Michigan Hockey 16-17, Game #21: Michigan State 3, Michigan 0

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(Bill Rapai)  Checking a guy AFTER the puck is in the net does not count as 'marking'


  • FIRST: Michigan's offense started rather slowly, getting outshot 10-3 after the 10:00 mark, but they finally started getting more attempts in on Minney as the period ticked on.  They ended up getting 17 attempts, though only two would come from inside the dangerous 'home plate' area.  This would be a classic "the numbers are there but the eye test didn't really back it up."  But...a period Coris win is good?  Now...onto the fatefully dreaded second.
  • SECOND: Michigan generated 14 looks at the net.  Again, the number is marginally acceptable, but the locations of most of these attempts are not very dangerous.  I counted three attempts from 'home plate.'  Not great, Bob.  Not against a team that has four victories coming into tonight's game.  They manufactured more and better looks on special teams...but, like, that's what you're supposed to do.   I guess better than previous 2nd periods?  
  • THIRD: Ok, so New Hildebrand was fantastic tonight and definitely stole multiple goals from Michigan.  Michigan still only got off 13 attempts at the net in the 3rd.  They had 8 from the 'home plate' area.  That's not awful but not great, either.  Boka made a CRAZY pass from the left corner to a wide open Lockwood who was stoned by New Hildebrand only to have the puck fall to an even more open Marody who literally missed an open net from the slot.  Apropos.



  • FIRST: After getting being swarmed and dominated in the first 8-10 minutes, Michigan's defense settled down and started to get on the same page.  MSU had a few great looks on the power play and another couple decent chances 5v5, but most of their chances came from outside the dots...mainly from each point.  The number was too high (16) for me, but the location was tolerable.  That being said, those first few minutes were bad.  It took a couple shifts to get the puck into the defensive end a couple times.  Also, still too many TOs at their own blue line.  Lastly, please, PLEASE, start hitting dudes when they are withing a stick-length of the crease.
  • SECOND:  Bad.  State got 25 attempts 5v5 attempts at the net.  Also, the goal was a 2v2 rush that one defender was beaten along the boards and a 2nd was beaten into the slot.  The 2nd Spartan tapped the puck past JLF with no annoyance from a defender.  I mean...I guess this is just expected, now.  Probably should have been sooner.  I have 8 attempts inside 'home plate.'  Also, a quite a few just outside to JLF's left (6 to be exact).  Blah.
  • THIRD: Statistically speaking, Michigan's defense played well.  Only 8 attempts on even strength.  However, MSU had a lead and was not pressing for more.  Again, though, as the puck was carried into the left corner, four Wolverines drifted in that direction leaving yet another open attacker in the low slot.  And he scored.  Becuase he should when unchecked in that position.  All 3 goals were like that, tonight.  Nothing new to see here.  Move along.



  • FIRST: Michigan took one penalty and MSU scored on it.  After a shot from the point went wide, JLF lunged to his left and deflected the 2nd chance but it trickled over him to the top of the crease where a waiting Spartan put down his lemonade and tapped in a power play goal.  No one was near him, let alone harassing him.  Sigh. Michigan did not have a power play opportunity.  
  • SECOND: Michigan had two man advantages in the 2nd period.  The first went as well as possible without netting a goal.  They moved the puck well and had to have at least 4-5 very good looks at the net but New Hildebrand was up to each and every one.  Kile was flat-out robbed twice.  The second opportunity did not go as well.  They generated some zone time but not many very enticing looks.  Michigan is 0/2 so far.  M gave up a couple man advantages, but State could could not convert on those, either.  M's PK looked fine but not great.
  • THIRD: Michigan took another penalty and killed it off.  Only three penalties on the night.  That will do.  Continue that trend, please.  Michigan also drew three penalties in the third but did not score.  They also did not register a shot on any of those power plays.  Do not continue this trend, please.  On the night, MSU: 1/3, M: 0/4



  • FIRST: Jack LaFontaine started in goal and had a very nice first period.  The lone goal to beat him came on the power play from an unchecked dude in the crease.  He also stopped the first attempt.  So, like, whatever, man.  Other than that, he stopped eleven shots and looked in control of where he wanted to put the puck.  He did not play last weekend in Minnesota, but he's holding up the trend of strong netminding by Michigan goaltenders, lately.
  • SECOND: Once again, JLF had a very nice period, stopping 13 more shots.  Unfortunately, Michigan's defense was a little more lax in this period and JLF had to defend from a lot shorter distance.  He stood strong though, not giving up many rebounds and making athletic saves on at least a couple should-have-been goals. He's definietly done his job to hold down the fort, but at some point, everyone else is going to have to relieve the pressure...hopefully. 
  • THIRD: See the previous couple paragraphs.  JLF didn't have as much to do, but he made the couple that he saw, except for: Another open attacker in the low slot.  This time, I think he got a piece of it but couldn't grab it.  It bounced between his glove, his body, and the post before entering the net.  I blame him for 0 of the 3 goals.  I used to be upset when Michigan lost hockey games.  It was just behind Football in my Emotional Rollercoaster.  But...man...the last few years and then this year.  Its is just hard to expect anything but a rough loss, anymore.  That makes me the most upset. 



  • FIRST: There was AN almost 3v2 for State.  It was borderline and nothing really came of it, so...eh.  That's it.
  • SECOND: I counted 0 OMRs.
  • THIRD: Again, no counted OMRs.  Yay for that, I suppose.



I had: Michigan State 49, Michigan 46

www.collegehockeynews.com had: Michigan State 50, Michigan 45



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The jerseys debuted at that game where they honored the 1996 championship team, the game with that incredible Score-O intermission, a game that Michigan miraculously won by the skin of their teeth.

I suggested at the time that that whole evening would probably be the highlight of the season. Nothing has since occurred to shake my belief in that statement.

Where's the bleach


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bad, bad season.  shut out at home to a team with 4 wins.  both teams are so bad that you can't say 'rival' with a straight face.   

make it stop.  need new coach.  mayday, mayday, mayday....

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