Little Fun Facts About Bowling Green

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I attend Bowling Green, and although I don't work directly with the team I've seen them a few times so I thought I'd like to share with you guys all I think I know about the Bowling Green football team so you'll be prepared for this upcoming weekend.


- Known to most people as the offensive coordinator at Tennessee that helped put an end to Phillip Fulmer's tenure as Tennessee's head coach a few years back, Dave Clawson is the current head coach at BG.  He has a pretty darn good track record other than that one horrible year in Knoxville and will get a BCS-level job in the next few years.  My guess would be Virginia Tech once Beamer is done, just because he's a prominant name in the Virginia-area, where he took the Richmond Spiders to the 1-AA semi-finals back in 2007 before losing to... well... uh... that one team with the really good quarterback... 55-37.


- The defense for BG has one hope, turn the ball over.  There's not much after that because they are the standard bend but don't break team.  They returned three interceptions for touchdowns last night (one was called back for block in the back).  They play super soft coverage though.  They've given up 30, 33, and 28 points this season and could struggle this weekend.


- The offense is what I imagine the 49ers west coast offense was like in the 80's, at least from what my Dad always described.   Short passes to whoever is open within first two steps.  That's how Freddie Barnes amassed 155 catches last season in 13 games(!!!) and how Jr. Kamar Jordan leads the nation this year with 34 receptions in three games this season.


- Despite the gaudy numbers by the recievers, Bowling Green has a redshirt freshman as starting quarterback, #7 Matt Schilz, who is smart with the ball but lacks serious arm strength, at least that's according to rivals.  He was knocked out of last night's game in the third quarter with an injury.  Backup quarter back is a sophomore, #14 Aaron Pankratz.  Has more arm strength, a little bigger in the pocket, not quite as mobile.  Think a 2-star version of John Navarre.


- The running back Willie Geter has dreads(!). The 5'7" running back has seriously quick acceleration but has been questioned on his top speed. 


- BG has a starting freshman defensive back* (I stand corrected, he's not a cornerback) named... Booboo Gates.  He's a little bigger than Michigan's Booboo was and he plays pretty well on the defensive side and returned an interception for a touchdown last night.


- Anybody else wish Michigan had an extra kicker on hand?  Well, Bryan Wright could've been that guy, except he decided to take his talents down US 23 about 50 miles and spend his last year of eligibility kicking, punting, and kicking off.  He's three for six on field goal attempts this season and surely could've been of at least some use for the winged helmets this year.


- Completely OT but Bowling Green has one of the sweetest rivalry trophy histories in the history of rivalry trophies.  The "Peace Pipe" is the trophy and between 1947 and 1969 the basketball teams from Toledo and Bowling Green would smoke a substance from the pipe at halftime as a offering of peace to the other school!  What was actually being smoked has never really been officially said... but it was the 60's... so take that for what you will.  It's now just a trophy that is played for by the football teams each year.


So, to wrap this up for now, if you can't watch the game this weekend and can only read the box score with the stats sheet, do not be alarmed if Bowling Green has a reciever with 15 catches on Saturday and a player named "Booboo" with an interception.  This game will not be Toledo 08', although BG has beaten them, including in 08', the last few years in the battle for I-75.


EDIT: I said Booboo was a cornerback, well, I just pretty much said that to compare him to Michigan's Booboo.  He's a nickel back, but the comparison is there.  He makes plays, and he's a freshman, and his name is Booboo.  And so I love him for that.

I went to Bowling Green because I wanted quality education and BGSU provides that for me.  I don't think there's much of a problem with me prepping Michigan fans on this upcoming weekend.

So to sum it up, I gave the Michigan fans my own personal thoughts on Bowling Green's football team without degrading the University in anyway possible.  I'm going to the game as a fan Saturday, and I'm not wearing apparel of either school as to still be a professional.  



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By the way.  I had a dream last night that I was reading and in the bottom right corner was a link to click on an article written by "Formerlyanonymous" and I remember thinking to myself... "Shit, when did FA get a weekly spot on".

So.  +1 to you and here's to hoping you get that article in SI sometime soon!


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I find it interesting that the FCS schools are almost on the verge of being better football schools than most Non-BCS FBS schools.  It makes sense though and should've happened a long time ago.  

A lot of FCS schools have a lot of things going for them now.  Better academics, better campus, and the chance now to compete with FBS schools.  

In 25 years in my fantasy world I would like to see FBS and FCS combine and just become Division 1.  With it being a playoff like scenario.  

Think March Madness on a whole new level.  Oh sweet Jesus.


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i'm one of the guys he ran out of town....apparently playing through spring ball, off season conditioning and the regular season with a separated shoulder wasn't good enough for him. not to metion i got mono during the season and still played through that!


if i ever met that fucker in a dark ally, only one of us would walk back out.


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I still play slow-pitch (suction cup lizards!) Over there every summer and my kids' dr. Is over there. But i do make the trip just for some campus pollyeyes chicken and cheese stuffed breadsticks every so often as well....and some mr. Spots.


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Yeah Pollyeye's breadsticks are pretty stinking good.  For anyone that stops in BG on their way through on 75, stop in at Myles Pizza & Pub for some pizza or at Campus Pollyeye's for some chicken and cheese stuffed breadsticks.  You won't be disappointed.


And back On Topic, the secondary better build up some courage to play close to the line of scrimmage otherwise we'll be picked apart all day long.  I foresee another high scoring game.


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Good info, thank you.  I didnt see what happened in the game, just saw that they put up 44 on Marshall and I imediately got worried. This definitely helps. I was also pleased after reading the post game notes from Coach Rod and the players.  They knew they played flat yesterday, and admitted they had a lot to work on.  I dont thknk that will happen again. GO BLUE!!!!


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I don't think I should predict a score, but I think Devin Garnder will have a big day.  Lol.

For the good measure of rubbing it in a little bit, I'm predicting Michigan misses an extra point while Bryan Wright makes a field goal... that will be fun for the BG fan in me. 

Although he's virtually a lock to kick at least one kickoff out of bounds, as he does that pretty much once a game, even when he played for Michigan if I remember correctly.

Personally I'd like to see Kamar Jordan get like 18 catches.  And have Denard run for like 200 yards.  


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UM just needs to play hard every game, and just take a one game at a time approach.  If we play with motivation, especially the defense, we should win this game by at least 20 points. I hope we can go up big at halftime to give the 2nd and 3rd string QB some time and some of the younger players on offense and defense.


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You my friend are what we consider a traitor and should be ashamed of yourself.  You ever heard of anything called loyalty to the people that pay your bills?

I have been a Michigan for my entire life, but I do have enough for respect for the institution that awarded me my degree that I will have on my orange and brown at the game this weekend.  As much as I want to see Michigan do extremely well, this is all I have to say...


Ay-Ziggy-Zoomba Zoomba Zoomba, Ay-Ziggy- Zoomba-Zoomba-Ze, ROLL ALONG YOU BG WARRIORS!!!

IMHO, if UM doesn't get their defense squared away they will lose this weekend.  This team knows how to score points and they have for the past half decade or so.  This team is going to be better than UMass.  With that said, I think UM played like shit this past weekend and they will probably play a lot better next weekend.


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I thought it was nice information to give us a little bit better view of what to expect from BG next weekend. It's not  like he was giving away the playbook or anything.

Also, just because someone pays you doesn't mean that you have to love them. A lot of people hate their jobs, though I'm not trying to say BGWolverine hates his job at all. And they don't "pay his bills." They provide him a chance to earn the money to pay his bills by working for them. 


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They ain't paying my bills, I'm paying all my bills to them!!!

My undergraduate degree is going to get me next to nothing without my graduate degree... which will probably not be at BGSU.

And I love Bowling Green, but when you grow up in Ann Arbor your whole life you gotta cheer for the team you've invested 18+ years to.  Ideally I want Bowling Green to go 12-0 every year... except when they pay the team from Ann Arbor. 

Nothing about that makes me a traitor.  Maybe a "Wal-mart Wolverine" to those idiots from MSU... but I'm Go Blue through and through.


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I expected the UMass was going to be a trap game. This is still a young team that came off two emotional games. I will take the win.

On the other hand, we should beat BG easily. If they play Sean Joplin and he plays emotionally, he could give the DBs fits. He can jump the high jump over 7' and has great hands and speed.

I hope we can give our back-up QBs some reps.


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I'm a BG (not brandon graham) alum and am looking forward to my alma mater getting spanked (dont tease) by my favorite team. Yeah, I know I should be loyal to the place responsible for my 20k in student loans, but if BG plays in the Pizza Bowl: Pumped. If Michigan plays in the Pizza bowl: Fuck. is where BG fans congregate. They've already got some good stuff on there about weeks game, including the following about the author of this diary:

"Kid is clearly a flaming D-bag... Does he forget Schilz launching the ball 60 plus before the end of the half at Tulsa. It just reminds me of all the OSU fans/bg students that will leave a game to watch the buckeyes play Coastal Carolina. Robinson is a quick elusive player...but teams will be catching on quicker every week and will not continually put up those numbers. Anyway... we have a chance UMASS beat themselves in that game. Their QB said after being asked if he was nervous for the game, he said " we are playing Michigan,not the Patriots" He summed it up well. We are better than 08 Toledo for god sake." 


Fuck Toledo, right?

Brewers Yost

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You forgot to mention that BGSU has one of the most talented and best looking female athletes in Lauren Prochaska. There have been times when I wished she was on UM's mens Bball team. 


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I was looking at some stats and Bowling Green's rushing defense is somewhat worse than ours and damn, that's saying a lot.  They are allowing about 190 ypg.  Our offense should shread them up and down.  Offense has a new QB.  Works to our favor.  We better not lose this game.


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I'm still a BG student, fan, and employee and I'll see you guys at various events while I continue to work for the athletic department.  

I love BGSU and I love Ann Arbor too.   I am thankful that I get to participate at sporting events, it's not something I take for granted.

But lesson learned.  No more jokes coming from over here, I promise.


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This is the last post I'll be posting on MGoBlog.  It's time for me to stop spending my time doing things like this and focus 100% on school and working to build my trust up with the Bowling Green fans.  Since I haven't been able to post on that site and apologize I'm going to use this as my place to go apologize.

I was just trying to have a little fun and prepare Michigan fans for the Bowling Green game this upcoming weekend.  It did not occur to me that anyone would be offended by my words, and I when I work I always work without bias to try and do the best job I can.  What I said was wrong and I really am sorry.

I have been volunteering in the Bowling Green Athletic Department for over a year and a half waiting for any job to come up.  I was given a minimum wage job working on game days at various events, and I have been very, very proud of that job.  I've been bragging whenever I could because it's always been my dream to work in an Athletic Department, no matter how big or small the role is.

I shouldn't of said what I said and I'm sorry.  It will never happen again.  I really hope the people at Ay-Ziggy-Zoomba read this because I never imagined what I wrote would end up tearing down what I've been trying to build up for the past year.

I've had fun on here but it's time to leave, and focus on being a student and worker.

You can read my blog about Bowling Green baseball if you guys want to see a little bit of the work I've been trying to put into this school.