Michigan Hockey 16-17, Game #34: Michigan 4, Penn State 0

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(James Coller) It was your night. Zach


  • FIRST: Well, it was better than last night's first period.  But not by much.  The Wolverines tallied a 9(2)...and not many were close to the HP, outside of those couple.  Again, they took advatage of their one opportunity when Lockwood got into the slot and Jones coughed up a rebound.  Winborg was right there to finish it.  Penn State is a great high-possession team, so you're not going to have as many looks as they do...but still.  You have to find a way into the slot more than once.
  • SECOND: Well, they got into the slot, anyway.  Michigan only tallied 11 even strength attempts...but 6 did come from the HP.  They had quality looks, just not many total looks.  But...that's what happens when the puck is in your end the entire period and your goalie is doing cartwheel saves.  I don't have much else to add.
  • THIRD: Michigan's even strength came on a great tip from Adam Winborg, who got into the low slot and redirected Cecconi's centering pass behind Jones to seal the game.  That made the game 3-0 with just over 3 minutes remaining.  Once again, Michigan took advanatge of they few chances they scrounged up against an overwhelming Penn State attack.  They ended the third with a 12(5).  Keep PSU out of the slot, score on the power play, and finish your best chances.  For the most part, that was what Michigan did.  Michigan finished with a 32(13) and 41% of their even strength attempts coming from the HP.  Low volume but high quality.



  • FIRST:  This was reminiscent of last night.  Penn State bombed away for 25 even strength chances but were only able to get into the HP for 6 tallies.  Still, that's almost all of Michigan's total even strength chances of the period.  Michigan did a decent (not great) job of keeping most of those chances to the points and boards, though.  This is what Penn State does, though...fire away from anywhere, always.  The only time they got one past Nagelvoort was after the whistle...after a Nagelvoort awful turnover.  I predict a ton more attempts in the second.
  • SECOND:  Well, I was right.  Penn State ripped 24 more even strength attempts at Nagelvoort, including 9 from the HP.  I can't say that  the defense is playing well...because they're still not getting the puck out enough (or keeping PSU out of scoring areas), but Nagelvoort is more than making up for it.  He is the story so far, tonight.
  • THIRD: Michigan got bombed, again, in terms of volume.  26(7).  That's a 75(22) and a 29% from HP.  The defense did an ok job of keeping the puck as far from Nagelvoort as they could, but shots just rained all period (and game) long.  Penn State just isn't a good matchup for Michigan in terms of skating and possession.  The story here is Zach Nagelvoort who saved all 46 on frame to get his Senior Night shutout.  It seems every game, whomever is in net is Michigan's best goalie.  Zach seemed to channel J-Bart and live in the future knowing and seeing everything that came at him.  The kick-stretch save (that I later pasted a video to) was just unreal.  From his to 5v3 penalty kill to his crazy stretch save to always being in the right place, seeing the puck and control his rebounds...just a crazy impressive performance.  Steve Shields seems to have pushed him to his very ceiling.



  • FIRST: Both team had two penalties in the first period.  Each had a full power play and created a few looks.  Penn State's Zach Saar ripped a great one-timer from the slot (unchecked) right into Nagelvoort's chest.  Michigan had a few chances, as well, but nothing as good as Saar's.  Both teams second power plays were shorter, as the penalties overlapped.  Penn State's will carry into the second for about 30 seconds.  Nothing earth-shattering to report here.
  • SECOND: Michigan took two penalties in the course of a minute in the second period.  Penn State spent the first 90 seconds in the zone on a 5v3 and had chance after chance after chance, but Michigan's scrappy three and Zach held on long enough for Cutler to come back from his first penalty.  Finally, Michigan got their clear and turned it into a 2v1 shorthanded where Shuart ALMOST tapped one in.  It would have been apropos for him, as he has a few of those this season.  Michigan did get a power play with a minute left in the second.  It will carry over into the third.  
  • THIRD: Griffin Luce took Michigan's two penalties in the third, but only one resulted in a man advantage..  Penn State threatened but didn't score on their lone chance.  Michigan's penalty kill -which had not looked good for a while- was again great tonight, kill all five of PSU's man advantages.  That means Michiga has killed all nine penalties they took, this weekend.  That's rather impressive against PSU's strong power play.  Michigan also tallied a power play goal.  Tony Calderone poked one past Jones to double Michigan's lead.  They had one other power play but did not score on that.  Michigan ended the night 1/5 on the man advantage.  

(James Coller) Thou Shall Not Pass


  • FIRST: Zach Nagelvoort gets the start on Senior Night.  And he's playing like it's his last game in Yost.  Penn State has given him plenty of chances to make saves and he's obliged, very nicely...stopping all 14 that have come on frame.  He had one awful giveaway at the very end of the period that Sturtz managed to get by him (after Nagelvoort passed it right to him NHL 94 style), but Zach was bailed out by Trevor Hamilton losing his helmet behind Michigan's net...just before the shot crossed the goalline.  Aside from that, he's been fantastic.
  • SECOND: Nagelvoort was unreal in the second.  He had 22 saves.  I don't even want to look at the corsi.  There was a 1:05 stretch where PSU had a 5v3 and the puck didn't leave the zone for about a good 90 seconds.  Nagelvoort had to have had 5+ saves in the stretch.  He was literally everywhere.  Sometimes a goalie just has a game where his mind is almost ahead of the play and just sees everything coming...this is that game.  Nagelvoort is just out of his mind, right now.
  • THIRD: https://twitter.com/umichhockey/status/840755721264279553 



  • FIRST: I saw no OMRs!  This is three periods in a row!
  • SECOND: PSU got one OMR in the second period.  It was a 2v1 and the shot went right into Nagelvoort's chest.  To be fair, its hard to have many OMRs when you spend the entire period in the attacking zone.
  • THIRD: No OMRs, again!  One OMR in the last five periods.  Perhaps, they are getting more disciplined?

(James Coller) A freshman finished on Senior Night


I had: Penn State 75(22), Michigan 32(13)

www.collegehockeynews.com had: Penn State 76, Michigan 32