Kelvin Grady in Camp

Submitted by Raback Omaba on August 20th, 2009 at 12:52 PM
I know this has been discussed before, but I just heard it from the horse's mouth...i.e., people close to the team. Kelvin Grady is performing with the first team offense, and by performing, I mean extremely well. He's making a strong case for himself to get some significant playing time this year. He is tearing it up.

I, for one, didn't expect this at all. I know he's been conditioned in the basketball program, but I thought the switch to football would've been too much of a change. I expected him to add depth at an already strong position, nothing more.

This is very impressive as we are stacked at that position with a lot of young talent. It's great to see Kelvin make his case - hopefully it will light a fire under his brother and make the RB position that much stronger as well.

We'll see if he's really good, or if it's just that our defense in practice isn't great (which hopefully isn't the case), but expect to see Kelvin making plays this fall.

Another tidbit, but this also makes me wonder about Greg Paulus. I wasn't too thrilled about bringing him in, but with Paulus' success in Syracuse's camp and Grady performing well in ours, maybe this PG - > College Football thing isn't a novelty after all.

In any case, I like our options at QB and can't wait to see them making plays with Grady and the other slots this fall.



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There may be an inherent negativity towards the other player, but when they play the same position it kind of reminds me of golf. You can still hope that they both do well because the competition is indirect.

I guess what I'm trying to say is they are competing against one another, but one's success doesn't preclude the other from having success.


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to defend anyone by the name The New McFarlin, but Odoms is somewhat of a known quantity at the position, Kelvin is not.

I have a fair (though admittedly imperfect) sense of how Odoms plays slot. If Rich Rod announced tomorrow that he's found someone decidedly better, who will improve the offenseive firepower of the team, I'd take it as exciting news.


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You are so demonstrative in your first paragraph it sounds if you have been watching the football team yourself. If by 'tearing it up' you are referring to an article you read then link to it. If by 'tearing it up' you are referring to a friend of yours on the football team or someone who has watched practice you should also make that clear.

By being more forthcoming you lend more credibility to your post. That being said, I think most of us are pleasantly surprised by Grady and curious to see what he can do in some games.

Raback Omaba

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to "name" my source. I know people that are part of the program and would prefer to keep them anonymous as I would like to continue to post additional information that I hear as the season goes on.

It's not like I'm posting something controversial or anything.....I personally don't think my post needs any more credibility than it already has. Take it for what it's worth. If it were something groundbreaking or confirming a rumour, I would definitely lend more to my "sources" if I chose to do so....

That being said, Grady is doing well from what I've heard from personal sources close to the program. Leave it at that and take it for what it's worth.


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He knows people closely assoc. with team, but wants to protect his sources. Raback doesn't want these sources to dry up or be compromised because of the release of info. Kind of a "deep throat" thing. The only issue is whether or not these internal sources are reliable (in terms of the assessments given.) That question won't be answered until games are actually played.


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I didn't try to ask for a specific source, just wanted to know if it was a friend of his who works on the team or if he was summarizing articles he read. Obviously I came across as a dick and got deservedly negged. I apologize for that. I've seen posts from Raback before but didn't know he had already established his sources.

Raback Omaba

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No disrespect taken from your post and I didn't think you were being a dick...I'm really protective of my sources, mostly because I don't want to get anyone in trouble and I don't want my sources to think I'm some kind of big mouth internet nerd.

My sources stand on the sideline at the football games, have access to Schembechler Hall and don't need a press pass to get into practice. That's saying enough and I hope to bring some more inside info as we move forward!!

Go Blue!!!


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I'm going to just save this and paste it in all threads about Kelvin Grady:

I watched both Grady's play many times in HS. I always believed Kelvin had more potential in fball than bball and also always believed he had more potential than Kevin. Needless to say, I was very disappointed when Kelvin announced that he would be concentrating on bball. imo the only reason he wasn't much more highly rated as a football prospect is because he made this announcement before playing football his senior year.

He's electric.


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It's good to hear that he has been doing very well in practice. We really have so much depth at slot now I can't wait to see some of these guys play like Grady, Roundtree, T-Rob, and Gallon.


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this is all great and everything, but unles he's been Barwis'd, Barwisised, Barwisered,, ect and has gained some lbs, he's going to get creampied and it will be messy.


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during the BTN camp visit show, when one of the pundits named Kelvin as his "sleeper" player ( the othre name Huyge ). But, wow, there might be something to it.


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Now that we've realized the b-ball - football transition is so easy, maybe we can have Mike Martin play center on the b-ball squad this winter....