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Submitted by TomVH on February 1st, 2010 at 1:13 PM
There's been a lot of information, in a short amount of time, so I'll recap it here. ESPN call w/ Tom Luginbill: I didn't press the buttons in time, so I didn't get to ask a question. I would have liked to as a couple, because the people that do ask about Michigan, don't ask anything that matters. - Sean Parker will be announcing on ESPNU at 10am EST. - Devin Gardner is physically the stereotype of what Rich Rod wants as a QB, and is expected to compete. The mental aspect of the game, grasping that, is what Luginbill thinks is one of the only things holding Devin back from playing. - Michigan has gotten better with the skill positions. This class is a great foundation for the future, and is filled with Rich Rod's type of guy. - Luginbill thinks FSU, Michigan, and USC are neck and neck for Demar Dorsey. That was really the only info that was worth anything to us. I spoke with 2011 DE Robert Mincey recently, and he told me that Michigan is his leader. He's 6'4 230 lbs. from Fairfield, Ohio. He'll be at Michigan's junior day on the 20th. - Terry Talbott's coach, Jay Minton, sent me an email. He said that, "Terry's head is spinning. I wish I could tell you what he'll do." He's going to keep me updated on what Terry decides to do. He's conflicted between Michigan and North Carolina. Terrence is solid.
Also, unrelated to this, for those of you that don't know, I recently started a company called, U Recruit, . We will guide kids through the recruiting process, and help them get scholarships. We have about 6 athletes we're helping right now, and are trying to spread the word. Take a look at our site, and pass on the information to anyone you think we could help.



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Board drills.

Put a stuffed animal on one side of the dining room table, line him up on the other, and then have him run under the table and knock the stuffing out of the stuffed animal.


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Thank you. I actually might need some help in the near future. We're talking with a few other companies, and developing some new ideas to move forward with, so I'll let you know.


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Tom great idea. One thing that bothered me about the site though: I, a nobody, can go on there are get some HS kid's contact information. Shouldn't / will you limit that kind of information to members (i.e. registered coaches) of the site?


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Tom, have you considered making a recruit's phone number and email address viewable only to registered coaches or athletes? It seems like posting that stuff to the mercy of the internets, especially when zealous fans become bitter about a recruit's choice, could cause headaches.


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The neck and neck between USC, FSU and Michigan for Dorsey is kind of surprising. I haven't seen anyone (with inside info, at least) give UM any better than a "maybe he'll surprise people" kind of chance.

Thanks as always, Tom.