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Submitted by splindy88 on November 16th, 2008 at 2:07 AM

WVU 2001

3-8 (1-6 Big East)

L, 10-34 @ Boston College
(final record 8-4, won Music City Bowl)
W, 20-3 Ohio
(final record 1-10)
W, 34-14 Kent State
(final record 6-5)
L, 20-32 @ #25 Maryland
(final record 10-2, lost Orange Bowl)
L, 0-35 #6 Virginia Tech
(final record 8-4, lost Gator Bowl)
L, 24-34 @ Notre Dame
(final record 5-6)
L, 3-45 @ #1 Miami
(final record 12-0, won Rose Bowl)
W, 80-7 Rutgers
(final record 2-9)
L, 13-24 @ #14 Syracuse
(final record 10-3, won Insight Bowl)
L, 14-17 Temple
(final record 4-7)
L, 17-23 Pittsburgh
(final record 7-5, won Tangerine Bowl)

Opponent Combined Record = 73-55 (.570)

Stat (WVU – opponent)
Points PG 21.4 - 24.4
Total YPG 345.7 - 349.9
Rushing YPG 181.1 - 213.2
Passing YPG 164.6 - 136.7
TO Margin (-8) - (+8)

UM 2008 (as of 11-15)

3-8 (2-5 Big Ten)

L, 23-25 Utah
(record 11-0)
W, 16-6 Miami (Ohio)
(record 2-8)
L, 17-35 @ Notre Dame
(record 6-4)
W, 27-25 #9 Wisconsin
(record 6-5)
L, 20-45 Illinois
(record 5-6)
L, 10-13 Toledo
(record 2-8)
L, 17-46 @ #3 Penn State
(record 10-1)
L, 21-35 Michigan State
(record 9-2)
L, 42-48 @ Purdue
(record 3-8)
W, 29-6 @ Minnesota
(record 7-4)
L, 14-21 Northwestern
(record 8-3)

Opponent Combined Record = 68-49 (.581)

Stat (UM – opponent)
Points PG 21.5 - 27.7
Total YPG 299.2 - 362.5
Rushing YPG 150.9 - 128.3
Passing YPG 148.3 - 234.2
TO Margin (-9) - (+9)

WVU 2002

9-4 (6-1 Big East)

W, 56-7 Tennessee-Chattanooga
(final record 2-10)
L, 17-34 @ #25 Wisconsin
(final record 8-6, won Alamo Bowl)
W, 35-32 @Cincinnati
(final record 7-7, lost New Orleans Bowl)
W, 37-17 East Carolina
(final record 4-8)
L, 17-48 Maryland
(final record 11-3, won Peach Bowl)
W, 40-0 @ Rutgers
(final record 1-11)
W, 34-7 Syracuse
(final record 4-8)
L, 23-40 #1 Miami
(final record 12-1, lost Fiesta Bowl)
W, 46-20 @ Temple
(final record 4-8)
W, 24-14 Boston College
(final record 9-4, won Motor City Bowl)
W, 21-18 @ #13 Virginia Tech
(final record 10-4, won San Francisco Bowl)
W, 24-17 @ #17 Pittsburgh
(final record 9-4, won Insight Bowl)
L, 22-48 vs. Virginia (Continental Tire Bowl)
(final record 9-5, won Continental Tire Bowl)

Opponent Combined Record = 90-79 (0.533)

Stat (WVU – opponent)
Points PG 30.5 - 23.2
Total YPG 418.5 - 335.5
Rushing YPG 283.6 - 121.8
Passing YPG 134.8 - 213.6
TO Margin (+19) - (-19)

So as you can see, WVU's 2001 season, its first under Rich Rod, is pretty similar to our 2008 season. The stats for this season will probably look even worse after the tOSU game (I'm as optimistic as anyone, but we won't win that game), but our strength of schedule will increase once we play the Bucks. So WVU's 2001 stats against a somewhat weaker schedule will pretty much equal our 2008 stats against a somewhat tougher schedule.
Looking at WVU's 2002 season is very encouraging. The offensive stats improve markedly from the 2001 season, and one thing that really stands out is the drastic change in turnover margin from 01 to 02. Also, Rasheed Marshall, WVU's first dual-threat QB under Rich Rod, took over the reins starting with the 02 season. Brad Lewis, a holdover from the Nehlen era at WVU, was the starting QB during the 01 season. So Rich Rod's 02 success wasn't due to a returning experienced QB, which is exactly the same situation we'll find ourselves in next year with (most likely) either Forcier or Beaver starting. WVU's running game went from average in 01 to explosive in 02, ranking as the second-best attack in the nation.
The situations in Morgantown in 2001 and Ann Arbor in 2008 were undoubtedly different in some ways, but many parallels can be drawn between the two seasons. Hopefully many parallels will be drawn between the 2002 and 2009 seasons, because I think every U of M fan would be happy with a 9-4 season next year.



West Texas Blue

November 16th, 2008 at 4:05 AM ^

Sorry dude, but it's going to be all about the QB position; will Threet improve in the offseason and step up? How will the true freshmen (Forcier and Beaver) perform; will they struggle or adapt quickly? The target number of wins next year is 7; to reach 9 is asking for way too much right now.

Phinaeus Gage

November 16th, 2008 at 12:05 PM ^

If you look at the top 5 teams in the nation, a common thread is a multiyear starter at QB. Although we may be improved next year with EVERYONE being more experienced offensively, the larger leaps will be made in 2010 and 2011 if Shate Beavier can remain healthy. I hope if this team is 6-6 next year, we all can remain calm, knowing that Ninja Football will be only a year away.

RichRod will get it done. No doubt.


November 16th, 2008 at 4:34 AM ^

Oh I totally agree. In no way am I expecting 9 wins next year. I'm just saying that if it did happen everybody would be thrilled because of the way the season has gone this year. Looking at the schedule next year, we've got Western, along with two other non-BCS schools (I'm assuming) and Notre Dame. In conference we have very winnable games home games against Indiana and Purdue, plus very winnable road games against MSU and Wisconsin. OSU, PSU, @ Illinois, and @ Iowa are toss-ups, so 7-5 is a great target. Of course, we still have the whole offseason ahead of us so that could change somewhat (in either direction) by the time next season starts.


November 16th, 2008 at 2:55 PM ^

The prior season at WVU is fairly comparable. 7-5, including a bowl win over Ole Miss and loss to big-time rival Pitt. A pretty good (but not great) season by Nehlen's standards, relatively similar to Carr's 9-4 final season. I think?


November 17th, 2008 at 4:53 AM ^

You guys aren't seriously looking at WVU's 2002 season and somehow figuring that what happened in Morgantown seven years ago has anything at all to do with Michigan in 2009? Talking about comparing apples to oranges. I have to admit though, I do admire the optimism.


November 17th, 2008 at 12:08 PM ^

Yeah but Miami, Va Tech, and Boston College left the conference for the ACC, would West Virgina be as dominate in the big least if these teams were still in the conference?


November 18th, 2008 at 9:42 PM ^

QB will be a true frosh or worse rotating true frosh QBs.

Ol will be better but not dominant. Still need a dominant OT or 2. The present frosh may help (O"Neill and Omemeh) but it will more likely be Ortmann and/or Dorrestein. Schilling needs to move inside and let Moosman move to OC.

WRs. Mathews is solid and the rest are just-who knows. Odoms is ok but he does not run good route and can't block anything. Inaddition he will drop passes and fumble regularly. Stonum has been, well numb. Please don't rely on Hemingway. He was just ok before going down. Frosh WRs rarely make a significant contribution. Bottom line- no Braylons in this bunch. Need a game breaker and none in sight.

RBs Minor is the best but can he make a whole season? Then there are alot of names who are on and off the injury list all the time. Shaw may be the best of that bunch or maybe Mc G. if he can get bigger. No Javon Ringer here.

DL Rebuild with all kinds of issues and not a lot of talent beside MM, especially if BG says goodbye. This line will be dominated at times by solid OLs.

LB A unit with no stars. No rocken sockem guy anywhere. A lot of finess players. This unit will undergo some significant retooling but isn't going to scare any O or require special attention by any OC

CBs poor at press and poor against the run. Not a strong group but the best group on this D.

S A wasteland. Any D that has SB as a returning starter is in major trouble.

ST The teams lone star, Zoltan will be our main weapon. Frosh walk on or another walk on PK will be fun to watch the bouncing ball.

Recruiting has not yet landed a sure starter star. Very Meh class to date.

There will be a bunch of transfers and 4th year guys not back for their 5th year

Yes, we are in full rebuilding mode and it may take a good while.


November 20th, 2008 at 10:54 AM ^

man can you be any more negitive. Dude was tryin to be positive with his stats, which are encouraging. Minor doesnt have to stay healthy all season with the back that they have in the stabel, the offensive line with be solid next year, with all the returning starters and recruits from last year having a year under their belt. Mathews is a good possesion reciever. Odems does have problems holding onto the ball, but he is 18 years old playing his first year of college football, he's 5'9 and he's probably a little scared like a ton of us would be, he will be a burner that will impact ball games in a big way. A LB unit with no stars?? I Cannot dissagree more Uzeh is a stud dude is a sophmore and is leading the team in tackles, and he isnt far off the top in the big ten. How can you say that the Secondary is the best group on the d? The D Line is what makes the D go, they are losing all of them after this year so the secondary will have to step up but they have a ton of tallent back there, at least at CB with Cissoco and Warren, they can b shut down corners. Have some faith man, its not as bad as you think. Maybe try a glass half full aproch....


November 21st, 2008 at 6:33 PM ^

There is absolutely no quarterback 4* and above who could be worse than Sheridan/Threet starting out of the gate. As bad, yes, but worse? not likely.

Forcier is going to start. The kid has been taught proper mechanics since coming out the womb. He will at least be able to throw competent bubble screens and he is a way better natural athlete running than sheridan.

Not only that but turnover margin has been killing us (and it killed RR's first WVU team). We will probably win 6 or 7 games depending on how the QB play is.