The MGoPoll: Should Michigan Keep Rodriguez?

Submitted by the_white_tiger on November 5th, 2010 at 11:35 AM

Note: I'm really going to try to keep this from being an opinion piece, as I'm sure everyone is sick of those "Hey look, it's my opinion and it deserves it's own thread" threads. I'll do my best to to keep from doing this, but I must admit that I'll probably stray from that a little bit.

This poll was conducted at the end of this article, and most of the questions were about Coach Rodriguez. Here is the data (for just over 1,200 responses):

Questions #1-3: Should Rich Rodriguez be retained after the season? (Answers sorted by final records given in each question). 

Response: 7-5 6-6 5-7
Yes 81% 57% 23%
No 8% 24% 53%
I'm not sure 11% 19% 24%

I don't think that this is very surprising; as the record falls, the amount of respondents who replied "yes" fell, and the amount of respondents who replied "no" or "I don't know" rose considerably. The main thing to take from this is that MGoBlog seems to support keeping Rodriguez if Michigan has a winning record.

Probablitity: 5-7 6-6 7-5 8-4 9-3
Responses from the previous poll: 6% 48% 38% 8% 1%
The Mathelete: 13% 39% 36% 12% 1%
Average: 9.5% 43.5% 37% 10% 1%

So if we can combine our probably optimistic predictions and The Mathlete's realistic predictions, there is less than a 10% chance of having a losing record.

This data agrees with Question #6: Take a guess: will Rich Rodriguez be Michigan's head coach in 2011?

  • Yes - 80%
  • No - 15%
  • I'm not sure - 5%

I agree. I believe that Brandon will stick with Rodriguez, but, as always, this is 100% pure e-pinion.

I think that Question #4: Can Rodriguez succeed at Michigan if he's given two or three years? is a more interesting question however.

  • Yes – 72%
  • No – 7%
  • I’m not sure – 21%

Here's what people responded to the first three questions (Should Rich Rodriguez be retained after the season?), broken down by their choice in question #4.

Yes, Rodriguez can be successful at Michigan if he's given a few more years:

Response: 7-5 6-6 5-7
Yes 94% 72% 31%
No 1% 9% 40%
I'm not sure 5% 19% 29%

No, Rodriguez cannot be successful at Michigan, even if he's given a few more years:

Response: 7-5 6-6 5-7
Yes 17% 4% 3%
No 71% 95% 97%
I'm not sure 12% 1% 0%

I'm not sure if Rodriguez can be successful at Michigan if he's given a few more years or not:

Response: 7-5 6-6 5-7
Yes 56% 23% 5%
No 13% 52% 81%
I'm not sure 30% 25% 13%

What's really intriguing here is that the respondents who stated that Rodriguez can succeed at Michigan do not necessarily think that he should be back for next year. Obviously those who said that they didn't think that he could succeed here pretty much all want him gone, but it is really interesting that those who think that he can succeed in a few years do not necessarily think he should be given that. It seems as if those who aren't sure if Rodriguez can succeed at Michigan or not are waiting for the end of the year: if the team finishes with a winning record, then he should stick around, but if not, he should be let go.

Question #6: Will the 2011 season be more successful with or without Rodriguez? provides another chance for an interesting breakdown.

  • With – 87%
  • Without – 13%

(It was probably a mistake not to add another "I'm not sure" option, but oh well, my bad)

2011 will be more successful with Rodriguez than without:

Response: 7-5 6-6 5-7
Yes 90% 65% 46%
No 2% 14% 21%
I'm not sure 8% 21% 21%

2011 will be more successful without Rodriguez than with him:

Response: 7-5 6-6 5-7
Yes 21% 5% 2%
No 47% 87% 96%
I'm not sure 32% 8% 2%

Again, it's interesting to see that more of the "with" respondents wished to get rid of Rodriguez if Michigan finishes 5-7 than those who wished to keep him. Doubtlessly some of that can contribute to the fact that there would be a pretty painful transition if Michigan hired a coach with a pro-style offense for next year, but still, I thought that there would be more support for Rodriguez for those who think that next year would be better with him than without. Those who do not think that the team will be better with Rodriguez next year unsurprisingly think he should be removed, and rightfully so.

The last two questions deal with the possibility of a coaching change, and we will cross that bridge if or when we get to it. I was just curious to see what the answers would be and...

Question #5: If a coaching change is made, should it be done before or after the bowl game?

  • Before – 51%
  • After – 37%
  • I’m not sure – 12%

Question #8: Would Jim Harbaugh be the best candidate if Rodriguez is fired?

  • Yes – 48%
  • No – 19%
  • I’m not sure – 33%

There isn't really correlation between these two and any other of the questions, so there isn't really much to be gained other than just an answer to my curiosity, I suppose. By the way I don't think that this is a place to start a "'Jim Harbaugh is awesome!' 'No he's not!" flamewar (which are kind of annoying anyways)

So there it is, MGoBlog has spoken, and it has said that we should probably keep Rodriguez if Michigan wins at least one more game and achieves bowl eligibility, but if not, a change might be in order.