Michigan Hockey 16-17, Game #19: Minnesota 5, Michigan 2

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(Patrick Barron)   This is a great photo!


  • FIRST: The goal was very nice.  Allen rushed the puck in behind the net, Winborg continued it on and found a cutting Shuart in the slot with a one-timer.    Shuart also out-raced a Gopher Dman to create a breakaway but could not convert.  Sanchez also got in alone after a terrible Gopher turnover, but he missed the net, as well.  Other than that...there was very, very little.  Three fantastic looks and not much else.
  • SECOND: At one point, M was being outshot 10-1 in the period.  About halfway through the period, Marody put in a great shift and got a couple of attempts and drew a penalty.  That was about it for the 5v5 offense.  They were killing some penalties, but these forwards are generally looking overmatched, regardless of which line is on the ice.  They had a period corsi score of 5.
  • THIRD: Michigan had trouble touching and controlling the puck all night long.  Penalties didn't help that, but even 5v5 was not that much of a better scenario.  Michigan tallied 6 attempts on net in even strength play.  That is quite poor.




  • FIRST: I'm honestly not even going to wait for the shot chart for this.  The defense was not good.  Surprise!  The last 2 goals came from unchecked attackers in the slot or in the crease (ugh, how??).  Those are the most critial places to mark someone, I would guess.  Also, on the first goal, Lohan just got whipped.  Pitlick just went right by him.  Not to mention the usual inability to clear the puck, exit the zone, etc.
  • SECOND: Once again, not great.  Minnesota registered 17 5v5 attempts.  The goal should again be tallied to the defense.  Three guys surrounded the goal scorer but didn't exactly harass him.  Also, obligatory defensive zone turnovers, failed clears, and the like.  Ben Clymer described it as "Michigan's defensemen watching each other watch the puck."  YUP.
  • THIRD: The third period was much like the previous couple.  M takes a couple bad penalties because they can't get the puck out of their own zone and are now tired from chasing pretty much the entire game.  They also give up some great scoring chances that Nagelvoort managed to paper over.  Minnesota registered 12 more attempts on net, totaling 52.  That's not the worst number they have given up, but after the PP goal made it 5-2, the Gophers played a little safer.  




  • FIRST: Michigan did not draw a penalty.  They did go to the box once and managed to negate the Minnesota PP.  The Gophers did look very dangerous and got multiple good looks.  Nagelvoort bailed Michgan out more than once on the one PK.  Minn: 0/1  M: n/a
  • SECOND: Michigan finally drew their first PP thanks to the best M shift of the night, so far, from Cooper Marody.  Kile had a snipe goal stolen by Schierhorn that would've tied the game. Calderone also had a very good look.  The Wolverines couldn't capitalize, but looked good and created a few chances.  Unfortunately, they also took 3 penalties, but miraculously did not cede a goal, yet.  Minnesota missed quite a few great looks and Nagelvoort swept away a few more.  Seems like its only a matter of time if M keeps up the parade to the box.  Brendan Warren DID however score the easiest goal of all time as a Gopher Dman coughed up the puck LITERALLY in his own crease.  So, yay gift shorties!  Minn: 0/4  M: 0/1
  • THIRD: Michigan drew a penalty late in the third and created a few more great looks but did not score.  The game was also effectively over at that point, anyway.  They did, however take 2 more penalties, including a 5 min major that got De Jong ejected and a triping during that 5 mins PP.  Not surprisingly, Minnesota picked a corner around a screened Nagelvoort and finally got a ST tally.  Some of these penalties were just loose play, others were the result of bad positoning.  They do find a way to kill most of these penalties, but top notch goaltending and bad shooting luck are large contributors, it appears.  Minn: 1/6  M: 0/2




  • FIRST: Well, 3 goals isn't good.  He did manage to keep Minnesota off the board for the first half of the period, despite Minnesota getting great look after great look.  The first goal seemed to be short-side, despite Lohan just getting toasted.  The last 2 goals came on a tip from an unmarked attcker in the slot and an unmarked attacker in the crease.  I can't put either of those on him.  The weird thing is that I spent a large part of the first period thinking about how great Nagelvoort's position was and how many saves he made just to keep Michigan level in this game.  Regardless, other than the first short-side goal, I can't ask for much more.
  • SECOND: I thought Nagelvoort had another solid period.  The first half of the period was definitely tilted towards him and he made more fine saves.  I can't put the goal on him as Sheehy was surrounded by Dmen next to the crease (but none of them were actually checking him) and he batted the puck out of the air past Zach.  Not a great position to be in.  If he makes that save, it would be an SC Top10.
  • THIRD: Zach looked very good, again, in the third.  He made countless saves on the penalty kill, including a few flat-out steals.  The 5th goal came on a 5v3 that he could not see and hit a top corner.  That's just a great shot.  He was under siege all night and honestly did his part.  With the amount of time M spent in the attacking zone (not much) and lack of tight defense Minnesota attacker faced, I'm not sure what else a goalie can be asked to do.  He faced 45 shots.  All 3 M goalies have .900+ save %s.




  • FIRST: I am watching on TV at home, but I did not see any.  A couple that were close to 3v2s, but nothing that gave a decided advantage.
  • SECOND:  I still didn't find any Minn OMRs.
  • THIRD: There was one 3v2 rush for Minnesota.  They got a shot but nothing too threatening.  OMRs held in check, tonight.



I had: Minnesota 52, Michigan 25

www.collegehockeynews.com had: Minnesota 52, Michigan 32



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And bball. If you look at schools in top 10 in hockey and basketball, there is zero excuse for our position. Michigan has more resources that are wasted than many of the rated programs. Where is the accountability?