Get to know your top 2014 Recruiting Targets

Submitted by Allin4Blue on January 17th, 2013 at 10:17 AM

This is a list of the Important targets that have Michigan in their anticipated or stated top 5. I have listed them by importance to the Class of 2014. It’s still early in the process with more offers starting to go out and recruits are narrowing down their choices.

FB, TE, Safety, OLB, are lower priority needs and I did not list them.  DT is a pretty big need and several offers have been given out, but Michigan doesn’t sit too well with the big named prospects as of yet.

The biggest need in this class is SDE.  We have some big name offers given out and Michigan is sitting well with at least 3 of them.


Da’Shawn Hand  [#1 overall prospect]  (Has Michigan in his top 5)

Malik McDowell  [#2 SDE]  Detroit Loyola kid who is a must get for this class.  (Michigan in top 3)

Bryan Mone [#9 SDE] HS teammate of Sione Houma (Michigan the assumed leader)


David Cornwell  [#8 QB] No offer as of yet (Michigan in top 5)


Jabrill Peppers [#1 ATH] Could play RB/WR as well (Michigan in top 5)

Parrker Westphal [ #11 CB] (Michigan the assumed leader)

D’Andre Payne [#20 CB] (Michigan in top 5)

Nick Watkins [#4 CB] (Michigan in top 5, Alabama the assumed leader)


Mark Andrews [#7 WR] 6’6” target! (Michigan in top 5)

Corey Holmes [#61 WR] (Michigan the assumed leader)

Artavis Scott [#11 WR] (Michigan in top 5) Possible “package deal” Mason Cole, OG

Drake Harris  [#6 WR]  (MSU committ who is opening up his recruiting to focus on football)


Denzel Ward [#41 OT] (Committed to Michigan, but wants to take visits)

Damien Price [#2 OT] (Michigan in top 4)

Tommy Doles [#32 OT] (Michigan the assumed leader)

Alex Bars [#21 OT] (No named leaders. Brother is on current team)


Mason Cole [#5 OG].  (Michigan in top 3) Possible “package deal” with Artavis Scott, WR


Michael Ferns [#7 ILB] (Committed to Michigan)


Lawrence Marshall [#16 WDE] (Michigan the assumed leader)

Joe Henderson [#17 WDE] (Michigan in top 4)


*All player Rankings are based on 247 Composite Ratings




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A little light on content for a diary as well. Judging by the title, I was expecting more than a list of names and positions. Also Mone is a DT, no question. Edit: Biggest need is SDE? LOLWUT


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I think two qbs would be a bit much if we get Cornwell. I'm not worried about Gardner's redshirt and we have depth with Shane and Russel. I think we are going to take 2-3 dline and leave spots open for Hand and McDowell. We have the depth but getting some elite ends would be nice. I'm curious to see the number of kids they want at each position since this is seemingly going to be a rather small class.


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First off, it's "Strobel."

Second, Wormley was practicing at 3-tech.

Third, Beyer can be moved over on the Craig Roh plan.

There are at least 12 scholarship D-linemen, and the last thing, THE LAST THING, you should worry about with this incarnation of Michigan football is the defensive line.

A SDE depth chart of Beyer - Heitzman - Strobel - whoever (Godin as cover when he's not 3-teching) is great.


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Wide receiver Drake Harris (Grand Rapids, Mich./Grand Rapids Christian) is still committed to Michigan State, but he will now consider other programs. 

"I'm still committed, but I'm also looking at Notre Dame, Michigan, Ohio State, Florida, Alabama, Georgia and Florida State," he said.

So how about we say we're in his top 8?

I'm starting to look at more of the bigger football schools since I'm just playing football now." - That's my favorite part.


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My guess is Mone will be one of those DTs.  He is 314 pounds.  A couple 4-5 stars at DT have been offered but have Michigan low on their lists.

There are not a ton of offers that have been sent out to RBs.  Jonathan Hilliman is a current 3 star but will rise up the charts fast (He might be the most likely at this point). He has quite and impressive offer sheet. Jalen Hurd is another but Michigan will have a hard time making the cut for him IMO.
2015 We are leading for arguably the best RB in the class in Damien Harris.  He is a big Michigan fan.  Something to keep an eye on as well.

Donte Booker is an Ohio LB that will most like commit to Ohio. Nyles Morgan is another that seems to be a Notre Dame lean. Not a whole lot of offers beyond that

Mr Mxyzptlk

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Not sure if you're updating you're list but I've heard quite a few names that should be added to your list.

QB: Tyler Weigers, Andrew Ford, Caleb Henderson, Coleman Key

RB: Joe Mixon, Johnathan Hilliman, Elijah Hood, Mikale Wilbon, Sony Michel*

OL: Sam Mustipher, Orlando Brown, Jamarco Jones, Nathaniel Devers

TE: Kyle Rachewal, Nick Weishar, Ian Bunting, Ethan Wolf, Chance Sorrell

WR: Derek Keif, Darean Watkins, Jaylon Grandison, Moe Ways, Dominique Booth

DT: Enoch Smith, Craig Evans*, Andrew Brown*

DE: Connor Sheehy, Gelen Robinson

LB: Kyle Berger, Troy Reeder, Brandon Lee, Clifton Garrett*, Nyles Morgan*, Dante Booker*

CB: Damon Webb*, Troy Vincent, Jalen Watts-Jackson, Darius West

S: Montae Nicholson, Quin Blanding*

* means outside shot but still worth recruiting



January 20th, 2013 at 8:27 AM ^

No Running Back in this class being pursued?  I looked through the Scout list of RBs and the highest one with any mention of Michigan is Joe Mixon from California - a three star.  Must be banking on both Smith and Green for 2013 . . . but think we'd still have at least one in the 2014 class.


January 20th, 2013 at 11:04 AM ^

Lots of things still subject to change with these lists.  Michigan has not even sent out that many offers yet.  Top 5 Lists change all the time.  I do agree with you that Malik Mcdowell is a absolute must get for this class.


January 20th, 2013 at 1:22 PM ^

Whats the word on Deshone Kizer?  I heard he grew up a Michigan fan and seems to be pretty highly rated.  Is he a legit passer?  Just because we are growing pro style doesnt mean I want to see any statues behind center.