M Uniform Bracket - Women's Elite 8

Submitted by Seth on August 6th, 2009 at 10:51 AM

UPDATE:Voting has ended on this round. Stay tuned for the Final Four!

3795944007_37ec9e5e75 Hello and welcome back to the Uniform Tourney. Yes, it is still going. And unlike the fellas' side, the girls' matchups are still actually quite interesting.

Two favorites went down, including the awesome soccer duds, and, by a single vote, the lovely volleyball whites.

Moving on are two cheerleader uniforms that are virtually identical, which, like, wtf guys, way to magnify my mistakes. So that we don't have a mirror championship for the entire girls' bracket, I'm placing the two cheer outfits against each other. Sleeves, or no sleeves: pick one.

As with the Men's Elite 8, click on the images to vote.

Only two can move on to the Final Four; the choice is yours:

Game 1:


Gymnastics (Gallery)

True to Blue Region Champ

Use: A carryover uni used by members of the team still around from the 2007 postseason..

How They Got Here: Defeated 5th-seed Syncro Skating; 1st seed Rowing, and 2nd seed Swimming&Diving.

First Worn:
The gym mice change up outfits so fast it's hard to keep track, but these beauties were introduced for the 2007 Big Ten Championships.

Wings Factor:
Among the team's extensive wardrobe, these have the closest thing to wings and stripes, but it's not enough to count - 0/3.

Claim to Fame:
These are the unis worn for the Big Ten Title Sweep of 2007. The ladies moved on to the Championships, but failed to make the Super Six.

Softball - white (Gallery)
I'm Wearing White Because Me and that Big Ten Trophy are About to be Wed Champ

Use: One of four basic kits, the lesser worn white version (the girls have a pullover with no piping that gets more use).

How They Got Here: Outhustled 6th seed Lacrosse, took out 7th seed Soccer, and bested 1st seed and Misopofavorite Volleyball by one vote.

First Worn:
The basic whites for much of softball history are the pullovers. It seems, though I would love a doublecheck on this, that these classy whites didn't appear until this year (replacing white alts that were barely different from plainer version still worn with blue pants), although the blue button-down alts were around in the Nike age.

Wings Factor:
Like baseball, the softball gals have the wings and stripes worked into their catching helmets, which works better with the hockey-style masks they use nowadays - 1/3.

Claim to Fame:
Who cares what you're wearing on Main Street or in Tuscaloose -- it's what you wear from ear to ear, and not from head to toe that matters, as evidenced by the fact that the first major uniform change since 1978 didn't at all change the stormin' success of Michigan's cheery diamond gals.


Game 2:


Cheerleading - longsleeve
Something Fresh Champ
(Examples: here, here, here, here, and here)


Cheerleading - tanktop
Daisy Looks Crazy in Maize-y Champ
(Examples: here, here, and a completely unrelated moment of zen)

Two of four looks for the cheer team -- the other two are a blue uni and a white one, both redesigned recently.

How They Got Here: Sleeves out 'Yay'ed 8th seed Cheerleading - blues, out-smiled 4th seed Softball - blue, and then out-awesomed 3rd seed Soccer - blue. The tanks topped Tennis - maize, dunked on the 6th seed Nike-era Basketball maizes, and then out-tanked 4th seed Field Hockey - maize.

First Worn:
No clue. It seems these pre-date Adidas; sorely missed M blogger Autumn Thunder's eyes were opened on Sept. 23, 2007. HT. RIP. TYVM.

Wings Factor:
I don't think the stripe counts. 0/3

Claim to Fame:
As mentioned earlier, they are no longer this, and the new look is reminiscent of these guys:

(not embedding -- just look down)

Which makes them awesome.

Unfortunately, the cheer team is in the midst of re-doing its website, so I don't have the same wealth of info to draw on from the athletic site. That being said, I have an e-mail in with the Cheer Coach, so if I get some more info, I'll update the post this week.