This Month in MGoBlog History - November 2005

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I thought it might be fun to go back and take a look at the blog's history. This probably should have been started a year ago because it looks like the blog began at the beginning of December, 2004. I would like to keep this up once a month, but this took awhile to put together, so we'll see. 

November 1 - Tuesday

The first post from this month was week 10 BlogPoll Ballot Box. I had forgotten about this feature of the blog. It seems to have disappeared; I’m not sure when.

Unverified Voracity with the boring title of “11/1”. I didn’t bother to look back to find out when UV started, but I noticed that earlier in the year Brian posted a lot, like several times a day with a link or an update to a story. Sometime in 2005 he must have had enough with that and decided to collect everything in one post. UV here complete with Uniformz concerns. Also, an addendum.

November 2 – Wednesday

Brian goes after Jason Witlock for comments on a 10-year extension for Charlie Weis. I think at this point we can agree that the contract was a terrible idea, racial issues aside.

BlogPoll Week 10 results and here.

Follow up to the Witlock stuff. I’m confused about the connections between Witlock and Elvis Grbac in 1992. Anyone know that story?

A brief Unverified Voracity.

November 3 – Thursday

More about the Witlock issue with an entire Unverified Voracity dedicated to it.

Northwestern game offensive UFR. Henne could only throw screens and Matt Lentz was not living up the hype of a three-year starter/5th year senior. Also, Mike Hart needed to come back from injury.

November 4 – Friday

An aptly named post, And Now Something Completely Different, wherein Brian talks about what CFB coaches he would like to drink with and…hooking up with Kirk Ferentz’ daughter.

In this UV, Brian talks about how ridiculous it is to say one conference is better than another, mainly because you can’t compare when there are so few non-conference games. He includes a quote about how the SEC is going to win lots of games, but not dominate national powers like Michigan. Ten years later it’s strange to think of anyone saying that. Also a reference to Harbaugh getting a DUI.

Northwestern game defensive UFR. The highlights were a +7 from Tim Jamison and a +6 from Shawn Crable.

Also: welcome to Michigan football, Shawn Crable. I don't know if he'll ever find a role against teams like Wisconsin, but he's been a really effective pass rusher.’

November 5 – Sunday

Early equivalent to a bye week open thread.

November 7 – Monday

Week 11 BlogPoll Ballot Box

Unverified Voracity with a link to a blog post that Brian spawned with a more in depth discussion of coaches’ daughters.

November 8 – Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: Totally Bats Edition. Great quote:

Amaker's main problem seems to be that he's a really nice guy who often seems less like a coach and more like an interested observer on the receiving end of questionable advice re: turtlenecks and their relation to sportcoats.

Hockey commit Brian Lebler.

November 9 – Wednesday

Blogpoll stuff.

I must admit I’m not too up on ‘M’ hockey, either now or 10 years ago, but here’s an early season update.

November 10 – Thursday

Unverified Voracity: Penis==Ratings (!). Nice quote included from Jeremy Van Alstyne in reference to upcoming opponent Indiana:

"You know, they have some really good skill players,'' the redshirt junior said with a serious expression. "They're able to make big plays and stuff like that."

And who, exactly, are those skill players?

"I don't know," Van Alstyne said, admitting he hadn't watched much film yet.

I’m not sure I remember any off-topic front page posts, but here’s one about Sony and computer related issues. Has this had much effect on life as we know it in the last 10 years?

November 11 – Friday

Unverified Voracity: The Nirvana Topic which is primarily about game theory and attacking older ways of thinking about said theories, hence the nirvana topic.

Indiana preview.

Ah, Indiana, how I love you. Whereas other members of the Big Ten get uppity and attempt to win games, go to bowls, and even claim championships, you continue to send out crippled ferrets at defensive back.


The kittens are enjoying some much needed R&R and installing a new offensive package heavily featuring the black kitten who was an option quarterback in high school.

November 12 – Saturday

Indiana Open Thread

November 14 – Monday

The first Ohio State week for the blog, and Brian does a tale of the tape series. First up is a comparison of the states. Too good not to include here.





"The one with all the lakes?"

Reaction of Snobby Coastal People When Informed You Come From Said State

"Are you applying for asylum?"

Advantage: Michigan

Kwame Kilpatrick

Embarassing Current or Former Mayor

Jerry Springer

Advantage: Push

"If you seek a pleasant penninsula, look around you."

State Motto

"Probably not Indiana."

Advantage: Michigan

Magnificent fall foliage

Notable Local Features

Rock And Roll "Hall of Fame"

Advantage: Michigan

Upper Penninsula

Spoils From Battle Of Toledo


Advantage: Michigan

Blow by people going 90

Traffic Cops

Ticket Big Wheels for speeding

Advantage: Michigan


Linchpin of Local Economy

Consumed Souls

Advantage: Michigan

Relentless work ethic, afros.

NBA Teams Known For

Losing Lebron James to Free Agency... soon.

Advantage: Michigan


NFL Teams Known For

Moving out of the state like any logical person would; sucking.

Advantage: Push


NHL Teams Known For

Stupid Name

Advantage: Michigan


Unverified Voracity: Briefly and Moving on serves as the Indiana game column, including calming fears that Johnny Sears redshirt was not burned.

November 15 – Tuesday

Ballot Box Week 12

Brian relates a story from attending The Game in 2002 at the Horseshoe. Hard to believe this is true, but then again it isn’t.

Tale of the Tape: Coaches

Oh look, Alex Legion has committed. I’m guessing this isn’t the last we hear of the recruitment.

November 16 – Wednesday

Week 12 Blogpoll stuff.

Unverified Voracity: Kazakh Solidarity about rivalry week ramping up.

Brian does an interview with Tom Orr, author of Michigan Monday at the Ozone. Here is part 1.

November 17 – Thursday

An updated injury report, with the names of Hart, Manningham, Long, and Woodley appearing on this list, things were looking pretty bleak heading into the OSU game.

Part 2 of the interview with Tom Orr. How good is Troy Smith anyway?

Indiana gave offensive UFR. Brian is worrying about all the trickish plays used against Indiana and how that really does nothing to set them up for success against OSU.

Tale of the Tape: Alumni

November 18 – Friday

Unverified Voracity: The Game. Several notes about the next day’s game and thoughts on basketball team members from a recent open practice.

Ohio State preview.

Loss will cause me to... have nightmares where John Cooper and Lloyd Carr turn out to be my parents.

I assume this was a reciprocal interview that Brian did at the Ozone, but alas, the link is now dead.

November 19 – Saturday

Ohio State open thread.

November 21 – Monday

BlogPoll ballot box week 13.

Ohio State game column.

The entire year had led up to this futile point when the coaching staff consciously decided to use the same strategy that failed every time it was pressed into service to date, including the most recent Ohio State drive.

 I think that’s all that needs to be said about that…

Unverified Voracity: The Sudden Appeal of Basketball where Brian tries to forget The Game by talking about a basketball win over CMU, but football comes back in as he includes quotes from several other blogs about the loss.

Here is an offensive recruiting update. To me, the most interesting part of going back 10 years is to look at the names involved in recruiting back then. For instance, at this point ‘M’ was still pursuing Tim Tebow, though it looked likely that David Cone would be the only QB in the class. Also, Brian said that commit Greg Mathews speed “speed does seem almost caucasian in its paucity”. I think that was borne out.

November 22 – Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: Be! Be! Excited (!) eeh, not excited for Eugene Germany getting arrested.

November 23 – Wednesday

BlogPoll items.

Hello Bryan Wright.

Basketball beats Boston U. but it doesn’t look great doing it.

I could see Amaker in a Care Bearsepisode as Friendly Mr. Coachy.

Here is the defensive half of the recruiting update. Lots of little nuggets here, such as will they land Jonas Mouton? When will Obi Ezeh commit?

Thanksgiving break

November 28 – Monday

Back from the break. The basketball team barely beating Butler was an ok thing, even before Butler became Butler.

BlogPoll Ballot Box.

November 29 – Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: Dodging a Bulldog with speculation about ‘M’ playing South Carolina in the Outback Bowl, this is a better possibility than playing Georgia.

This is a follow up to an EDSBS post with 32 more reasons that ESPN/ABC/Disney is the devil.

November 30 – Wednesday

Here is a live blog of the ‘M’ vs. Miami (YTM) basketball game, not a live blog like we’re used to now, but it’s actually Brian’s running commentary throughout. Interesting reference to one of Miami’s players:

Miami's starting center just got his third foul on a Sims runout. His name is Jimmy Graham. Just sayin'. Miami's coach gives them a slap folowed by a "come on." Good advice.

BlogPoll stuff.

Unverified Voracity: Is Scoop Jackson the Girl I Dated in High School with more thoughts on ESPN.






November 6th, 2015 at 11:28 PM ^

This is great!  I didn't join Mgoblog until 2014, and sometimes I've dug back through the archives - - but it is SO time-consuming, and there's just too much to take in.  This is a terrific format.  I hope you find the time for a monthly digest!


November 9th, 2015 at 9:13 PM ^

Just to fill in 2005 (on phone, so sorry about spelling):

PSU- joepa
NW- randy walker
Minnesota-Glenn Mason
MSU-John L Smith
Indiana-Terry hopener

All are gone except Ferentz.


November 7th, 2015 at 8:28 AM ^

This is so great! Thanks for doing this. I'm still trying to remember how I stumbled across this glorious place during my freshman year in Mary Markley 2004-2005. Although some of the wins and losses over these years have been tough, this site has made me feel lucky to be a Michigan fan due to the great writing and sense of humor since its inception. Thanks Brian!