeks, but the backup RBs showed good promise, including a TD from Brandon Minor.

October 13 - Friday

Penn St. game preview. This game isn’t expected to be too much of a challenge.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Hart out rushes Hunt by 60-70 yards.

  • Morelli throws at least one interception.

  • 24-10, Michigan.


You’re on Notice week 6.

On October 14, Michigan beat Penn St. 17-10. WH highlights part 1 and part 2.

October 15 - Sunday

Penn St. open thread.

October 16 - Monday

Penn St. game column, complete with iconic photo.  

Also, the “i post Morelli photo again” tag should get more use.

Some guy named Dan Steinberg wants to make polls based on the football analytics that oddsmakers receive to set lines on college games. Brian is not a fan.

Brian’s week 8 blog poll.

October 17 - Tuesday

What is Unverified Voracity? (Not Love). Brian highlights some choice comments from other blogs.

Brian parses an interview with Scoop Jackson. Also, a funny note that one of his roommates forgot to tape the Penn St. game so the UFR is going to be delayed.

October 18 - Wednesday

Maxwell Pundit ballot. Brian’s top three this week: Calvin Johnson, Alan Branch, and Troy Smith.

Official Blogpoll week 8 and voting breakdown.

UFR: Defense vs. Penn St. No surprise, the defense was dominating. Woodley led the way with +9. The CB opposite Hall is becoming worrisome. Both Morgan Trent and Johnny Sears received the lowest grade of -1.

October 19 - Thursday

Blogger roundtable with several questions about coaching hot seats and bad preseason predictions. Brian predicts that Walt Harris would lose his job at Stanford.

UFR: Offense vs. Penn St. Henne is starting to show John Navarre-like intangibles (this is a good thing). The interior OL is looking shaky.

October 20 - Friday

Reader Mailbag.

The mailbag: an cop-out piece that combines astounding arrogance ("listen to me answer your questions, peon!") with laziness (since mailers write half of it for you).

Unverified Sunshine of Spotless Voracity. Quote from Adrian Arrington’s mom:

"His goal this year was to prove himself in that number," Norma Arrington said. "He wants people to say, `I don't remember that much about the quarterback (John Navarre) who wore it. We remember that Arrington guy.'

Don’t worry, a new #16 will soon eclipse both of you.

Iowa game preview. Iowa is not living up to Brian’s preseason expectations.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Breaston touchdown. I have to be right about this eventually.

  • Hart does turn out to have some sort of minor ding and we see a lot of Grady and Minor.

  • 31-13, Michigan.

Bo had a medical issue on the set of the Big Ten Ticket program. It’s unknown how serious it was.

On October 21, Michigan beat Iowa. 20-6. The MGoBlue box score no longer exists, but here is the official recap.  Highlights.

October 22 - Sunday

Iowa game open thread with lots of pregame rumors.

October 23 - Monday

Are computer rankings useful? Yes, if you put good information into them.

Iowa game column. This was a dominating win.

October 24 - Tuesday

Brian’s week 9 blogpoll ballot.

Unverified Voracity is Totally Miserable. Adrian Arrington is having some legal issues.

October 26 - Thursday

Blogpoll week 9.

Brian is very sick so UFRs are delayed.  

UFR: Defense vs. Iowa. Woodley led with +10. Branch, Jamieson, and Crable all have +6. The only negative is Will Johnson with a -1.

UFR: Offense vs. Iowa. Henne was decently accurate, but it was all short throws. Greg Mathews and Carson Butler showed promise.

October 27 - Friday

Hello Toney Clemons (with still working highlight video!). Clemons’ time at ‘M’ would not end so well.

Northwestern game preview.

Finally, three opportunities for me to look stupid Sunday:

  • Breaston touchdown. I have to be right about this eventually.

  • Ohio State loses to Minnesota by 80 points.

  • 30-6, Michigan.

Unverified Voracity: OMG. LOL. OMG. The national media really wants to call the defense the “English Majors”.

On October 28, Michigan beat Northwestern 17-3. Highlights.

October 30 - Monday

Northwestern game open thread.

Northwestern game column. Brian is grumpy about the poncho he used during the game Everyone is grumpy about Mike DeBord’s offense.

DeBord's been OC here for four years and has had the good fortune to coach opposite two of the finest defenses in Michigan history. He's a pitcher who gets 8 runs a game from his offense: his win-loss record is virtually meaningless. If he didn't have a gaudy record it would be conclusive proof that he is inept.

Brian’s blogpoll ballot week 10.

October 31 - Tuesday

On Notice.

State of Recruiting: Offense. Not much here. This side of the ball is almost done. Marquis Maze is still committed. The OL is the only need, but there aren’t many recognizable names on the board.




October 5th, 2016 at 12:03 AM ^

That was such a great month. The Tigers were making their run through the playoffs the exact same time. They were playing the Yankees the same time as the UM/MSU game at the big house and of course, Maglio hit that home run to send them to the World Series just minutes before the Penn State game started. Despite Michigan's success, it was the Tigers that got all the talk on the local radio stations.

Memories from the MSU game was Drew Stanton taking the EA college football video game cover and turning it inside-out because Desmond Howard was on the cover. Also a news feature that warranted Stanton explaining that he and his family always referred to us as the University of Puke. Leon Hall intercepted him twice and he finished his career 0-4 against us. Word after the game was Manningham injured himself on his second touchdown catch, which was a deflection and he barely got touched, so it was all very confusing at the time.

The glorious Penn State game was so satisfying. PSU nation would not shut up all week about how it was basically impossible to go to Beaver Stadium and win a night game, using their previous year's upset win over the Buckeyes as proof. This was also a personal thing for them because they were still fuming over Henne and Breaston committing to us. The hit on Morelli goes without saying, although many might not remember that he converted the 3rd & 15 before being destroyed by Alan Branch. The state was losing their minds over the Tigers but I was happier about the PSU outcome that night.

The Northwestern game....meh. I went to that one and three pairs of socks didn't stop my toes from freezing. Leaving the stadium, I heard a lot of fans that were not happy only winning 17-3. I also went to the Iowa game but the weather and morale was a little better for that one.


October 6th, 2016 at 1:37 PM ^

Great job. I appreciate the scorelines. Fun month.

Though the offense is frustrating to follow. I may not be thrilled at only getting 14 points against Wisconsin, but Harbaugh/Drevno is worlds better than Mike Debord.

Every time Tennessee falls behind this year (virtually every game) I joke that it's all a part of the strategy to get Debord to call the game aggressively. And the crazy thing is that it has actually worked out that way.