Michigan Hockey 16-17, Game #20: Minnesota 4, Michigan 2

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***I was cooking/eating a pizza during the 2nd, so my attention to detail was not as high***

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  • FIRST: Michigan actually generated a little bit of offense in the first period.  They had 15 attempts at the net!  Cooper Marody dangled into the crease, but was harassed from behind and couldn't flip the puck into the open net.  They also tied Minnesota in total shots at 7.  However, aside from Marody's adventure, nothing was from a particularly dangerous position.  
  • SECOND: Ummmmmm, NOPE. 7 attempts. 3 shots.
  • THIRD: Michigan scored 2 goals in the 3rd!  The first career goal by Stevel Merl was just thrown at the net from the sideboards (and I bet Schierhorn wishes he had that one back).  The second was a shot from the point by De Jong that Evan Allen redirected past Schierhorn.  That was the correct play by De Jong and great hand-eye coordination from Allen.  Great goal.  Piazza also rang the post, later, almost tying the game.  I was unable to get a shot chart from the 3rd, so I cannot give data on location and corsi number.



  • FIRST: Feelingsball says that Minnesota didn't look very sharp at all in the first period.  They threatened a little early and then again late, but nothing very consistent.  Michigan's defense allowed 3 attempts from inside the dots, but the remaining 10 came from a distance.  That's a nice improvement, so far.  Michigan did have a couple of bad DZTOs and had a couple instances where they struggled to exit the zone.  However, sign me up for more of these periods, instead of some of the other periods I've seen, lately.
  • SECOND:  Well, back to the usual.  Shots from everywhere!  They allowed 18 attempts on net and 11 of them were shots.  That's not the worst I've seen this year, but it makes sense given how the period played out.  Michigan has had poor 2nd periods lately (sorta a hottaek but not really).  They've just struggled to clear and control the puck.  The goal was called a goal on the ice and it stood.  If it wasn't called a goal, I'm not certain it would have been called a goal.   
  • THIRD: The defense didn't surrender a goal in the third, except for the EN at the end.  I was unable to get a shot chart from the 3rd, so I cannot give data on location and corsi number.  I will chart the 3rd myself, tomorrow, for the season stats but that doesn't help this recap.



  • FIRST: Until just under a minute to go, there were no special teams in play.  Unfortunately, after an unimpressive beginning to the PP, Vinni Lettieri throws a seemingly harmless shot at the net, just inside the blue line and it gets past Lavigne.  It seemed that potentially Piazza screened him, and if he did, that just sucks.  If not, it was a very soft goal.
  • SECOND: No Power Plays for M.  They will start the third on one after Minnesota gets the extra penalty in the scrum after the 2nd.  Michigan took 2 more penalties but they were successful in killing them off.  Lavigne made a terrific save during the 2nd penalty. Minn: 1/3  M: n/a
  • THIRD: Michigan draws 4 penalties, including the man advantage awarded after the end of the 2nd period.  They did create a few dangerous opportunities and even hit the post.  Score, they did not, however.  While on their 1st PP, the Wolverines surrendured a breakaway in which a penalty shot was called and converted.  Michigan took 2 more penalties in the 3rd and killed off both of them.  Warren drew a shorthanded penalty shot and ultimately missed it.  In the end, it would up being the difference.  Not a great night on special teams.



  • FIRST:  Hayden Lavigne started in net, tonight, and looked very sharp early on.  Minnesota got a few chances but ended up getting very few on frame.  Still Lavigne looked in decent position and made the correct situational plays.  The goal was either dumb luck or stupidly silly...depending on if he saw it.  My initial thought was Piazza screened him, but its tough to actually tell.  If he was screened, oh well.  It happens and just another great period from a Michigan goaltender.  If he saw the puck, that one would be pretty bad.  
  • SECOND: A great period for Lavigne, including a great PP save from the slot on a one-timer.  The goal came through traffic and got tucked in the top corner.  It was a laser.  I don't think he saw that one and I doubt he would have had the time to react to it.  Great shot.  Outside of that, he's kept Michigan in striking distance.
  • THIRD: Lavigne had a solid 3rd period, as well.  The goal was a penalty shot.  Other than that, he gave Michigan a chance in a game that they were severly outplayed.  Minnesota didn't seem as sharp as last night, but they still created more than Michigan did and Lavigne made a solid case for why he should be in net.  Saved 25/28 shots.



  • FIRST: Minnesota had a 2v1 that their pass got deflected.  Other than that, nothing.
  • SECOND: Distracted by some pizza, but I did not catch any.
  • THIRD: Minnesota had a breakaway in which Lettieri was pulled down during an M PP and awarded a penalty shot.  He then scored on said penalty shot.  
  • OMRs not a major concern tonight.  Obviously, the breakway on a PP is not good.  But looking at the game overall, there are bigger concerns.



I had (through 2 periods): Minnesota 31, Michigan 22

www.collegehockeynews.com had: Minnesota 49, Michigan 32