MGoTWIS: Cupcake Edition [A&M UPDATE]

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Id rather stick a firecracker in my dick hole than watch Zaire play quarterback again.
Georgia is going to gouge our eyeballs out and skull fuck us. I also hope mac's wife leaves him after this shit
This was like one of those times when we have a really good D and they hold some cupcake to a ridiculous amount of yards and we all laugh, except this was us being cornholed by booger eating Harbaugh on national tv.
 That looked like the bowl game 2 years ago, when meatchicken bent us over the barrell.
They mock us at the halftime show, hehe
I miss the days when we played Eastern Michigan for the first game instead of real Michigan
It's adults beating up on kids
My kids, 9 and 12 years old, say the offensive coach sucks.
Our coach is the laughing stock of the world
This game is making my dick soft and I paid $250 for my ticket
Fuck it I'm getting drunk
Anybody got a good rope and a sturdy ceiling fan?
A Big Ten opponent has superior athletes. Let that sink in.
Mac should be kiffined right on the field... don't even let him get to the airport
I wonder if Gray is impressed with our offense yet
They sure have Florida's number.
We broke the huddle with 12 guys. Probably because it seems like Michigan is rushing 14 or 15 guys on every play
Maybe we'll beat Michigan before I die.
I feel like 1000 invisible midgets are attacking me
Punt and give our D a chance to score.
Can we post our sad/depressed threads yet? It's all I've got left.
19 months since the last beat down by Mich. Not much has changed sadly.
Damn you Michigan



By the way, we suck. Again.
We lost to a school that has a $#@!ing turtle as their mascot. A Turtle....
I came home from the game and passed out....just waking up and realizing that wasn't a bad was real.
Wake me up when we hire Saban......
Charlie's cake was baked with rotten eggs and Herman just sneezed a big snotty sneeze right into the icing for good measure and now we've all got food poisoning
On the bright side, at least it wasn't Rutgers.
The only good thing I saw today was Herman’s wife walking off the field with those huge jugs, pure smoke
19 point favorites. Lost by 10. At home. In an opener.
Is there enough lube left on campus to take another one of these games. I think not!
At least we have sick lockers!
Texas should be forced to use the visitors locker room for the rest of the year.
We're everybody's homecoming game
$#@! you Tom Herman
At least we were Top 25 for a while.
Can Maryland even score 51 points in basketball?
This week has been a beating, first the hurricane and now this. $#@!ing hell.
Maybe we'll punch San Diego St in the mouth.
maryland coach smiled entire game
Trash team deserves trash thrown at it
I wish i was there to throw stuff 
The best Texas HS players don't want to come here. They want to keep their NFL dreams alive.
I have two children who have never seen a good Texas team.



The hot tubs caught a lot of joking on the TV coverage
Sure hope Ash can recruit because his coaching leaves a lot to be desired
I like Ash but man his face always looks like he is about to crap himself
We are running out the clock on ourselves. Guess the coaches gave up too
Half the stadium and 90 perecent of students have bolted
There's the classic Schiano over pursue defense
It was entertaining for two quarters longer than I expected
Excitement and hope turns to depression and despair in 15 quick minutes
Our offensive philosophy is still dogshit
Here comes the blowout. Ash sucks !!
Same old BS. Maybe we'll get a participation trophy for covering the spread...assuming we cover the spread
Fire ash


Florida State

At least we are getting sympathy calls now
At least the Marching Chiefs are trying
The narrative of Jimbo Fisher being an offenisve genius/best play caller in the country bs makes me sick
Our cheerleaders are hotter
Tonight could not have not gone worse
Whoever is in charge of this mess should have to hitchhike back to Tallahassee
We will win this game....... I’m declaring it right now
Our special teams isn't the type of special you're looking for
We have the worst kicker in the history of kickers

Texas A&M

You would think that 5 million/year would get you a coach that could hold on to a 44-10 lead late in the third quarter
All my A&M gear just went into the Harvey donation box
Bailure: "Nothing is more embarrassing in an opener then getting beat by an online school"  A&M: "Hold my beer"
Nobody could lose that game...
We'll be in highlight videos for years! Again.
We sux more D than hoe in the red light district.
Lol.....we thought tu and Baylol was the laughing stock. Boy were we wrong
What an embarrassing weekend for TX fooball across the board.
Don't let Sumlin on the plane
Im off to Google "autoerotic asphyxiation"
We need the gatorade spiked with Viagra at every halftime
Number 81 is jizzing all over us and we sit there taking it like a bunch of little *****es
This is like watching a train wreck
I want someone to go stick a gatorade bottle up sumlin's anal cavity
Staff is doing clean up and deleting threads about the pimp stick - lol
Sumlin should be beat with that thing
I can't even. These coaches need their asses sent to Guantanamo
Mora cant believe it, sumlin is going to save his job.
How do the players just not punch him in the face is beyond me


"It is pleasant, when the sea is high and the winds are dashing the waves about, to watch from the shores the struggles of another"  -Livy



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  1. The offensive line—now under new management! Again!—could not block Michigan. They could not block Michigan when they got their assignments right. They could not block Michigan when they got them wrong, because on many snaps the Wolverines had men rushing unabated to the quarterback. It’s hard to even say whether Feleipe Franks had a good or bad game for the same reason it’s hard to say whether the Triceratops had a good forty yard dash. I’d like to tell you and evaluate this with you, but something blew it up before I could even get to looking at it.
  2. It was hard to say whether Michigan’s Rashan Gary had a greater game than the rest of his fellow linemen: They all got penetration, all disrupted whatever Florida was trying to do, and were all basically Rashan Gary. Congratulations, Michigan. If you play a team with a line as bad as Florida’s offensive line is at the moment, you have at least five Rashan Garys on the team, each indistinguishable from the other in meanness, speed, and ability to blow up what an offense is even thinking about trying to do. 

Spencer Hall over at EDSBS


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I'd like to nominate both UCLA (first half) and TAMU (second half) for a special addendum.

I've grabbed a couple just based on some Google searches for blogs, but I have a feeling that there are more to be mined...


Guerrero should commit hara-kiri at midfield
seppuku is reserved for those with honor...

I wish I could suck at my job
Have zero accountability

And make millions.
The American dream

Rosen should've followed Harbaugh

He doesn’t deserve this and UCLA doesn’t deserve him.


Can we find a conference where the games are only one half?

No 20 point lead is safe when Gus Johnson is calling the game.

Even with the big lead, I kept saying It’s not the second half yet. The true test is how they do in the second half. Looks like not much has changed.  FUCK!

We have timeouts Sumlin, we have timeouts
> going to need them in a minute..

unfortunately, our defense catches as well as our receivers.

Anybody want to chime in? :-)


September 5th, 2017 at 12:18 AM ^

(On Tarik Black's TD catch) That is ugly defense...looked like he could've signaled for a fair catch.
What channel is today's game on? ABC is showing a rerun of the 2016 Citrus Bowl.
Michigan fans here are very cool. Pleasure hanging out with them. Such a difference from OSU dicks.
Mac said we were going to beat the heck out of Michigan.
EASTERN Michigan
This game could easily be 45-3.
This is just the first game, and it's meaningless. 
. . . dude, a lot of people said that the last time Michigan cleaned our clock. Unfortunately I think it means a whole bunch...
On the bright side, FSU had 10 years of mediocrity, we are in year 9, just ONE MORE TO GO!
They have owned us and it hurts my Gator Soul!