Home Opening Speech (edited)

Submitted by the_big_house 500th on September 4th, 2009 at 10:24 PM
If I was coach Rich Rod and it's 20 minutes before kickoff here's what I say to my team...

Men, gather round, take a knee. I understand last week and this week has not been fun or comfortable for any of us. It's been tough, it's been harsh and it's been trying. But all of you have done an amazing job overcoming this situation. You have had a wonderful mindset on this Saturday. You have been practicing for it all summer and you have all dreamed of running under that banner again and charging the field. Well boy's that time is back. That time is now. This is a new year with new chances and the opportunities are endless. We have a clean slate, 2008 is dead and burried 2009 is here and it's our chance to turn everything around and get back on the winning path once again. This program that was established in 1817, gave birth to the most winningest, most successful and most privileged university in the nation. Ledgend's were born here, great moment's were made here and history makers began here. This is our chance to send the world a message that Michigan football is back and ready then it has ever been. That 126 maize and blue bred warriors will walk on to that field ready, hand in hand ready to fight through whatever this saturday throws at us. That this is our stadium, our Big House, that these screaming 110,000 fans will be cheering for one team and one team only. Us. Michigan. When they sing the Victors they are Hailing one team. Michigan. When they all scream GO BLUE they are screaming for one team. Michigan. This is our Saturday boys, this is our chance to give this season the start that we want, a home opening victory. Let's give all of these frehsmen, sophmores, juniors and seniors and fans alike a home opening they will never forget. Let's go out there and let them know that they are playing in Michigan Stadium today and the team that they have to beat isn't leaving this stadium without a win. Let's show these people that Michigan football is back let's go get em boys! 



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This program that was established in 1817...

The Michigan football program probably wasn't founded 50 years before football was invented.

(I love the title though. It made me ask, "that's what she said?")