Michigan Hockey ‘17-18, Game #36: Michigan 7, Wisconsin 4

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Dancs Goal

Ol’ Dex struck goals…twice [Bill Rapai]





Possession %

First Period

15 7 50%

Second Period

24 10 49%

Third Period

13 4 33%


n/a n/a n/a


52 21 44%

Analysis: Much, much better from the Wolverines tonight, as they tallied six (!) even-strength goals (seven with Slaker’s empty-netter). They eviscerated the Badger defense, getting into the slot and House with ease and finishing their chances.

The DMC line was crushing Wisconsin on the forecheck and Dancs tied the game early after scooping up a loose puck in the House. Becker and Warren added jammer goals down low. Dancs had a snipe as the second period ended, and Luce flung a puck at the net from the blue line that also got through Berry.

One of the keys coming into the series for Wisconsin was to have one of their goalies steal a game. That did not happen at all. In total, they gave up 12 goals on 57 shots for a save % of .790. That’s not going to win many games or series. Michigan went into Clear, Dump, and Change Mode with a three-goal lead and Wisconsin threw the kitchen sink at the net and pulled their goalie with over four minutes left. That’s why there’s such a discrepancy in the third period. Close Corsi ended up 27-26, Michigan.

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Stay healthy, Nick [Rapai]





Possession %

First Period

15 5 50%

Second Period

25 8 51%

Third Period

26 7 67%


n/a n/a n/a


66 20 56%

Analysis: Welcome back, Nick Boka! While Wisconsin ended up skewing the Corsi possession numbers due to being down multiple goals in the third period, the game was essentially 50/50 for the first 2+ periods. Boka’s return had a ton to do with that. Michigan broke Wisconsin’s forecheck much more often and did not have near as many DZTOs tonight.

They did, however, lose first-round draft pick Trent Frederic a couple of times and let him lace shots past Lavigne from the House. That was the third point in my preview: contain Trent Frederic. Un-check. While the defense was better, it wasn’t great. Wisconsin is a much better offensive team than any of the last three opponents Michigan has faced, though. It is not their offense that will keep the Badgers out of the NCAAs this year. Still, this is the kind of offense that Michigan should expect to face in the next month. Better…but not great.



PP For

PP Against

PP Corsi For

PP Corsi Against

PP Shots/Min For

PP Shots/Min Against

First Period

n/a 0/1 n/a 4 n/a .5

Second Period

0/2 n/a 4 n/a .5 n/a

Third Period

n/a 0/1 n/a 8 n/a 1.5


n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a n/a


0/2 0/2 4 12 .5 1

Analysis: Michigan only took two penalties and killed both of them! The first one was pretty encouraging, as the Wolverines didn’t allow the Badgers to do a whole lot and escaped without much danger. Wisconsin’s second power play was mostly stopped by Hayden Lavigne; he had at least three great saves. I said one of the keys to this series would be managing their special teams play. They only gave up two power play goals on the weekend, in 12 minutes on the penalty kill (2/6). Those aren’t great percentages, but Michigan can probably survive with only one power play goal in a game. Maybe. We’ll see.

Michigan had two man advantages tonight and didn’t do a ton with either. When they had the top line of DMC with Hughes and Cecconi, it looked like they wanted to set up the 1-3-1 again. I would like to see that. Calderone is perfect in the middle and having Marody and Hughes on the sides is great with their passing ability. Dancs fits in down low. Hopefully they roll with that. For the second line, it was the same two-posts-with-a-triangle-above alignment.

Goalies celebrate

I can’t NOT use this [Rapai]



Shots Faced

Shots from House Faced

First Period

5 2

Second Period

13 8

Third Period

14 6


n/a n/a


32 16

Analysis: Hayden Lavigne played a Lavigne Game. You probably know what I’m already going to write. Two of the goals were snipes by a first-round pick in Trent Frederic. I can live with those (in this section, not two sections above).

The second goal was horrendous, though. The puck was shot behind the net, where Cameron Hughes collected it and reached back and stuffed it inside the post. Lavgine looked a little off-balance and was way off his post. Not good. The last goal he saved and caught in his glove before it jump out, up, and over him and sat on the ice behind him before Freytag poked it into the net. Both of those goals are soft and could have cost Michigan if not for their pureeing of Jack Berry at the other end.

However, Lavigne also made a number of fantastic saves that bailed Michigan out of a number a bad DZTOs and shut down both breakaways. He also basically killed the second Wisconsin power play on his own. This is the Hayden Lavigne Experience: a number of great saves, some puck bobbles, a couple of LOLWUT goals, and of course a huge OMR save.











1st Period

n/a n/a n/a   1 3v2 0%

2nd Period

2 1v0 x2 100%   1 3v1 100%

3rd Period

n/a n/a n/a   1 2v1 0%


n/a n/a n/a   n/a n/a n/a


2 1v0 x2 100%   3 3v2, 3v1, 2v1 33%

Analysis: Michigan gave up two OMRs tonight. Both were 1v0 breakaways. Lavigne made one save and the second was shot high and wide. In the context of play, however, I didn’t find either to be super alarming. Hughes juggled and lost the puck on the first one –which isn’t ideal- but it was on the power play and he was in a tight spot. That will happen sometimes. The second was a pass to Hughes knifing down the slot, but the pass was on the wrong side and it slid out into the neutral zone and Weissbach won the race to the puck. So, not optimal, but bad bounces will happen.

The Wolverines generated three OMRs tonight. The first and third amounted to bupkis due to pass breakups. The second, however, resulted in the best goal of the year. Porikos led Cecconi and Raabe in on a 3v1. Porikos went center to Cecconi, who returned it. Porikos then crossed to Raabe for a tap-in. That should be shown on hockey videos forever for how to play a 3v1. I could watch that clip on repeat for days.


I had: Wisconsin 66(20), Michigan 52 (21)

www.collegehockeynews.com had: Wisconsin 68, Michigan 47



March 3rd, 2018 at 11:58 PM ^

Goodness. Six games this year, all bananas insane. Let's never play this Wisconsin team again.

What's that? Their season is over? 

Well, isn't that just a shame.


March 4th, 2018 at 12:57 AM ^

over the course of the year has been incredible. Thanks to Red for re-laying the foundation, taking us to the top and spoiling us, then sticking around when asked. Mel. God Bless You, Man!!

GO BLUE!!! 〽️

Team 101

March 4th, 2018 at 11:28 AM ^

With the schedule we have left, we should stay above the bubble.  I think the only questions left are whether we can get another game at Yost, whether we can win the B1G, whether we will be a 2 seed or a 3 seed in the NCAAs, where they will send us and how will we do in the NCAAs.


March 4th, 2018 at 12:02 PM ^

Are we truly and finally in?

For three weeks, everytime someone has said, "OK, now we're in," a day or two later the mathletes go, "Well, we should be in but if this and that happen we could still not make the bubble.

I just told the wife, "Yes, we're in!" and her eye roll almost put her in crutches.


As an aside, the goalie pic is now my desktop background. Thank you Rapai.


March 4th, 2018 at 6:50 PM ^

So much better than the neutral site B1G Tournament. Now if we could get BTN to show hockey instead of woman’s basketball I’d be ecstatic.