Montage Building

Submitted by sammylittle on October 12th, 2008 at 10:53 AM

In the wake
of the loss to Toledo, there are three
things I’ve read on the MGoBoard and the Diaries that I find offensive.  The first is some infusion of political rhetoric
into the boards.  It is the political
season and emotions are running high about both the presidential race and Michigan
football.  I’m sure this is especially
true if you perceive both to be headed in the wrong direction.  That said, posting about politics only adds
to our collective pain and creates unnecessary infighting.    


            The second
is the knee jerk stereotypical backlash against other regions of this country
as backwards backwaters.  Outside of West
Virginia, this is not a fair characterization.  After spending my first 24 years in the great
state of Michigan, I have spent a
decade an a half in the South.  I’m so
far in the South that I was able to go in my front yard and hear the final
score of the upset of Vanderbilt announced on the stadium PA system yesterday. The
Southern reputation is largely a holdover to times past and currently found
mainly in isolated rural pockets and some bigoted households.  The South is, on the whole, more integrated
than the North.  This has led to
increased tolerance.


            The third
thing that irks me is the calls for RichRod’s head.  The way I see it, this season is about
building the montage that will be used as a contrast to the future glory of the
program.  My wife attended a university
with a decent football tradition (something about rising water and elephants) which
underwent a recent coaching change.  Last
year, that team went 6-6 (3-5 in the conference).  After a late season loss to Louisiana-Monroe,
her friends were calling for the coach’s head. 
That team is performing better this year.  I see this as analogous to Michigan’s
situation.  These are/will be two
programs on the rise.


fans have been spoiled by sustained success. 
We have not had a significant transition since LBJ was President.  Transition is hard and takes time.  This is a time for patience and cohesion, not
division and derision.


Sammylittle and I approve this message.




October 12th, 2008 at 4:50 PM ^

It would be nice to have a president who was actually supported by a vast majority of the country. Think Reagan in 84 or FDR in 36. That way, every facet of life wouldn't be inundated with "McCain is an out-of-touch, senile, elitist" or "Obama is a terrorist-loving commie."

Seriously, everyone gets their chance to have a voice in a few weeks, so shut up about it. That is, everyone gets a chance except me, because I live in Illinois, and we all know what color this state will be.