MGoTWIS: Winds of November Edition

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So this is what it looks like to play a team worse than us. Huh.

Game has the feel of a scrimmage.

Here's the MSU offense I know and loathe.

We are really really horrible.

The ultimate chess match between people who don't know how to play chess.

I fucking hate this o-line and their bipolar performances.

Return of the clown show

I swear, it's almost like you have to try to suck this bad.

This fucking commercial may be more entertaining.

Rutgers going to run a train on these guys. Look forward to it

This is really, really bad football. What is wrong with me that I am voluntarily watching this.

Remember when we had a smart, disciplined team. Yeah, me either.

This is a truly pathetic performance by the O line. They are getting their shit pushed in almost every play.

UM should be embarrassed by how they played against us

I'm disappointed this game is on tv and in hi def

A throw on first down! I think I just saw a pig fly.

This game is so boring that it's making me feel like a prisoner in solitary.

this trash team is unwatchable. there is no way in hell a casual football fan has watched more than 5 minutes of this garbage game.

We don't like having leads. We don't like winning.

God this is like all those games on some obscure channel that I never, ever watch and I wonder about people who do. This is rock bottom shit

This game is setting football back centuries. Awful. is still available

This is worse than when my doctor told me I had AIDS.

This team couldn't score in a whore house


We should burn more red shirts on this last drive. For fun.

So who had the Rutgers game circled as a big game on their calendar at the beginning of the year?



I'm pretty sure UM's scout team O would beat our first team D.

The 49ers really destroyed CFB by harassing Harbaugh into leaving the NFL.

Pretty pathetic when you have a kickoff guy that can't even get it past the 10.

fuck harbaugh

I hope he wins National Championship this year. Then he'll feel alright about giving the NFL another shot.

Harbaugh is the worst.

I'm now emotionally invested in Peppers failing as a professional


Studio announcers didn't bother to analyze 1st half. Literally laughed at us.




What lame drivel will Kelly say today at the post game? Just horrible

From a purely fan perspective without any personal malice involved, I hate Brian Kelly and his coaching staff so much I can't believe it.

Escort him and his staff off campus immediately. Watch him pack his ****.

Out coached by Navy. Lololololololol


Bring back BVG?

Looks like we didn't even practice for this ****. Yeesh

I don't know why I am so amused by this thread but I needed this after the constant fire Kelly threads of the last three months...

Where can I watch the post game excuse conference?

My favorite part of the game is when they showed every team we lost to has a losing record with the exception of a sub-par Stanford team...

You know it is a sad story when people aren't pissed losing to Navy.

The Cubs have saved me from this ND football season.



It sucks to get embarrassed on national prime time tv....again

Tim Beck got his revenge

Which played made this comment "We're going to go in there and play pissed off"?

There are absolutely no positives from this game tonight except for the nice gesture OSU had for Foltz

Ohio State had scored 75 points in their previous three games. Combined.

This is the most embarrassing husker game in my life. I would be in meltdown mode if it weren't for the cubbies

How classy of the Ohio state fans to sing us the Goodbye song...such Great Fans...

3 points..

we cant even stop their backups

Onto Nebrasketball!!!!


"It is pleasant, when the sea is high and the winds are dashing the waves about, to watch from the shores the struggles of another"  -Livy



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Pertaining to ND head coach Brian Kelly: as the late, great Daryl Rogers once said (when he was head coach of the Detroit Lions coming from Michigan St.)..."How many games does a guy have to lose to get fired around here?" 


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I love these, I have a Sparty one from the rcmb the made me laugh. In the game thread when Illinois was driving in the 4th quarter on a 3rd down "I have a feeling our defense is not going to settle for just giving up a field goal on this drive" 


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upload your images to IMGUR (

go to and find your index.html file for the site

open it in text editor

insert this text

<!doctype html>
<meta charset="UTF-8">
<title>Fire Dantonio</title>
<a href="[IMGUR LINK HERE]"><img src="[IMGUR LINK HERE]" title="source:" /></a>



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... I'm too cheap to add on a website hosting service, so I just rerouted traffic to the original image location. 

So, for at least 2 years, anytime a frustrated Sparty feels compelled to go to, they will be greeted by Harbaugh's beautiful smile.  

Happy days are here again. 


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More ND schadenfreude:

-Notre Dame feels like Sears in an eCommerce world

-Dot matrix printers with green/white striped paper!

-Kodak film in a digital picture age.

-Sharper Image in an Amazon world - Overpriced flashy gimmicky junk that really serves no useful purpose. Field turf, Crossroads, Jock Rock and smoke machines. Eventually people figure it out and realize we don't really have a need for a 150 dollar theaupetic foot bath massager.



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"I fucking hate this o-line and their bipolar performances."

Oh you mean bipolar like one week they get away with tackling d lineman all game and the next week they get called for it? Hmmmm