MGoWallpaper: Air Murderwolf

Submitted by Blue and Joe on December 7th, 2018 at 11:35 AM

Before you ask: Yes, Murderwolf is still a thing. In fact, it has always been a thing.

As we transition fully to basketball season, the official sport of the University of Michigan, it's time for some new wallpaper. Murderwolf was a fun side-story to the football season and I see no reason why it can't help the basketball team. After all, Michigan has lost one game total among both sports since the Murderwolf showed up.

For this wallpaper, I took inspiration from Teen Wolf and the Jumpman logo. I like to imagine that Murderwolf has some sort of supernatural abilities, so of course, he can easily dunk a basketball. That's the only halftime show that could rival Red Panda. Anyway, I hope you enjoy this wallpaper! Go Blue!

Widescreen / Mobile

air MW desktop.png