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So, Brian quit charting UMass before we even got to the 4th quarter, where one big time recruit Justice Hayes got the first carries of his Michigan career. I don't think enough attention has been paid to those carries, be they with backups in the game or not. A guy's first carries in Michigan Stadium deserve a little review, so I thought I'd try to UFR some of his plays

I don't have a full game video, only highlights, so I don't have all the information, but I can do a simple review. Unfortunately, the highlights only have two plays with him in it. If others have better insight, please share it. I'm very much an amature.

Play 1

Set: Angle too tight, but it looks like a Shotgun Split, with Bellomy, Gyarmati and Hayes all pretty much on the same line, 3 Wide.

Play: Zone Read? Not sure if this is actual read or not, but while the others appear to be run blocking, Gunderson looks like he went to a pass block, so maybe?

Player: Bellomy

Result: 9 yards

Players: Mateus - Burzynski - Miller - Glasgow - Gunderson

                               Gyarmati - Bellomy - Hayes

Glasgow pulls at the snap, taking off playside. Gunderson's man takes a wide circle around him, and Gunderson seems momentarily confused about who to block, first looking towards center, then back outside. He eventually gets in the way of the SDE who wasn't going to get to the mesh point in time anyway. Miller(+1) gets into his man and shoves him off the line, while Mateus (+1) and Burzynski(+1) double the other DT and take him well out of the play. Glasgow has pulled quickly (+1), while he, Gyarmati, Hayes AND Bellomy all take off playside.

The WDE crashes, but then squares up to take a block from Glasgow, who angles past him. He then turns to deal with a block from Gyarmati, who is headed behind him. Finally, he looks towards the Bellomy-Hayes mesh, his indecision making it impossible for him to get either. he chooses the wrong guy anyway. (-1, that guy. If you're gonna go with a guy, get there fast. If you're gonna hesitate, at least pick the right guy).

Bellomy sells it on the hand off, and Hayes follows Gyarmati behind the WDE while Bellomy follows Glasgow inside. I love how hard Hayes sells this, and the whole play side of the field follows him out. Beautiful fake. I'll +1 him on it.

Gyarmati gets out on the LB (I think. Can't see it, but he's got a block on someone), Miller loses his man but delayed him juuuust long enough, and Mateus & Bryant have crushed their donkey so hard that 5 yards upfield, Glasgow is still looking for someone to block. Bellomy hits a big time hole (+1). Glasgow finally finds a WLB to block, and the SLB and Safety combine to bring down Bellomy at the one.

- Seems like everybody did their jobs here, though I'd like to see Gunderson be more decisive. Not sure if it was the combo  block that delayed the LB's, having to go out around it, or an RPS with them dropping to pass coverage. Curse you, highlight angles!

Play 2

Set: I-form, 2 TE Set.


Player: Hayes

Result: 1 Yard, TD

Players: Same as before, with Kwiatkowski and Paskorz in at TE.

Solid blocking all along the line. Kwiatkowski, Burzynski and Glasgow get no push. Burzynski, Glasgow, Mateus/Paskorz and Kwiatkowski get linemen while Miller, Gunderson and Gyarmati get LB's. Miller(+1) and Gunderson(+1) have both gotten fantastic blocks, which is a shame, because Burzynski(-1) and Glasgow(-1) allow their men to roll together and completely fill what should be a massive middle hole while a safety fills the left side hole. This play was going right, so it's not a big deal, but this is goal line. EVERYBODY should go backwards into the endzone.

Gyarmati (+2) gets out on his LB and brings a safety along with him(!) and a sizeable hole opens right that Hayes hits with authority.  The safety and guard both get a hand on Hayes, but not till after he's crossed the plane. Touchdown!

Anything to add?



September 20th, 2012 at 2:35 AM ^

hoping Hayes continues to get stronger and can make an impact next year,  so far hes looking like Marvin Robinson or Furman but on offense..  Also im not sure rawls has the vision or lateral agility to become anything special. crossing fingers though


September 20th, 2012 at 9:35 AM ^

So let me get this straight.  You post nothing for over two months but Blazefire's UFR on one of our recruits debut you felt the need to log on to criticize?

Cant wait to see what you're going to be critical of around Thanksgiving.  


September 20th, 2012 at 9:38 AM ^

So really, that extra spice cake you brought didn't add much to the meal.

It's fine. I know this is garbage time stuff, but all of these guys are back-ups/walk-ons, so you know they're still trying their hardest to get everything they can out of the small playing time they'll get at UofM.

I know now why Brian stops charting in garbage time. This crap is a time drain!