This Month in MGoBlog History - June 2006

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May 2006

June 1 - Thursday

Liveblog from game 5 of the Pistons vs. Heat Eastern Conference finals. Here is the box score if anyone is interested. Lots of good stuff here, but I will just add this early autobench gripe:

Then some other stuff happens... Wade gets his second and is yanked with 12 seconds let in the half, which brings me to a pet peeve of mine: why is it verboten to play Wade with 12 seconds left in the half but okay at the start of the third? Do you get spanked if you have a player with three fouls before the half?

A game recap to accompany the liveblog.

If -- and I want to stress "if," as the chances the Pistons win the next two are certainly below 50 percent -- the Pistons manage to win this series, then no matter what happens in the Finals they'll have cemented their reputation as best Rasputins in the history of the NBA*. Shot, stabbed, drowned, maimed, assaulted with hamburgers, attacked by leering gangs of bicyclists, thrown from a balloon, shot across the Channel in a V2 rocket, beaten, locked in a room with Stephen A. Smith on speed, run over by extremely determined ant skateboarders, abducted, or stuffed into the overhead compartment on a flight to hell: it matters not. What yesterday seemed like an insurmountable challenge is now just one slightly improbable road win followed by game seven in the Palace. It could happen. Maybe. Probably not. But maybe.

June 2 - Friday

Recruiting board update. Steve Paskorz commits to ND. Toney Clemons is Steve Breaston’s cousin.

June 3 - Saturday

The Pistons lost game 6 and the series. Brian says it was because they were out coached. Now, speculation begins on what Ben will do in the offseason.

June 5 - Monday

Brian gives fair warning that if you hate soccer, you’re not going to enjoy the upcoming contents of the blog (World Cup coverage). I must admit to only following soccer peripherally, so my comments on the soccer posts will be pretty light.

Brief recruiting board update mentioning John Ditto and Taurian Washington.

Technical issues.

June 6 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: Yee Haw Hee Haw includes a comparison of top 100 rankings for Rivals and Scout. Also this is of interest to Lions’ fans:

Something you must know: Tennessee's Jim Bob Cooter was arrested for DUI. God willing, this was a moonshine incident.

June 7 - Wednesday

Brian gives a defense of soccer.

It seems the best way to shore up your average comment count is to declare that the World Cup is of interest and that you intend to post on it. It also helps if you then mis-date the next day's post so that the shocking revelation that you are some sort of hippie euro-snob fairy remains at or near the top of the blog for all red-white-and-blue blooded to see and fret over. If you, the blogger, do this, then you will return to see the soccer-sucks-no-it-doesn't sniping has bloomed like algae across any surface it can attach itself to. It's so bad that other noted college football bloggers have retreated to obscurer interwebs in a (thwarted) attempt to avoid serious loss of street cred.

June 8 - Thursday

There is a new MSU blog call Spartan Bob who is attacking the gameday atmosphere at the Big House. Brian’s assessment?

I do know that Spartan Stadium has all the atmosphere of your local Walmart and the class of the woman selling herself outside of it.

June 9 - Friday

The internet is down.

Unverified Voracity: Better Late. Chris Summers and Mark Mitera are looking good to join the hockey team.

June 10 - Saturday

Game recap of Trinidad and Tobago’s tie against Sweden.

June 12 - Monday

USA loses to the Czech Republic 3-0.

June 13 - Tuesday

Recruiting Board Update. Added David Molk and Troy Woolfolk. A few more notes about Molk camping at ND.

Zach Gibson is transferring to the basketball team from Rutgers, and Bryan Hogan has committed to the hockey team.

June 14 - Wednesday

There seems to be some progress in the attitude toward soccer in the US. There were various moments of outrage over the loss to the Czechs.

More hockey notes on Chris Summers and Mark Mitera.

June 15 - Thursday

A post containing various, murky insider tidbits. Some prove accurate (Junior Hemingway); some prove very murky (Ronald Johnson).

Edmonton beats Carolina to force game 6 in the Stanley Cup Finals (In case you didn’t read the May edition, Brian has become a huge Oilers fan).

June 16 - Friday

Updates and corrections on the recruiting tidbits from the previous day. Taurian Washington is likely to commit soon.

Brian’s answers for an offseason roundtable on another blog. Most interesting is that Brian has never purchased any CFB preview magazines.

June 17 - Saturday

USA vs. Italy open thread.

The game ends in a tie. Sounds like the US scored a goal that was called off because of offsides. Brian is not happy.

June 19 - Monday

Unverified Voracity: Fried Ice Cream. There is a new ‘M’ blog (Michigan Football Saturdays). One of the first posts is to highlight the 3rd annual “Carr Wash”. Apparently, this was a regular thing where players would wash cars at the stadium to raise money for charity. The link to the original post is still active, and I would recommend it for some great pictures of Alan Branch.

Game 7 of the Stanley Cup finals is about to begin. Brian pays tribute to the Cup and recaps Edmonton’s run through the playoffs.

June 20 - Tuesday

The Oilers lose game 7.

Still, today I'm going to shave the playoff beard and I will not be putting it in a plastic baggie carefully labeled Playoff Beard 2006(!) WOO! GOILERS! WOO! In times of stress I will not remove the baggie from its secure location, gingerly open it, and stroke the hairs therein as Michigan plays Notre Dame or my sixth wife says she wants to divorce me because I watch too much football or someone close to me is gravely ill or Michigan plays Ohio State.

June 21 - Wednesday

World Cup news and notes.

Unverified Voracity: They Will Suffer has details of the Big Ten’s renegotiated TV contract. Also this:

Also, the rumored Big Ten Channel is official. Coming next summer

June 22 - Thursday

USA vs. Ghana open thread (no content is still available).

Hello James Rogers and Troy Woolfolk.

Woolfolk is some sort of defensive back but is still sixteen and growing, so whether he ends up at corner or safety is yet to be determined.

Four years of college wouldn’t help to figure this out.

The US lost 2-1. Brian tries to figure out who to blame. I think soccer fans will find this line interesting:

Maybe the fault lies more at Donovan and Reyna and Beasley's feet than in Arena's head, but at this point I just want a Dutchman. Or Klinsmann. Or just anyone who doesn't remind me very strongly of Lloyd Carr with a two-touchdown lead.

June 23 - Friday

More NHL draft news regarding incoming ‘M’ freshmen.

June 26 - Monday

Recruiting Board Update. Lots about a legacy recruit named David Arnold. I couldn’t find much about him on the internet, but it looks like he might have ended up at Northwestern.

June 27 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity: Seriously. Trevor Lewis, Mitera, and Summers were all taken in the 1st round of the NHL draft. Also, some quotes from Uni Watch about how the outrageous Oregon uniforms came to be.

Link to a helmet being auctioned off on Ebay. It has been signed by many current players and proceeds will go to charity.

June 28 - Wednesday

The first of the opponent previews. Up first: Michigan State.

On a micro level MSU is completely unpredictable week-to-week. On a macro level it's always Same Old Spartans.


In short, Stanton and Ringer are good. The O line, D line, and DBs are terrible. The linebackers are okay. (Also, a Josh Thornhill mention, so shoutout to his uncle Nay, a former co-worker of mine.)

June 29 - Thursday

Hello Reed Baker, and Brian is not pleased. It does sound pretty sketchy. He was dropped by the Citadel after their coach left, committed to Birmingham Southern but then they dropped from D-I to D-III because of finances, was offered a scholarship by the Air Force but couldn’t commit because of a severe peanut allergy, and finally was offered a scholarship by Amaker...who never saw him play in person. (It is interesting to contrast this to the leeway that Beilein still gets and deservedly so. “Oh, I guess he’s the next Spike Albrecht.”)

The Big 10 only had three team defenses give up fewer than 400 yards per game. Too much spread? Too many experienced QBs?

June 30 - Friday

Brian was born in Saudi Arabia? Here’s another offseason roundtable of bloggers, this one focusing on biographical information.

Also...Brian was in the World Series of Poker. Apparently we’re going to find out more in July.

If I get far enough to actually be on TV, and find myself in a big TV-worthy hand, I will tell the world that Lloyd Carr needs to stop punting on fourth and medium when a first down seals the game.

Unverified Voracity: Bakermania. Randy Walker has passed away. Also, more complaints about Reed Baker. Brian is fully on board with firing Amaker.



Goggles Paisano

June 13th, 2016 at 7:54 AM ^

I do know that Spartan Stadium has all the atmosphere of your local Walmart and the class of the woman selling herself outside of it.

This is just one of those quotes that will always stand the test of time.  


June 13th, 2016 at 8:54 AM ^

the rumored Big Ten Channel is official. Coming next summer

And it's first televised game, which nobody could actually see because of game-of-chicken negotiations, was Michigan - App State.  This further compounded the misery, having to piece the score of the game together with no TV while we were in the process of losing it. 

The BTN still owes us for this.




June 13th, 2016 at 11:37 PM ^

I tried (unsuccessfully) to work some magic to get comments to show on "Ghana - USA Open Thread". I think you're right that there must have been something once upon a time and has now disappeared.


June 13th, 2016 at 11:59 PM ^

I love these wrinkles in time, especially because I wasn't aware of mgoblog when they were happening.  Thanks for all the work to put these together!  And the Rasputin bit is perfect.


June 15th, 2016 at 5:34 PM ^

Maybe the fault lies more at Donovan and Reyna and Beasley's feet than in Arena's head, but at this point I just want a Dutchman. Or Klinsmann. Or just anyone who doesn't remind me very strongly of Lloyd Carr with a two-touchdown lead.


Dutchman? I wonder if Brian would want Rijkaard...