M Fan in "enemy territory"

Submitted by Casa Grande on July 13th, 2008 at 11:59 PM

I admit it.  I read a lot of posts on MGoBlog.  I also admit that I don't understand half of the silly language that is used here... the "inside speak" of blogs if you will... but it's still fun!  I'm a 40-something which I am sure is old by standards of readers here, but what the heck?  I'll try this out!  It will give me a place to share my "M-thusiasm!"

I don't know a lot about recruiting and because I live well south of Cow-lumbus, (actually in the former land of Rich Rod) - it's a little risky wearing M apparel around.  But I do know that I love to follow the Wolverines.  It's not easy here, but I still do it.  MGoBlog REALLY helps too!

I didn't even attend Michigan.  I graduated from another school in Michigan, but I grew up going to the games.  I believe my first game was a Wisconsin game when I was somewhere around 8-10 years old.  This was back in the days when we were wiping teams out by dozens and dozens of points. 

But I learned to love the traditions of all that is the M experience.  I'm doing my best to pass them on to my kids now. 

The one thing that MOST attracted me to the program was Bo.  He was straight up an incredible influence on a lot of young impressionable males my age.  Yes, our dads were the ultimate men we looked up to, but Bo ran a close second.  Every time I met him he always was kind to me.  Always had time for a word.  Always encouraged a young fan to keep rooting for his team... our team.  He ran the show the way it should be run.  I'm sure a lot of OSU fans my age feel the same way about Woody Hayes.  But I'm on the Maize & Blue side of this line - forever! 

So, thanks to Brian for putting up this site.  A chance to connect and feel a little closer to the place where I had so many great memories as a young person!  

And now - it's back to reading about WVU and OSU in my local paper every day.  Ha-ha!