justingoblue/megangoblue visit Crisler: pics with Jake Ryan and Taylor Lewan

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Let me start off on a bit of a personal note: each of the past three years, my girlfriend (username megangoblue) and I have gotten each other late Christmas presents. I believe this started by spending Christmas apart our first year, but now it's a tradition between the two of us. Long story short, we needed to be in Ann Arbor today, Wednesday 1/9/13, which coincided with a basketball game that wouldn't get much attention on StubHub or from scalpers, #2 M v. unranked Nebraska. She managed to buy great tickets for the two of us: Section 134, Row 9, Seats 9-10-11-12 that we shared with my uncle and cousin. The happy couple, arriving to our seats:

This was the first MBB game I've been to, and we were definitely going for the full MBB experience: a nationally televised game with tickets nine rows off the court in an seemingly brand new stadium. I can't describe how much fun I've had tonight; from walking the concourse before the game, seeing the now famed waterfall, the maize and blue lighting outside, and most of all the #2 team in the nation take on an overmatched (but still Big Ten) squad from Lincoln. Michigan didn't shoot particularly well, and Nebraska stuck around too long, but a win is a win, and I'll remember this one forever.

One of the cool things about this section were the people who happened to be populating it. The entire womens cross country team took up a few rows just below us, and below them in Row 1 sat Taylor Lewan, Jake Ryan and Drew Dileo. At halftime, gathering some courage, I went to talk to our favorite LB with feathered locks while Lewan was whisked away somewhere, no doubt being congratulated by people far more connected and powerful than I for his decision to return for the 2013 season [ed: according to M-Wolverine it was a radio interview]. Approaching him, Ryan is a big guy, but certainly not a monster (although his hands approach monster territory). He was very polite and thanked me after I congratulated him on his past two seasons and wished him luck in the next two. He agreed to take a couple pictures with us, one turned out okay:


We went to the concourse to grab a four dollar bottle of water, and when we came back there was a 6'8 309lb LT standing on the corner of the court, talking to people with badges and little kids, maybe a few pretty girls too. Heading straight past our seats and down to the court (also thinking that Ryan might be laughing at us a bit in his head as we passed him again), we walked towards Lewan, who is an absolute mountain of a man in person. Talking to Lewan was surprisingly easy, especially considering how well he stood up to a potential number one pick just eight days ago, and his sheer size (which is every bit as big as advertised).http://mgoblog.com/sites/mgoblog.com/files/images/UV_91C5/177and7_thumb1_thumb_thumb.jpg

When I asked Mr. Lewan if he would mind taking a picture, he was polite (I'm noticing a theme here) and obliged, although the fellow fan nice enough to take the shot only took one, and it didn't turn out so well:

Megan had started on my right side with my arm around her when Lewan quipped, "I know y'all are dating but this picture's gonna look better with her on my side too". That got a chuckle at the time and a bit of a laugh later. I told him how much his return meant to so many people, and he shook my hand (mine promptly disappeared in his ridiculously big hands) and told me he was glad.

I know others have better shots down on the board, but here is Lewan conducting the band:

A win is a win:

And my favorite girl near one of my favorite symbols:


Go Blue, good night, and thanks for reading.



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...Quantico anyhow. Good luck.

If you haven't already, recommend you make contact with the Marine Instructor at the NROTC unit and introduce yourself. Once you've been accepted, you may be able to get a leg up on your training by working out with the Marine Option Midshipmen.


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and I actually kind of feel bad about it. Him, Ryan and Lewan all walked in together, and Dileo is more of a normal looking dude than Ryan with his hair or Lewan with his size; by the time I glanced to the third man in the group his face was turned away and I couldn't see who it was. I didn't think to look twice when I went to say hi to Jake Ryan, and didn't learn it was Dileo until the second half had started and it was too late to go down.

I would have loved to say hi and congrats for the MSU play, amongst others, but I guess it's just one of those things that wasn't meant to be.


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fun to read Justin. What a great experience for you both.

I hope you get to tell your kids that story too.


(its never too early to get that ring, cause lets face it, she is a BABE...don't let her get away!)


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I am lucky to have anyone.  A girl who would put up with my unique brand of autism must be as *special* as I am.

I am a Walmart Wolverine, which is a nice coincidence, as I am ugly and goofy looking as the people you see shopping at a Walmart at 4 in the morning.

Also I am fat and have no life.

I am JustinGoAway.


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I am MeganGoBlow and I have ugly teeth.
My boyfriend is fat and has a butt chin and generally looks like he is smelling something rancid at all times.

You are all fools for pretending like I, MeganGoBlow, am pretty.  You should all change your tune and advise against him "putting a ring on it", for if we procreate our progeny will be a kind of ugly the world has never seen.


NMU Blue

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They never hesitate to call you out when you try to show off your prowess in their sport. Also, their b.s. meter is usually excellent and "no, dear, I still don't think you can hit me" will be uttered. My wife having a better batting average WHILE PREGNANT never comes up during coed softball. Ever. Good luck with that.