Michigan Hockey 16-17, Game #9: Michigan 4, Boston University 0

Submitted by NastyIsland on November 11th, 2016 at 10:22 PM

This is going to be an abbreviated Breakdown (mostly bullet points, etc).  I am going to try to catch the 2nd half of Hoops at Crisler and then we leave for Iowa City in the morning.  So, I'll see what I can get you, tonight...


(James Coller)  Betcha didn't see this coming, heh heh


  • Not good.  By my tally, M created 31 attempts.  This seems about on par with the rest of their season.
  • The first 5v5 goal (to make it 3-0) was an elite move by Lockwood to swim a defender and and unbelieveably difficult finish from Slaker, who had the slimmest of angles to get it inside the post.  But he did.
  • The other was an empty-netter with 4:30+ left in the 3rd.  Ok, sure.
  • Lockwood/Slaker duo looks fantatstic.  They made most of the offensive chances and seem to be the future offense of this team.
  • Alex Kile and Max Shuart did not dress.  Along with 2 other veterans.



  • I don't want to slam this defense too much.  It was not great, but they did a decent job starting 3 freshmen and 2 sophomores.  
  • Other than a second period with multiple M penalties, the defense did a respectable job of keeping BU out of the slot/crease...especially given the talent depth for the Terriers.
  • That being said, there were still a few bad DZTOs and struggles to get the puck clear of the defensive zone.  Given the strength of the opponent, though, I've seen worse defensive performances from M this season.
  • Nolan De Jong did not dress.



  • As per usual (at least the games I see), Michigan scores of 2 of their first 3 power play shots.
  • M finishes 2/5 on PP, which is still great.  They are now 10/40 on the season.  
  • With all of the suspensions, they could not go 1-3-1, setting up almost exclusively with 2 high at the points.
  • M commits a lot of penalties (6) but looks solid on the PK, killing them all and not ceding many great looks, down a man.



  • Hayden Lavigne was fantastic.  He absolutely stole the 2nd period.
  • Lavigne made a ton of positional saves and looked good moving around the net when he was forced to scramble.
  • He also recorded his 2nd shutout of the season...this time against a Top 10 scoring offense.  
  • Michigan will probably still rotate goalies, to a degree, but I expect Lavigne to get most of the minutes going forward. 



  • Perhaps, I fell asleep, but I do not remember a single OMR for BU.  I asked around, but no one else near me could give me a single detail about one OMR they remembered.  Huh.  Obviously, even if there was one, it wasn't overly threatening, then.  Yay!
  • There was one horrendously bad DZTO where Luce centered a BU attacked from behind the net and he walked in on Lavigne.  Hayden said NO.
  • I am encouraged by this!



I had:  Boston University 55, Michigan 31

collegehockeynews.com had BU 53, M 32