Hail to the Victors 2014: The Story

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[Sticky-ing this here for now, and reminding folks of the Draft Kings deal (least expensive method of getting a book)]




No, what were you thinking about, bolded, all-caps subconscious who's apparently now discovered the html code for "Heading 3"?


It's not yet August.


No football for another month yet. But I may have a book that previews the football?



Our preseason magazine is mailing from the printer tomorrow. Yes, tomorrow-tomorrow.

Kickstarter backers and pre-orders: to your mailboxes.If you've been letting your page-turning finger calluses grow weak from Kindle usage, get 'em tough again. If you're too young to remember a time when things were printed on paper products, have an old one explain the function to you.


About 128 pages of high-fallutin' Michigan knowledge, only 4.3% of which is complaining. As follows:

Unlike some football previews, this one knows what what a 4-3 over is. Pls it dsn't sqsh wrds lk ths Phl Stle.


THE TEAM THE TEAM THE TEAM (position previews) by this site's Brian Cook. This goes on for some time: two pages for QBs, two for RBs, four for WRs and TEs, four for the DL, four for LBs, four for DBs, and two for special teams and recruits. Following MGoTradition there's an extra two pages of vintage MGo-namby-pamby for the cover boy's section. He's pretty bullish on the defense you guys.

THE ENEMY THE ENEMY THE ENEMY (opponent previews) by this site's Ace Anbender and BiSB, plus PSU blogging capo Mike Pettigano did PSU. Learn things like what happens to Ace when we make him scout App State and Rutgers.

TWISTED BLUE STEEL (heartfelt MICHIGANly Michigan features). This is the afore mentioned blogger Brian getting all sentimental about Jeremy Gallon, and John U. Bacon getting all realistic about the future of college football.


Yes, Bacon. Remember the articles on his blog a few months ago about how to save the college football experience, and why fans are bailing on Michigan this year? That's what he CUT from this article, which is also kind of an update to Fourth & Long because a lot of events that belonged in that book happened after that book.

TECHNICAL DOSSIER (how things work-y features). Space Coyote introduces the Nussmeier offense, i.e. inside zone and its key constraint and passing plays. And I give a Back to the Future II-themed explanation of how the timeline skewed into this tangent, creating an alternate reality where the SEC is rich and powerful, etc., and the Big Ten kinda blows.

I gave up several hours when I could have been sailing a Laser on Lake Michigan to make this so you'd better damn appreciate. The players are in order of their mention in the article.


TALES OF OLD BLUE (historical features). Greg Dooley, the guy who writes MVictors and the best stuff in the official programs, wrote a candid history of the 1964 team, with all the parts that definitely won't be in the program this season. I'm particularly proud of my lead photo. John Kryk shares his memories and photos from the last night of the Bo era, i.e. the pep rally before the 1990 Rose Bowl. Craig Ross (yeah seriously we got ALL these guys!) did a history of the forward pass that runs right through Benny Friedman.

And sharing a section with all of these dudes is Michael Florek of the Dallas Morning News, formerly one of my favorite Michigan Daily writers from the recent years when the Daily sports section's been kicking everyone's rears in Michigan coverage. I am such an asshole because I left him out of the Table of Contents. Which is too bad because he tracked down the true and only a little weird history of The Wave.

STUFF, like a roster with a helpful drawing of where the positions are on the field, and intro letters from me and Brian, and a table of contents that forgot Florek's article. And our annual roundtable. And a thank-you to our big Kickstarter backers:



There are a few methods of book acquisition.

HOW DO I GET THIS METHOD 1: It's free with a Draft Kings Deposit


Our sponsor Draft Kings (formerly partly Draftstreet) has once again hijacked a box of books from us to give away free to new depositors. Since they never ended the $5 deal for a digital copy, that still applies, so if you're a first-time depositor, and you deposit $15+, I'll send you both a print copy (in the mail) and the digital version, along with a link to order your free print copy.

How it works:

  1. Take this link (or those above) to Draft King's landing page (we are all MGB users):


  2. Larry will collect the email addresses on the qualifying accounts and send them to me in groups.
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Offer's only good for first-time deposits at Draft Kings. Small print things in regular-size print: 1) One per customer. 2) They're looking for new members so if you've already got an account there (even a free one) you'll be locked out, at least on that email address. Also locked out: Arizona, Iowa, Louisiana, Vermont, and Montana.



…where you can purchase a hard copy for $14.95 plus shipping or a digital copy (and download that right off) for $5.50 and no shipping (with tax it's $5.83). Shipping the hard copies is gonna run about $4 to $6 depending on how many zones you are from Ann Arbor. Also your state has sales tax. It was $21.80 to send one to my house.

HOW DO I GET THIS OPTION III: Buy it in a store next week. I'll put up a list of stores once I have confirmation that they're on the rack. I know for a fact that the UGP locations in Ann Arbor will have them, but not yet because at this moment they're all on a huge pallet at a printer. If you've got a store and want a few let me know, or pester your local store to email me.





July 31st, 2014 at 11:47 AM ^

such as in the downtown newstand Elliots. The spartys around here are ridiculous (many of whom sport only new gear as they jump back on the bandwagon) and I need to cool my jets with such a good read.


July 31st, 2014 at 11:59 AM ^

Every year around this time, I see the list of big backers and wonder if Brian and David Callahan ever get pissed at anything I post and shout, "YOUR NAME ISN'T EVEN CALLAHAN, YOU SON OF A B----!" 


July 31st, 2014 at 12:05 PM ^

This is a huge help for getting the wife up to date on UM football, the more she knows about the team the more she gets into the games...which makes it more enjoyable for everyone!


Highly recommend it for those of you who Bleed UM and married someone not quite as hip/cool as yourself (yet)


July 31st, 2014 at 12:19 PM ^

First, allow me to say that the e-copy came in handy during the down time in this past storm we lived through here at work...and that was the second reading for me. 

As for me, it continues a trend where the only way that I get to see my name in print is through the voluntary contribution of my own money (I'll go with Hawaiian War Chant next year, as opposed to Temptation), but as I obviously enjoy the place enough to help moderate it, I figured this was a good project. Next year, however, I do want to see "Letters From Bolivia" as a side column somewhere so the mods can summarize their more colorful escapades.


July 31st, 2014 at 1:14 PM ^

This goes on for some time: two pages for QBs, two for RBs, four for WRs and TEs, four for the DL, four for LBs, four for DBs, and two for special teams and recruits.

No OL preview? I didn't think we were in that bad of shape. :p


August 7th, 2014 at 5:31 PM ^

Hey, this is cool ... purchased e-version ... am starting to read it.

Because I'm a documentation geek, I'm curious -- what software do you use to create the layout of the book?