This Month in MGoBlog History - June 2007: Will anyone be able to see the Big Ten Network?

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May 2007



June 1 - Friday


The Pistons lost to the Cavs to go down 3-2 in the Eastern Conference Finals. Brian is not happy with Flip Saunders.


I mean... what can you say? I decided to repress the sputtering rage by sleeping on it and then writing about the game, but here it is. Sputtering Rage says "hi, honey, I'm home," takes off its hat, talks about what a hard day he had -- lot of work in Detroit today, lot of work -- and settles in for a nice long rest that is 75-80% likely to start in the next few days and last for the summer. It's back, and I can only delete so many sentences that contain elaborate punishments for Saunders and his Charlie Weis-like ability to get far too clever for his own good. A sampler:


  • Forced to eat own organs.

  • Locked into party chit-chat with tools who came up with Heineken ad campaign that runs incessantly all hours of the night and day on TNT.

  • Elaborate scenario staged wherein he is drugged, and carefully made up to look and sound like Bill Walton -- sort of "The Hot Chick" except "The Worst Person On The Planet" -- until on the verge of self-immolation, say, 10-15 minutes

  • Forced to watch his favorite basketball team coached by Flip Saunders.


Baseball recap of win over Memphis. Looks like Zach Putnam pitched a complete game.


June 2 - Saturday


Hello NJ LB Marcus Witherspoon.


June 4 - Monday


Recruiting Board Update with a lot of names that aren’t too familiar any more. One item of note is a scholarship offer to OH RB Michael Shaw.


Unverified Voracity Swings and Misses; Tries Again. The baseball team beat Memphis and Vanderbilt, but then lost to Vanderbilt, so they play one more time. David Price looms again though.


June 5 - Tuesday


Michigan beat Vandy. They’re going to the super-regional for the first time since 1989.


Hello Mike Martin.


June 6 - Wednesday


Voracity like post with lots of baseball news. Also, Brian is part of the hot bloggers bracket. No indication about who won.


June 7 - Thursday


A post to let everyone know that Brian had nothing to post about. The one comment says that he should just post Sam McGuffie highlights again. That was life 10 years ago.


Next season’s hockey schedule is out.


June 8 - Friday


An interview with an Oregon State blog about the upcoming baseball game.


June 11 - Monday


Michigan loses game one to Oregon State.


If you were searching for the exact opposite of a Kirk Gibson moment off the #1 pick in the MLB draft delivered by a pinch hitter with a .188 average, you could hardly do better (worse?) than watching Michigan's star pitcher lose his no hitter with two outs in the ninth. One single, one run, and... that sucked big time.




Recruiting Board Update. Terrelle Pryor won’t be coming to Michigan, but...he might visit. Other schools in play are OSU, PSU, and Georgia Tech (imagine that). Also, the one comment on this post is: “uh, Mike Glennon?”


Brian lives blogs the next baseball game until it’s 7-0 Beavers in the bottom of the 5th.


June 12 - Tuesday


Unverified Voracity Says Goodbye Omaha. Pictures of the annual Carr car wash for charity and post-mortem on the baseball team that isn’t losing much and should be favored in the Big 10 next season.


June 13 - Wednesday


More speculation and concern on Big Ten Network.


June 14 - Thursday


Unverified Voracity has Dubious Youtube. There is one slot still open in the football schedule. Apparently, Bill Martin would prefer Rutgers, but the encouraging news is that it sounds like it will be a major conference opponent.


Sidenote: It's somewhat surreal that Rutgers is suddenly being bandied about as a potential schedule upgrade after years and years of being one of those teams you pick in Dynasty mode when you want to spend a few years toiling before your eight national championship run. When Michigan State managed to coug it against Rutgers a few years ago, everyone laughed at the Spartans for falling to lowly Rutgers. Now the shoe would be on the other hypothetical foot.


June 15 - Friday


Brian opines on why offsides rule in hockey should be ended.


A picture of Ryan Mallett from the car wash is photoshopped into a picture from Top Gun.


June 18 - Monday


Unverified Voracity Introduces Head to Wall. MGoVideo debuts. Also, Delaney says he’s not confident about anything in regards to the upcoming Big Ten Network.


June 19 - Tuesday


Recruiting Board Update. Michael Shaw comments on his visit and says it was great, especially since there are no pro teams in the area.


Someone just got liowned.


June 20 - Wednesday

Unverified Voracity Wishes Ill on Orange. After a successful season, baseball coach Rich Maloney is being courted by Tennessee for their manager opening. Also, Max Pacioretty, a freshman in the coming season, is ranked 16 for the upcoming NHL draft.


June 21 - Thursday


Maloney is staying.


Unverified Voracity Says Go Play in Traffic. This serves as the Hello post for William Campbell, yes Cass Tech sophomore William Campbell.


Campbell is 6'5", 298, and (kind of obviously) a DT. He's Michigan's earliest public commitment ever and should be one of the headliners of what looks like a strong 2009 Michigan crop headlined by Battle Creek running back Larry Capers, who is -- wait for it -- grrrrrreat. Since Campbell is a junior defensive tackle at a PSL school this the sum total knowledge about him to date:

  • He committed to Michigan.

There won't be a googlestalk here; there's nothing to stalk yet.


Meanwhile, Varsity Blue takes a look at the very early returns for that '09 class.


June 22 - Friday


Jim Delaney says Comcast needs to apologize to the Big 10 schools for calling their sporting events 2nd and 3rd tier. Unfortunately, there’s still no guarantee that many people will be able to see the new network.


June 23 - Saturday


Cobrani Mixon is leaving the football program. Probably the most interesting thing about this post is a view of what Facebook looked like in 2007.


June 25 - Monday


Recruiting Board Update.


Nasty rumors: The recruiting year we were (are?) experiencing seemed to good to be true given the widely assumed post-season Carr retirement, but there are now internet rumblings that, um, are bad. Jim Stefani:

I’ve heard from three separate sources that Michigan has fallen behind Notre Dame in the Jonathan Baldwin sweepstakes. This is the first bit of REAL bad news in the recruiting front this year. The other prospects Notre Dame has beaten U-M out for this year are all solid kids, but none are the difference-maker type of prospects that Baldwin is. Wolverine fans won’t be able to spin this one away should Baldwin go Irish.


The feeling that Michigan State could really make a big push when it comes to in-state recruiting. Michigan may have waited too long to offer Jones Gray, and with teammate Kenny Demens not yet sporting a Wolverine offer, I would not be surprised to see both verbal to the Spartans sooner rather than later. The longer this thing plays out the better for Michigan. I also think Michigan has a battle on their hands with Michigan State for both Fred Smith and Nick Perry.

Yikes. Michigan State can promise both -- hell, they can promise virtually anyone -- immediate playing time and an opportunity to meet a new head coach your senior year. And they've totally got a clock that counts down to the Michigan game. We'll see how these things pan out, but losing Perry and Smith would revive all those "can't recruit instate" stories from a year ago.


Hello Rocko Khoury.


June 26 - Tuesday


Brian lists the top 7 players for upcoming opponents that he would draft for ‘M’. Number one is Justin King.


June 27 - Wednesday


Brian is behind.


Unverified Voracity Blogs Blogs Blogs. An ND alum and Minnesota fan says that he spoke to new Gopher coach Tim Brewster and joked about ND recruiting in Minnesota (namely, Michael Floyd). Allegedly, Brewster went off on him and said things about how Charlie Weis was a slob, bad for the school, etc. No one is sure if this happened, but it doesn’t seem surprising ten years later.


June 28 - Thursday


Unverified Voracity Has a Headache. Mixon is gone to Kent State for sure. Also, a Biakabutuka highlight video.


Draymond Green has committed to MSU.


June 29 - Friday


Offseason blog roundtable. Brian wants Joe Stalin to be in charge of the NCAA.






June 20th, 2017 at 11:51 AM ^

Love this feature. Thanks for posting - I was wondering if it was going to happen this month with the extreme dearth of diaries!


June 21st, 2017 at 12:54 PM ^

I was in Madison for the 2007 season and Charter didn't have the BTN for at least the early part of the season. I DIDN'T MISS ANYTHING AND YOU CAN'T TELL ME OTHERWISE. I definitely don't regret not seeing that one early season game.

I moved to Toronto for the 2008 season and Rogers didn't have it until sometime in 2009. I feel about the same about the 2008 season.


June 25th, 2017 at 12:55 AM ^

There is one slot still open in the football schedule. Apparently, Bill Martin would prefer Rutgers, but the encouraging news is that it sounds like it will be a major conference opponent.