An Interview with Cullen Christian

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With cornerback as a big concern, and only a few weeks left in this class, the Wolverines start to look to the juniors for help. Lo Wood was just offered by Michigan, and we will hear from him soon. Another name that we will start to hear from is Penn Hills Cullen Christian. He's 6'1 180 pounds, and already has an offer from U of M. Christian is teammates with LB Dan Mason from this years class, and junior WR Brandon Ifill, who is also a Michigan prospect. Here's one of his highlight videos, and what he had to say about his recruitment.

TOM: You were just at the Junior Combine, how did that go?

CULLEN:  It was good, a good experience. I did pretty good. The goal was just to do the best I could do in the 1 on 1’s, since it’s the wide receivers advantage. My name was on the list for good performers, so I feel like I did well.

TOM: Did you meet any other recruits that you’ll keep in touch with?

CULLEN: I met so many people, too many to name. It was good to meet a lot of the other recruits.

TOM: You’re teammates with Brandon Ifill and Dan Mason, has Dan’s recruitment helped you guys at all?

CULLEN:  Yea he definitely showed us a couple things. There’s a lot of coaches that talk to Dan, and he has put in good words for us.

TOM: What schools do you think Dan Mason likes right now?

CULLEN: Top schools are WVU, Penn State, BC, and Pitt.

TOM: Will you and Brandon be a package deal, or are you looking at different schools?

CULLEN:  We’re not going out of our way to go to same, but if something happens it happens. Most of the schools are looking at both of us.

TOM: Do you have any favorites to start, I know they usually change, but who sticks out right now?

CULLEN: Michigan, Pitt, Maryland. I was just offered by Maryland, so those are all my offers too.

TOM: Is there somewhere you’ve always wanted to visit? Or any schools you know you’ll definitely visit for a game?

CULLEN: There’s not really a school I’ve always wanted to visit; growing up I always liked Michigan. I was supposed to go on the 15th, but there’s a track meet so I’m going to reschedule. I really like them.

TOM: What camps do you plan on going to, or have you been to?

CULLEN: Scouts camp, Penn State, Adidas. I’m not sure about team camps yet.

TOM: How do you see your recruitment going? A lot of guys commit real quick, and some take their time, what will you do?

CULLEN:  I’m going to take my time; I’m going to take all 5 visits. I don’t want to go through any decommits or anything, when I commit there will be no second guessing.

TOM: What are you looking for in a school? Do you look at early playing time, coaches, tradition?

CULLEN:  I want early playing time, a school that has good tradition, the academics. That’s basically what I want to go to college for. The most important are playing time and academics. I don’t want to have to wait all the way to senior year.

TOM: Describe what kind of player you are, and what you bring to a college team.

CULLEN: I’m a real physical corner, I can watch bigger receivers, I won’t get out jumped, and I won’t get out ran. I can run with the quick ones and tackle the big ones. Especially if I went to Michigan, you need to know how to tackle in the Big Ten.



January 16th, 2009 at 11:50 PM ^

He clearly likes press coverage, and i must admit i am a fan (i coodnt stand watching morgan trent give up those easy 8 yard completions). I dont no wut type of speed he has, but it will be interesting to see if he can maintain press coverage and not get burned by the speedsters.

But he looked like he had good technique, a good backpedal, and was strong at covering the slant routes.


January 19th, 2009 at 1:23 PM ^

He's jamming guys at the line of scrimmage. Is that something Michigan defensive backs are allowed to do? I thought there was an NCAA rule mandating M DBs playing 8-10 yards off the LOS.