Michigan Hockey 16-17, Game #22: Michigan 3, Michigan State 2 (Shootout)

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  • FIRST: Michigan started pretty well getting into the attacking zone and drawing a penalty about four minutes into the game.  They got into the the lower slot and crease a few different times but were not able to convert on those opportunities.  The goal came from De Jong  from the point via a screen by Adam Winborg.  It was also just after their power play chance had expired.  That was about it, though.  They ended up with 5 even strength attempts.  That's not too good.
  • SECOND: Michigan's 5v5 offense created their second goal of the night.  Evan Allen won a bottle along the boards and worked a couple passes with Piazza at the point, who slid over to shoot from nearer the center of the blue line.  Kile got a great screen and tipped the puck as it went by to give M a 2-1 lead.  The goal was reviewed for interference but Kile did not make enough contact with Minney and looked to be just out of the crease.  Kile also rode in on a 2v0 with Shuart, elected to shoot, and Minney denied him.  Michigan ended up with 14 even strength attempts at the net, including 3-4 from 'home plate.'  Better, I suppose.
  • THIRD/OT: Michigan generated 14 attempts in the third and 2 more in OT.  That's...ok.  Only four came from 'home plate.'  Most of the attempts were from odd angles or from distance.  So, unfortunately, still not great offense.  Lockwood got in pretty close once but not much else overly threatening.  Their best looks came from the man advantage and they were not finished.  



  • FIRST: Michigan's defense was typical.  The goal they gave up was losing a 1v1 battled on the boards followed by Luce getting beat by Pavelek in front of the net to get an uncontested shot off past Nagelvoort.  It was similar to last night's goals.  Michigan also surrendered 20 even strength attempts on net.  Nine of those came from inside 'home plate.'  Different night, same issues.
  • SECOND: Michigan gave up 15 attempts at their net, 7 of which came from 'home plate.'  Four of those came from just outside the crease, though.  They did not give up a goal in a full period for the first time since the GLI (I think).  So, that's a good thing.  Most of that was due to Nagelvoort, though.  Small steps, I guess.
  • THIRD/OT: Nagelvoort faced three shots (one of them being 50/50 illegal) and saved the definite two shots.  MSU got five (three more in OT) even strength attempts in the third.  That's very good!  Possibly M's best defensive period of the year?  The one thing (because there is always a thing) was that on the goal -which was on the PP but this relates to defense- there were two attackers behind the last defenseman.  One of them hit the puck near the crossbar past Nagelvoort.  Even on the powerplay...still unmarked dudes in the crease.



  • FIRST: Michigan drew one penalty in and nearly cashed in on it.  They were able to score about 4 seconds after the penalty expired, so technically it was not a PPG, but it was also before the defense could be reset with their equalizing player.  So, not a power play goal...but kinda still a power play goal.  Dancs took a tripping penalty towards the end of the first that will carry over to the second.  MSU created a couple a good looks but no conversion, yet.
  • SECOND: Michigan did not draw a penalty in the second period.  They did take two, however, and killed them both off.  Nagelvoort played a large role in one of those.  He's looking fantastic.
  • THIRD: Michigan drew two penalties in the third period.  Dancs had a great cross-crease pass that was just out of Kile's reach.  Kile had a wide open net.  That was about it for power play good looks.  Cooper Marody took a terrible penalty behind the Spartan net that ultimately led to MSU's tying goal.  The goal was flipped in the high slot and hit a Spartan stick up near the crossbar.  It looked to about even with the crossbar and the goal was uphelf after a review.  Nagelvoort had zero chance.  The issue is that the penalty taken was not even close to necessary and there is a great chance this game does not reach OT without it.
  • OT: M took a penalty, but it was an intelligent one.  They killed it with a couple nice saves from Nagelvoort.



  • FIRST: Zach Nagelvoort started in goal, and he looked very good, including making a couple of great saves.  State created a great opportunity with two dynamic cross-ice passes that got an attacker alone in the lower slot.  Nagelvoort was up to the challenge.  He also made a couple very good stops on MSU's power play.  He ended up with eight saves.  The goal was on the defense, as Luce lost his man in front of the crease.
  • SECOND: Another top notch period for Nagelvoort in net.  Zach was everywhere.  There was one stretch early on where he must have made about 4-5 saves in about 10-15 seconds...and from close range, too.  He also held his posts well and denied a couple more opportunities, there.  Nagelvoort also was ready for a very bad DZTO at the blue line and stopped another Spartan snipe.  He's been in great position all night.  Up to 21 saves, so far.
  • THIRD: Nagelvoort didn't have much to do in the third.  He stopped two of the three shots that he saw.  He had no chance on the goal, as it was deflected about a few feet in front of him and was 50/50 hit with a high stick.  Fantastic night for Zach.  Its really crazy how well all three goalies are playing.
  • OT/SO: NOPE.  Nothing.  Stopped three more shots...then three more in the shootout.  Good stuff, Zach.



  • FIRST: Michigan State has two 3v2s.  The first was non-threatening with the puck not getting near Nagelvoort via a deflection.  The second freed a shooter just inside Nagelvoort's left faceoff dot.  Zach was able to deny the opportunity.
  • SECOND:  I had zero OMRs in the second period.
  • OT: An almost 2v1 but Boka took the 2nd guy down (with no call), so it became a 1v1.  De Jong then took him down and was called for a penalty that Michgan killed.



I had: Michigan State 42, Michigan 36

www.collegehockeynews.com had: Michigan State 44, Michigan 36



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It is used to track how good a team is in even strength situations.  Granted, there are other aspects, for sure, but 5v5 is the best representation of actual 'hockey.'  So, how much do you control the puck/generate offense with 'all things being equal.'  Not a definite answer but a deeper look than just Shots or Goals.