Michigan Hockey 16-17, Game #32: Minnesota 4, Michigan 1

Submitted by NastyIsland on March 4th, 2017 at 11:32 PM

(Patrick Barron) Not your fault, tonight, Hayden


  • FIRST: It was an odd period for even strength offense.  The first half of the period was alternating team penalties, so Michigan's best looks definitely came on the man advantage.  They ended up with an 8(1) in even strength.  That's not great, but it does come with a bit of an asterisk.  Still, they're going to need to get better looks (and probably more of them) if they're going to beat Schierhorn.  Marody did have a goal waved off and he bumped Schierhorn back into his net.  Worth a shot, I guess.
  • SECOND: A very different period structure sees Michigan tally a 30(8) in the attacking end.  They did generate quite a few nice scoring chances but were only able to sneak one by Schierhorn.  Tony Calderone had multiple very good looks and finally scored  after Marody created some space in the high circle and slid the puck to him alone in the slot.They're still only getting 26% of the attempts from the HP, though.  Minnestoa's defense has been better, tonight, and Schierhorn has looked good, as well.
  • THIRD: Michigan had a bit of an uptick in the third period, generating a few better looks, including a couple of posts.  Minnesota was content to sit back and not get caught up ice, given their two goal lead...but Michigan couldn't take advantage of their time in the attacking end. They did have 21 even strength attempts with 8 coming from the HP.  Given the game situations, though, I do not think this accurately portrayed how the game went...with most of Michigan's better looks coming in desperation time.  They finished with a 59(17) that resulted in a 26% from the HP.  That's not good enough...but Minnesota's defense played very well, too.



  • FIRST: In a period with five stand-alone penalties, Minnesota was still able to generate a 17(6)...which is very good for only a half of period played at even strength.  That's not great for Michigan's defense.  Lavigne was able to bail them out a few times but he was beaten once, as Michigan left Pitlick alone in the slot.  Not a great period for the defense, but we've come to expect as much.
  • SECOND: Michigan gave up a 33(13) in the second period.  That's a 40% clip from the HP.  That's just too high at that volume for a team of Minnesota's caliber.  The first goal was a nice one-timer from the upper circle.  That was just a nice play by the offense. The shooter was even decently marked.  The second goal was an embarassment, though.  Multiple shots came from all angles around Lavigne, as no Michigan skater moved their feet in an attempt to get out to any of Minnesota's multiple shooters.  Finally Lavigne wasn't able to see one of them and it was 3-0.  If you're literally going to stand around in the defensive zone, a goal is all but guaranteed.  Ugh.
  • THIRD: Michigan was better, only giving up an 11(4).  However, this is an incomplete because Minnesota took their foot off the gas half way into the third and just bled the game out.  I don't have anything else relevant to say regarding this.



  • FIRST: All of the penalties.  Michigan had three opportunities.  They had a golden chance when Marody and Calderone found themselves alone in the slot and Calderone missed a wide open net.  Michigan was able to generate a few more looks but nothing with that high of a percentage of finishing.  Minnesota had two power plays and looked a little more dangerous than Michigan.  They moved the puck well and got a few nice chances, but Lavigne denied all of them.  The first half of the period was mostly alternating penalties.  
  • SECOND: There were no second period power plays for either team.
  • THIRD: Michigan did not draw a third period penalty.  Minnesota had a power play off a too many men penalty against Michigan. They didn't really try to do a whole lot, being up a couple goals.  Special teams were not a factor tonight, after the first ten minutes of the game.



  • FIRST: Hayden Lavigne started in net for the first time since the MSU series. He faced 15 shots in the first period and looked solid.  His rebound control was not the greatest, but he positioned himself well and bailed Michigan out of multiple situations when attackers got into the slot and the front of the crease.  I do not put the goal on him as Pitlick crashed down into the slot, unchecked, and was able to rifle a shot over Lavigne.  Good shooting percentage from that spot.  Lavigne with 14 saves, though.
  • SECOND: I thought Lavigne had another solid period.  He gave up two more goals but the first was a one-timer fron the top of the circle.  I could not tell if he was screened or not, but it was a good pass and quick shot.  He probably could have been marked a little tighter, but Bristedt did not have as much room as Pitlick did in the first.  The second goal was on the defense as consecutive shots came from all angles before one snuck past Lavigne.  No Michigan skater moved very far at all during that flurry. The fact that Lavigne was able to deny the first few was impressive. His rebound control has been shaky, tonight, though.  Lavigne has 28 saves on 31 shots, so far.
  • THIRD: Another good performance from a Michigan goalie.  Lavigne was not Nagelvoort-hot, but he gave up fewer that he probably should have given the chances that Minnesota got.  I've asked a handful of people who the best goalie on this team is and I've gotten different answers from everyone.  That's a great thing.  If nothing else, it says a lot about Steve Shields, Michigan's goaltending coach.  I'm very comfortable with any of Michigan's goalies in net.  In fact, I'm not completely against trying this theory by throwing Chad Catt between the pipes, next weekend.



  • FIRST: Michigan gave up one OMR in the first period.  It was a 2v1 in a 4v4 situation. The shot was high and wide from a distance with no real chance at a cross pass.
  • SECOND: Michigan gives up two more OMRs.  The first was a dangerous 3v2 that saw Lavigne leave the initial rebound right out in front of him, but he was able to cover the 2nd shot.  The other was a 2v1 that Lavigne correctly positioned himself to the shooter and stopped.  
  • THIRD: No 3rd period OMRs!  Yay!  Only one very dangerous one on the night.



I had: Minnesota 61(23), Michigan 59(17)

www.collegehockeynews.com had: Minnesota 61, Michigan 61