An Interview with Spiffy Evans

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Curtric "Spiffy" Evans is a wide receiver prospect out of Chaminade Madonna High School in Florida. Spiffy, one of the best WR/DB prospects in the state, recently picked up an offer from Michigan. He sounds pretty excited about it. First highlight video, then what he had to say about Michigan.

TOM: I have to start by asking how you got your nickname. Where does that come from?

SPIFFY: My granddad gave it to me when I was about four years old. I grew up in Alabama, and we used to play in the dirt and everything. He said that I would play in it, but I would always want to come inside and take a bath, I always wanted to be clean. So he just started saying I was spiffy, and it stuck.

TOM: You grew up in Alabama, are you a fan of the university?

SPIFFY: Yeah, I’m a big fan of Alabama. That’s who I watched growing up. If they offer, it’s not like they’ll be in the lead, though. For me, being a fan of somewhere, and spending the next four years of my life is two different things. So, that’s not something I’m thinking.

TOM: When did Michigan offer you?

SPIFFY: They offered me last week, Tuesday I think. I went to our football office, and the letter was there for me with the offer. I tried to call the coaches at Michigan, but I think they’re all traveling right now. One of them is supposed to come by our school soon. They’re coming to see Jonathan Aiken, Jerrard Randall, and me.

TOM: Since all of you have Michigan offers, have you talked about going to school together?

SPIFFY: Yeah, we’ve talked about it. If it happens, it would be nice, but it’s not something we’re really trying to do. All three of us are going to take an official to Michigan, though. We already decided that. We actually might try to drive up to Michigan for a summer camp, too. We’re going to Ohio State’s summer camp, so we might try to make it to Michigan’s too.

TOM: Your coach played for Jim Tressel at YSU, right? Does that have any bearing on your decision?

SPIFFY: No, Ohio State might have an edge for Jerrard, but not me. I was never really an Ohio State fan. Coach Tressel came to our school a couple weeks ago, but I don’t really see them in my future.

TOM: How many offers do you have right now, and who sticks out to you so far?

SPIFFY: I have around 14 or 15 offers so far. The ones that stand out are Vanderbilt, Florida, and USF because I’ve talked to them the most. Everyone’s even right now, since I’m still getting offers and everything. The Michigan one is one of the biggest offers, though. Their tradition they have, and them being one of the most notable schools in the NCAA is big.

TOM: Yeah, it sounds like Michigan might have a good chance then?

SPIFFY: Michigan has a real good chance. I need to get to know the coaches, and see how that progresses, and see the campus. But, yeah, they have a good chance. I actually talked to Denard Robinson a little while ago.  I know him, I’m not really good friends with him, but he was telling me how great it is up there, and that was cool to hear from a Florida kid. I’m just going to see how everything progresses with them.



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Seems like Denard is becoming more and more familiar with these Florida kids. Seems like most guys we're recruiting out of Florida have talked with him about how great UofM is. Way to go D-Rob, keep it up!


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my oh my I hope this kid comes to play

plenty of sunshine denard will say





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Next April Fool's you can tell us about Michigan's interest in [INSERT IMPOSSIBLY AWESOME NAME NERE], and I'll just have to assume it's a completely true story.


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Lets pop the clutch on this nifty cat.

It would be really swell to get that hipster, then we would have it made in the shade.

 I'll put all my bread on it!

Jon Benke

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helping with the Florida recruiting!

And hopefully, as soon as they get on campus and everything, Demar Dorsey and Marvin Robinson can help as well...  It's nice to be in on some top notch Florida kids.