MGoBlog Member Top 25- Week 6

Submitted by swarwick33 on October 8th, 2009 at 8:50 AM
After being curious about what actual college football viewers, as opposed to sports writers, thought the Top 25 would be I had an idea to tap into one of the most knowledgeable fan bases in the country, ours. Thus I present the Members MGoBlog Poll. First of all I want this to be known....THIS IS OPEN TO EVERYONE ON THE SITE!!! Do not feel as if you need to have a certain amount of points to do it. I only ask for a few things.

1) Do not vote until Sunday. Right now we can only accommodate so many people on the ballot (I believe that it is around 140), so please do not waste a vote by voting before all the games have been played.

2) Leave the bias out of it.

3) I promise not to change your votes, unless you are ranking teams in a way that is just crazy. It is hard to monitor over 100 people, so help me out with this.

4) You do not have to put your name on there, but it would be cool if you did so that I know who has been voting. I appreciate those that do and would like to give people a shout out if they have been doing really well.

5) Do not kill each other if you do not agree with the rankings. There will hopefully be enough people to balance out the few really high/ really low ranked teams.

6) Have fun with this. I think that our poll is a more true example of what is going on in the world of college football, because we can leave the pre-season stuff out of it. Vote based on WHO HAS THE BEST RESUME SO FAR. Do not try to predict the future.

Week 2 was interesting. We have been able to add some things, like most first place votes for our poll, and we increased our voters by a couple this week. Again, please vote, the more of you we get the better.

Here is the link- enter your information at anytime

Great Work Again by Bleedin9Blue

OK on to the Poll for this week


Coaches Rank AP Rank
# Team Points PVS PVS in () PVS in ()
1 Alabama (18) 397 1 3 (3) 3 (3)
2 Florida (3) 378 2 1 (1) 1 (1)
3 Texas (1) 372 3 2 (2) 2 (2)
4 Virginia Tech. 330 4 5 (6) 5 (6)
5 Boise State 328 5 6 (5) 6 (5)
6 LSU 325 7 4 (4) 4 (4)
7 Cincinnati 296 6 10 (11) 8 (10)
8 USC 279 10 7 (7) 7 (7)
9 Iowa 263 8 14 (11) 12 (13)
10 Miami 254 15 11 (21) 11 (17)
11 TCU 237 13 9 (10) 10 (11)
12 Ohio State 229 12 8 (9) 9 (9)
13 Oregon 216 17 17 (25) 13 (16)
14 Penn State 172 16 12 (13) 14 (15)
15 Auburn 169 NR 19 (NR) 17 (NR)
16 Kansas 145 20 15 (16) 16 (18)
17 Nebraska 121 23 22 (24) 21 (23)
18 Oklahoma State 95 14 13 (12) 15 (14)
19 Wisconsin 87 NR 25 (NR) NR (NR)
20 Missouri 85 25 18 (23) 24 (NR)
21 South Florida 83 NR 24 (NR) 23 (NR)
22 Georgia Tech. 72 24 23 (NR) 22 (25)
23 South Carolina 51 NR NR (NR) 25 (NR)
24 Brigham Young 46 21 20 (21) 18 (20)
25 Mississippi 40 NR 16 (18) 20 (21)

LOVE 'EM (Avg. Spots higher than the polls)

#19 Wisconsin (6.5)
#17 Nebraska (4.5)
#9 Iowa (4))
#15 Auburn (3)

Wisconsin gets the most "love" this week from our voters. They crack our Top 20, despite being ranked 25 and NR in the two polls. At 5-0 it is tough to see them ranked below a 2-2 Oklahoma team in the AP and Coaches

HATE "EM (Avg. Spots lower than the polls)

#25 Mississippi (7)
#24 BYU (5)
#18 Oklahoma State (4)
#12 Ohio State (3.5)

Mississippi is an average Top 20 team, but we barely feel that they are a Top 25 team. Mississippi ranks in at 16 in the Coaches Poll, a full 9 spots higher than our poll

ON THE BRINK (Teams 26-30)

Notre Dame

FWIW last week 4 of our 5 teams On the Brink made an appearance in the Top 25 this week. The most likely to appear next week are Stanford and Houston. They both play big road games this week. Stanford is at Oregon State, and Houston is playing a non-conference game on the road against Mississippi State. If Notre Dame were to beat USC, not a snowballs chance, they would assuredly be a Top 25 team. Also, the Maize and Blue could jump back in with a win over Top 15 Iowa.

HEAD SCRATCHIER (Team where people had no idea where to rank them
Last week's was Oklahoma, as you can see they were well worth the ranking, as they dropped from 8 in our polls to being unranked. This week's are Ohio State and Oklahoma State. Both had some rankings in the Top 10, but were ranked in more than one poll in the low 20s. This is what you have when you have teams with one loss bouncing all over the board.



October 8th, 2009 at 1:21 PM ^

I think Florida should be #1 until someone beats LSU this weekend. The Gators could be without Tebow. If he can't play, the future is now with QB John Brantley.
LSU is very good at home during night games. Because of the noise level, and Tebow's concussion, he may be unable to communicate with his teammates.
I like Boise State at #5...year after year they prove they are a good football team.


October 8th, 2009 at 3:08 PM ^

Florida has had an extremely easy schedule. Alabama beat Virginia Tech at a neutral site in dominating fashion (the score makes the game seem a lot closer than it was). Alabama has the better resume and gets the #1 spot. Florida is #2 through a combination of expectations and style points against lackluster opponents. Even a win over LSU shouldn't be enough to bring them up to #1 unless Alabama loses to Ole Miss.


October 8th, 2009 at 3:04 PM ^

Florida and Texas have beaten nobody, while LSU has wins over two decent, but not ranked, teams in Washington and Georgia (Cincinnati's resume is a little worse than LSU in terms of opponents). Meanwhile, Boise State dominated the #13 team, shutting down one of the best offenses in the country.