This Month in MGoBlog History: January 2009 - Hello: GERG

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December 2008

January 2 - Friday

A look at how good MSU is after their loss to Georgia in the Citrus Bowl.

Brief hockey recruiting update.

January 3 - Saturday

Army All-American game live blog, that doesn’t exist any more.

January 5 - Monday

reHello: Will Campbell

The basketball team picked up a solid win over Illinois. The atmosphere is starting to change in Crisler.

January 6 - Tuesday

Recap of commits from the high school all star games, including: Taylor Lewan, Craig Roh, Anthony LaLota, Jeremy Gallon, Justin Turner, Brendan Gibbons, and Isaiah Bell.

My guess as to the relative stock levels of the guys performing:

  • STOCK UP: Lewan, Gallon, Turner, Roh

  • STEADY: Campbell, Bell, Gibbons

  • STOCK DOWN: LaLota

Tuesday Recruitin’ covers the rest of the news from the games.

January 7 - Wednesday

Unverified Voracity Says Happy Trails because Rob Parker has been fired!

Rodriguez made a few appearances on WTKA recently. There will be a spring game again! Also, the search for a new DC continues.

Applications are welcome for a basketball blogpoll.

Liveblog for the basketball game against Indiana.

January 8 - Thursday

‘M’ beat a very bad Indiana team, but they didn’t look very good doing it. It’s starting to look like their record is much better than their quality of play.

TX WR Dwayne Peace decommits.

Unverified Voracity Buys a Nail Gun. A rumor exists that Penn State DL coach Larry Johnson could be an option for ‘M’ DC.

January 9 - Friday

Michigan picks up a PWO commit from QB Nader Furrha. The hope is that he doesn’t have to be considered in the QB conversation.

The upcoming hockey game is being postponed because of weather related damage.  

It appears that the national championship game just happened. Brian is mostly annoyed at the current state of college football.

January 10 - Saturday

The hockey game against Miami is a go again.

January 12 - Monday

Monday Recruitin’. VA QB Tajh Boyd will not be coming to ‘M’. SC DE Sam Montgomery is confusing everyone, but it looks like a ‘M’ vs. LSU battle.

Final 2008 Blogpoll.

It was a big weekend with two hockey wins over Miami and a basketball win over Iowa.  

January 13 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Desires Legislation. Legislation to create an early signing day for football (probably the third week of December) is being considered.

Brian provides a survey to get reader feedback on the blog.

Jim Herrmann and Chuck Heater are rumored as two potential candidates for the DC position.

January 14 - Wednesday

Apparently, the national championship game could be viewed in 3-D. Brian runs down various opinions of this from the blogosphere.

Unverified Voracity Surveys and the results say…

  • Mobile MGoBlog was the big winner in the "new feature" category and will be implemented ASAP. Better integration with MGoVideo was also popular. A unified ticket search came in third.

  • About 50% are registered (FYI: even if you aren't interested in posting, logged in users can customize how they see the blog. You can turn some blocks on and off, change the way comments appear, etc.)

  • About 10% of people who tried to register never get a response. (If this happens to you, email me.)

  • Most people read the board and diaries, with about half participating on the message board and a small number posting diaries, which is about right, IMO.

  • Page speed was mostly "good."

  • People seem to think the level of self-policing in the comments is about right, but they'd like to see better organization of the user-produced content.

  • Advertising is at a tolerable level.

Illinois basketball game liveblog.

January 15 - Thursday

‘M’ loses to Illinois. The offense is scuffling.

The Big Ten didn’t do well in bowl games. They need to improve their relevance in college football.

January 16 - Friday

Mailbag. Does the spread required too many exceptional athletes? Does Rodriguez have a “Jesus deficit”? Why does Rodriguez have more decommits? And best ‘M’ related fish names.

Hot new DC rumor: Greg Robinson.

I admit a sense of foreboding at this news.

January 17 - Saturday

OSU game liveblog link.

January 19 - Monday

Unverified Voracity, Blissfully Ignorant of the bad weekend that just finished. Hockey lost to Bowling Green, and basketball lost to OSU.

Monday Recruitin’. DT commits DeQuinta Jones and Pearlie Graves are wavering quite a bit. ‘M’ seems to want to take one more WR and one more OL. The OL is likely down to OH Marcus Hall and SC Quinton Washington.

January 20 - Tuesday

Hello: DC Greg Robinson. Also, Jay Hopson might be looking around for a new job.

Penn St game liveblog link.

January 21 - Wednesday

Penn St. beat Michigan, and tournament hopes are dimming. Poor shooting has been their downfall, only 16.7% from three in this one. Also, Brian’s title on this post is “Lehman Brothers” just in case you forgot this was ten years ago.

Unverified Voracity Drives Barwis Into the Sea. Barwis is now embroiled in a buyout issue with WVU, expect an outcry from the Detroit media to follow.

January 22 - Thursday

A deeper look into Greg Robinson.

So… what do we have? A guy who performs with talent and doesn't without it. Yeah, Greg Robinson and every other coach on the planet.

Post-mortem on WRs and TEs. Brian’s predictions were not great.

January 23 - Friday

Unverified Voracity, with Tweaks to the board. Except for this one:

  • I looked into Drupal's mobile support. It's not good. The relevant modules are out of date. I'm still going to try to get something up, but it will take some more time.

January 25 - Sunday

Yikes. Terrible incident where two MSU players attack Steve Kampfer on the ice.

Kampfer will be fine. MSU offers typical explanations.

January 26 - Monday

Monday Recruitin’ runs down a few likely commits, including teammates Denard Robinson and Adrian Witty.

Robinson will be given a shot to play QB, and Michigan will need him to stay there for at least a year or two even if he doesn't win the job. However, if he doesn't win it Robinson is also a Florida-level corner prospect who figures to find his way on the field somewhere. He's sort of like two recruits in one.

Brian makes the case that the two MSU hockey players should be banned from the CCHA for life.

January 27 - Tuesday

Unverified Voracity Complains, Lets Go. So here is the first reference to “Gerg”, but there’s no explanation. This is great though:

  • Gregism #1? Robinson was asked what his top priority was, given a laundry list of options, and responded: "I think it's all of those things." Greg Robinson's TOP PRIORITY: all things. Things that are not Greg Robinson's TOP PRIORITY: no things.

Both MSU players have been kicked off the team, though there’s a possibility they could return in the future.

Mailbag. Does a second ref on the ice help? How much effect does cold weather have on talent?

January 28 - Wednesday

Unverified Voracity Blames Google. Red issues a statement on Kampfer, and it seems like everyone will move on.

Brian is opening up the opportunity for anyone to possibly contribute to HTTV 2009.

January 29 - Thursday

The basketball team lost to OSU. They definitely look like they’re headed for the NIT. That’s what the expectation was heading into the year, but it’s still disappointing.

Post-mortem on the Offensive Line. It wasn’t great. How does 2009 look?

Coupled with the notable improvement at the end of the year, this presages a great leap forward. They could even be… sigh… average.

January 30 - Friday

Friday Recruitin’. Robinson, Witty, PA WR Je’Ron Stokes, and Quinton Washington all appear to be likely headed to ‘M’.

A weekend series against ND will be very important to the success of the hockey team’s season.




January 24th, 2019 at 12:34 PM ^

Late to comment. I started reading this here blog later in 09, so I hadn't realized how pessimistic Brian was about Gerg, and boy was he right.

The Conboy/Tropp assault remains a horrifying disgrace. 

SirJack II

January 24th, 2019 at 12:47 PM ^

Yeah I started reading in 2009 as well. I remember noting how insane it was that the terminology Gerg used for defense was entirely different from the terminology used by the rest of the defensive staff. But apparently no one else was concerned because I was swiftly and severely downvoted for bringing this up. Ah, the RichRod era....


January 25th, 2019 at 1:32 AM ^

I forgot how depressing it was to have both a bad football and basketball team.  Basketball is top notch and football trying to work it way up to an elite level but not quite there yet.

Raving Blue Lunatic

February 1st, 2019 at 9:46 AM ^

The program HAS come a long way since then. I couldn't watch those teams.

To borrow from the wit and wisdom of old Gunnery Sergeant Hartman, that defense played like "Unorganized, grab-asstic pieces of amphibious shit." 

I am sorry that M has not had opportunity to pound the living daylights out of a Rich Rod team yet.


February 10th, 2019 at 1:58 PM ^

I know I'm way late on this, and I'm probably not breaking any news, but in searching for more background on the Kampher assault... A brief history of what Conboy got up to after he got booted from MSU:

Tropp has had a fairly unremarkable, but fairly routine NHL/AHL career. The only thing that stands out is getting his ass beat by a Maple Leaf at some point. He's now sitting on a one year AHL contract in San Diego.