Miss St. vs Alabama game notes

Submitted by SFBayAreaBlue on December 17th, 2010 at 5:40 AM

Game 10


Game 9 (no torrent, but Brian looked at their offense)

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Be careful about anything that seems encouraging from this game since Alabama doesn't really do anything that we do and has great athletes all over the place. Here we go:

  • Haven't really mentioned it until now, but MSU Kickoff coverage has been pretty solid all year.  The gunners seem to make solid tackles.
  • The zen of blitz pickups, if we can just get a body on their blitzers and let their momentum take them upfield, good things should happen. 
  • Ballard caught a pass after faking the run, he was wide open, guess Bama has been watching the same tapes as me. He hadn't really done that all year up til now
  • Relf with another bad INT.  No pressure, he just made a bad decision, throwing it right to the safety.
  • #90 Mcphee LE got some pressure with a speed rush
  • Perkins looks good on that counter sweep
  • Bama's QB is finding some openings against MSU's zone.  Hit a comeback against #13 Banks who was playing pretty far off, they came right back to it and #5 was much closer on the play.  #5 is a more aggressive player in coverage from that safety spot.
  • #25 CB will come up hard on run support
  • #50 white doesn't seem to get tired, he's sideline to sideline throughout the game.
  • #94 RE made a nice play in the backfield when the pulling linemen couldn't get to him in time
  • #3 gets a nice gain on a WR screen on 2nd and a mile
  • Wow, Marquis Maze just made 3 people miss tackles for a long TD. #25 put a hit on up high, but Maze is too strong for that. 
  • Maze returns a punt for a TD, called back on a penalty, so Mark Ingram takes a hitch and just outruns everyone to the endzone
  • 20-3 Bama at the half
  • #61 got beat for another sack
  • Julio Jones takes the jet sweep for another long TD, broke an arm tackle by  #36 and #5 took a bad angle.  He's done that a bit against guys with real speed.
  • #86 Carr, speedy freshman screwed up the kick return, mullen gave him an earful on the sideline,  wonder if he's gonna be in the doghouse the next couple weeks.
  • Guess not since carr is getting involved in the run game on that drive.
  • down 27-3 MSU punts on 4th and inches from it's own 30 with 8 minutes to go in the 3rd.  game over.
  • #50 white gets a nice INT getting good depth in his zone, looks like he pulled his groin on the play
  • 8 in the box is definitely the way to go aginst MSU's run game. Take your chances with relf's accuracy and MSU WR's don't have great hands.
  • Can someone shoot Bob Davie with a tranquilizer, or something to just shut him up. Cam newton plays for neither alabama nor MSU, move on.
  • Ballard showing more patience this week. Earlier in the year he would just slam into the hole.  But he's got enough of a burst and acceleration to be more patient and look for the openings. 
  • Relf takes a sack holding the ball too long
  • Ingram runs right over #5
  • HOLY CHRIST! BOB DAVIE HAS SPENT THE ENTIRE 2ND HALF TALKING ABOUT AUBURN, meanwhile #42 for bama is spinning off tacklers who like to hit but haven't been wrapping up that well this game.
  • Subs are in, game is really over,  the start of the 4th
  • Isn't that cute, Julio Jones has pigtails.
  • Why were people getting on Bo Pelini's case?  $aban just ripped his backup QB a new one, looked much worse than anything Pelini did. He even spanks him pretty violently on the arse. That's just what football coaches do.
  • Russell in at QB, hits #35 in the flat for a 1st down.  something new.
  • #3 drops a pass.
  • #19 makes a nice catch in traffic
  • Bumphis closes out the scoring by getting behind the safeties.