Miss St. vs Ole Miss

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Other than this being a Rivalry game, there's not much new to learn from it.  Although Ole Miss does have a run first QB in Oregon transfer Masoli. Ole Miss was 1-7 in the SEC, only beating Kentucky and also lost to I-AA Jacksonville St..  They gave up nearly as many points as we did this year. 

  • #34 was being used to spy on Masoli.  We can expect either #34 or #50 to be keying on Denard on just about every play.
  • #8 was stripped of the ball for a turnover. Might be reproducible.
  • Ole Miss gets the first TD immediate after with an inside counter
  • #19 is getting more passes thrown his way this week.
  • Every week, MSU's OC introduces a new series or a new wrinkle that they use 3 or 4 times that game that they hadn't used before. This week's addition is the screen to the RB which worked for big yardage.
  • Relf gets a 70 yarder on that inverted option up the middle. Same play that I dissected from last week, except they ran it to the right. Didn't have the speed to take it to the endzone.
  • #8 gets the TD against pretty soft man coverage.  It's imperative our DB's shade inside the wide man, make relf throw the outside routes.
  • Masoli has the Tebow wind-up on deep balls, I doubt he's a QB at the next level, not that anyone was thinking that.
  • Aha, that's where Bumphis broke his collarbone.  Relf threw a nice deep ball down the middle for about 40 yards and he came down on it wrong.
  • Perkins scores on the "wheel of doom" play.  Somehow I imagine this play spread across the college football world after everyone watched the highlights from our game against Illinois.
  • #15 is playing some at CB.  Haven't seen him on defense in a while. #42 is another new face as MSU is playing a lot of bodies on D.
  • Relf threw up a duck when the RG got pushed back into him and he couldn't step up into the throw.  Bad read too, throwing into double coverage
  • Perkins gets a TD on the screen from about 35 yards out, just before halftime.
  • 21-9 at the half.
  • RT # 62 gives up yet another bad sack when he just let the DE go by untouched as he's focused on the delayed blitz from the LB. He's the weakest link on that line on pass plays.
  • Perkins takes over punt return duty for bumphis (heh, "doody")
  • #3 getting more PT with bumphis injured
  • Perkins takes the sweep for about 30
  • A bad mesh between perkins and relf results in a lost fumble
  • Perkins takes another screen for about 70. Relf's passing yards from this game are going to be inflated since Perkins has nearly 140 yards receiving.
  • Ballard has a slightly higher tendency to bounce outside when near the goaline. Like 10% instead of 1%
  • 31-9 at the start of the 4th
  • MSU's FG kicker missed from about 45, but he's been pretty consistent all year.
  • Ole Miss gets a TD on the fake bubble slant.  This bodes well for us.
  • Ballard has been bottled up this week.  Ole miss was cheating towards him.  I agree with that philosophy.  But they let perkins do too much damage
  • #3 took the sweep that bumphis would normally do, but he doesn't have nearly the same speed. Couldn't get to the corner and had to cut up too early.
  • Ole Miss got the ball with a chance to drive for a TD and tying 2pt conversion, but a chop block penalty snuffed that. 



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Attended this game in Oxford, MS.  Ole Miss fans I sat with sounded like the fans in Michigan stadium this year anytime the defense was on the field.  Although the final score was an 8 point win, Ole Miss was fortunate to be in the game as it never really felt like they had a realistic chance to tie it both due to their defense and a very stop and start non-consistant offense.  Rough year for Houston Nutt, but they appear to have a pretty solid recruiting class coming in for 2011. 


December 26th, 2010 at 10:16 PM ^

Will you do something to sum up what you have seen during this exercise.  I attended all of the MState home games except Kentucky.  My feeling is that this is a team with a strongish D-Line and Very Good Linebacking Crew (especially #50 - Chris White and #34 K. J. Wright).  The DB's are fair.  They tend to gamble resulting in many interceptions and long gains.  The DB's are not particularly good in run support.  This is a team that is strong against runs between the tackles but gives up some big plays in the passing game and can be beaten to the corner. 

We know that MState will run a lot (with both Relf and the RB's).  They mix in just enough passing to keep to the D honest.  Many of the passes seem to be seam routes down the field.  Please correct or elaborate.


December 27th, 2010 at 8:18 AM ^

Your assessment is pretty much in line with what I saw.  I thought #13 and #25 were decent in run support.  Also #4 likes to hit.  Their defense doesn't have blue chip speed, so teams have been able to run outside on them.  But #50 and #34 are good at stringing plays out if they're not blocked well which would limit outside runs against more average running backs.  So I expect Denard could get the corner on them, but maybe not our RB's very often. 

I was planning on doing a big picture page preview, but I'm swamped at work this week. So I'll probably just have time to do a write-up for a game plan during my lunch break tomorrow without pics.  I'll have time after the new year do a big game wrap diary afterwards (if we win or keep it competitive).