Michigan Hockey 16-17, Game #24: Ohio State 6, Michigan 5

Submitted by NastyIsland on February 4th, 2017 at 10:38 PM

I arrived just into the second period.  So, analysis for the first two periods will be short and just numbers-based.


(James Coller)  Oh look, he's uncovered in the crease


  • FIRST: Michigan tallied 27 even strength attempts, including 8 from the home plate  area.  That's slightly less than a third coming from the dangerous area...which about their average this season.  They also generated two goals from even strength.  Both of these are welcome continuations from the first couple periods of last night's game.  Looks like I missed a good offensive period.  
  • SECOND: Michigan was only able to generate 12 even strength attempts on net, which included 5 from the home plate area.  They did score twice from the dangerous area, though.  I would like more attempts on net from even strength but there were eight penalties called, so that does limit 5v5 time.
  • THIRD: It's like a carbon copy of last night's game.  Michigan took 13 attempts on net with 4 coming form the home plate area.  And only 2 were remotely near the crease.  Pretty much everything was from the perimter.  Like last night, Michigan came out with a ton of energy and firepower in the first and just kept fading as the game continued.  After OSU tied it at 5, I was just waiting for overtime...or the OSU game-winner.  Michigan ended up with 52 (18)...35%.  However, that number kept dropping as the game dragged on.



  • FIRST: Michigan allowed 14 even strength attempts in the first period, including 6 from the home plate area.  Ohio State tallied one even strength goal and it also came from inside the dangerous area.  Allowing 14 (6) has been a lot better than may of the periods this year, though.  Progress?
  • SECOND: Michigan's defense took a step back in the second period, allowing 18 even strength attempts (8 of which came from the dangerous area).  Now, we're pushing close to 50%.  That's way too high.  Most of OSU's best looks came from the power play, but still...too many attempts are still coming from way too close to the net.
  • THIRD:  Michigan allowed 16 even strength attempts and 7 from inside the home plate area.  OSU's offense was stimulated by their power play, but they still had a too many good looks close to Lavigne (who made multiple bail-out saves).    In the end, Michigan allowed 48 even strength attempts with 21 coming from the home plate area.  That's 44%.  Woof.  



  • FIRST: Michigan drew one power play, took a shot, and scored on it.  Hooray!  Apparently, Dancs had a sick backhanded pass to Slaker who earned the tally.  Michigan did allow two power plays against them and OSU was able to convert on one of them.  I've heard it was quite a snipe.  OSU's power play is living up to its billing.
  • SECOND: Michigan got one power play and did not convert.  It did not look super threatening, either.  They did allow three more power plays and OSU scored on two of them  Michigan's penalty has been less than stellar in this series, but OSU has moved the puck well and generated nice looks on both of their special teams goals.  If M is going to hang on in the third, they will definitely need ot stay out of the box.
  • THIRD: Michigan took another penalty (two actually for a 5v3) and gave up another goal.  I talk more about it later.  They just took way too many penalties for the quality of their PK (poor, lately anyway) and OSU's PP (very, very good).  Michigan did not draw a penalty in the third period.  OSU finished 4/7 and Michigan finished 1/2.



  • FIRST: Hayden Lavigne started in net again and saved 8/10 shots.  My fellow colleagues say that neither goal was his fault and that one goal was quite impressive.  I really cannot add anything to this.
  • SECOND: Once again, from what I was able to see, Lavigne played fine, I think.  He made 12 more saves and both goals came on the power play, one of which was a slick high-low pass to an unchecked attacker (surprise!) outside the crease.  
  • THIRD: Two more goals beat Lavigne in the third period.  The first was a 3v2 break that was tipped off a great pass.  The second was a centering pass from below the goal line to an uncovered guy in the high slot and he one-timed it past Lavigne who...there's no way he saw it.  Unmarked guys, man.  Not much goalies can do with them.  Also, he made about 3-4 crazy saves just to keep Michigan around.



  • FIRST: I had none, obviously.   But, the consensus up here is that there weren't any.
  • SECOND: I saw one that looked like a semi-breakaway on which the attacker was interfered with and lead to a penalty.  
  • THIRD: On a 5v3 PK, Slaker tries to go short-handed and gets caught up ice.  Easy 3v2 and a great centering pass and tip beat Lavigne.  I think that way it...but again, very eggregious.  Blah.



I had: Michigan 52, Ohio State 48

www.collegehockeynews.com had: Michigan 56, Ohio State 49