Miss St. vs Florida game notes

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This game is a little bit different because the two coaches involved are offensive guys and they know each other pretty well.  Florida had a bit of an off year on O with a new starter at QB (they couldn't break 20 points against any team that finished in the top 25#).  Florida's best win was against a down Georgia team.

  • Fla. QB brantly looked pretty inaccurate on his first series, nothing in particular MSU was doing.
  • Florida brings pressure from the trips side, this seemed effective. The OLB either gets in the passing lane or can chase the option from behind.
  • Fla was ready for the option, good job keeping assignments and covering the pitch man.
  • Miss St. reacts to the bad Fla QB play by bringing all kinds of blitzers from everywhere.
  • MSU continues to bring up their safeties late
  • #50 white MLB can be beaten to the edge on sweeps, need to get around the DE's tho'
  • The DB's in general have been pretty solid tacklers. Not really a lot of missed tackles.
  • Companion pass to their sweep play is the quick hitch to the backside WR
  • MSU's only TD of the day came on a drvie full of inside iso's and traps
  • 10-0 at the end of the 1st quarter and there's only one more TD scored by Fla. the rest of the game...
  • Nice missed tackle by #54 LB, haven't seen much of him before. 
  • Fla having a little success running from their wildcat.
  • MSU showing a 2-4 nickle.  #99 did a good job shedding his blocker
  • 7 games in and Relf is starting to lock in to Bumphis, wonder who he focuses on now that bumphis is out...
  • Florida's choice is to blitz Relf on 3rd and long, i think this should be our course of action too.
  • #54 is getting more playing time, looks decent against the run, good when he's coming forward.
  • Pretty impressed with #50's pass drops, moves pretty well in a backpeddle for a LB. Demps from Fla has made him miss a couple times on wide plays, but Demps is crazy fast, even with a gimpy ankle.
  • DB's #25 and #13 haven't really been singled out for bad plays yet this season.
  • Relf is killing them on QB keepers to the uncovered tackle's side.
  • #50 just did a good job of running down brantly on a scramble, no idea how fast brantly is, but we know denard is faster.
  • Fla. having a little success running up the middle against the 2 man line, getting a hat on #50
  • Fla. running option, late pitches.  Gets them their only points.  Hopefully RR is putting in the option with the extra 15 practices, we haven't shown it much this year, so maybe MSU won't be ready for it.
  • Ballard took a wildcat snap in the redzone, didn't get much.
  • Fla perfectly defended the option/shovel play, corner keeps contain, and then goes with the pitch man, LB takes the shovel. Relf shoved too early, led to a missed FG
  • Turnovers, missed FG's and a lot of running plays is what kept the score down. 
  • If ballard takes the snap, it'll be a run, I serously doubt he can throw it more than 15 yards.
  • MSU is playing a pretty soft zone with 2 minutes to play and Fla driving for the win or tie. A couple of blitzes, but more 3 man rush. Fla place kicker ain't that great, like ours, so that may be factoring into the decision.
  • On 3rd and 2 and 4th and 2, MSU rushed 5 to try to end the game.
  • MSU threw it 9 times the whole game, none in the 2nd half!
  • Howz that season going, Florida?