If Michigan Football is our life, why does it have to be lived irrationally?

Submitted by MarvelousMartavious on November 19th, 2008 at 11:14 PM

The media has decided to crucify Rodriguez because they think he doesn't understand why Michigan football is the life of us fanatics and why his very salary depends on it. What I think RichRod doesn't understand is why we fanatics have to live our Michigan football lives like irrational blithering idiots who make despicable comments about his family and his players (possibly one in the same) on a regular basis and expect him to take every last inch of the criticism in stride. I too don't understand this, so let's compare Michigan football life to actual life, or rather identify this one over-arching similarity: neither can be explained. From the very start humans have been pondering the meaning of life itself. There are endless ways to pose this question, and people have been doing it for thousands of years, but there has not yet been an answer, and there most likely never will be. There is no explanation for life-consuming fanaticism either. We are just fans, we bleed Maize and Blue, and live and die with this team. We just do. We were put on this Earth for some inexplicable reason, and we were made fans for some inexplicable reason, but that is where the lack of rationality ends, because we humans are rational beings. We often treat each other in despicable ways, do atrocious things to each other, but we also possess the capacity for great thinking, great accomplishment, and great good. We love our family and our friends, and detest our enemies, and the best of us atleast have respect for those hated ones. We fight with those we love too. We have disagreements. But we often make up because we have the brain power and rationality to consider our actions in the grand scheme of things and do what we believe is right. All of the things I just mentioned are broad ideas that I think we can all agree happen in real human life. So lets apply them to the part of our lives consumed by Michigan football. Lets act like rational men and women. Leaving cowardly and disgusting slurs of RichRod's family and team on messageboards is a sign that our Michigan football lives have descended into chaos. If this is the case, we need to do what Rodriguez would merely like to suggest: to get a life, or rather to restore some common sense and dignity to our fandom lives that have fallen into the depths of hateful insanity. Just because we can't rationally explain why we are fans doesn't mean we have to act irrationally as fans. It means we have to except that we are fans because we are, that Rich Rodriguez is paid a lot of money to coach the team we (him included) love and is doing everything in his power and then some to satisfy our (his included) expectations, and that we are human beings and experience adversity every day, every week, and every year, some more than others. It is how we respond to adversity that defines our lives, and some of us fans have not responded admirably and have proven their weakness and insanity by saying simply nasty, unfounded things. I expect RichRod to also respond a little better to criticism, but I am willing to forgive him, and our fanbase, because we are humans, and we have the capacity to make mistakes, learn, and move forward.
I will now get off my pulpit. Sorry if I have sounded vague and preachy and condescending, I just had to get that off my chest. Go Blue. I will see you all in Columbus.