The Game-A sonnet

Submitted by D.C. Wolverine on November 23rd, 2009 at 5:02 PM
My English 12 teacher is a big Ohio State fan. We talk trash constantly about our two teams. All of last week we were going back and forth in anticipation of the big game. On Friday, the day before the game he assigned us to write a sonnet. Normally I am not very good at English, but I decided to write it just for him, in the aftermath of the game. I, like everyone else was disappointed by the score but its not worth dwelling on them.

To make things interesting I decided to post it on here. Its not the greatest poem ever written, so feel free to add any comments you might think of to help me improve it.

On a sunny winter day in Michigan
My team ran under a banner that read Go Blue
Hoping desperately for a win
And deeply enraged by that terrible scarlet hue

And then Mr Sweater Vest took the field
With his quarterback who thinks everyone murders and steals
Claiming that his team would never yield
With the traitor linemen who eats pizza at all five meals

And on some players final Senior Day
Tate and Vincent made a good read
And Graham and the D came to play
But the enemy still took the lead

In the end the Wolverines did not defeat their foe,
But hey, at least they don't have to live in Columbus O-H-I-O

Anyway, thanks for taking the time to read this, and Go Blue!



November 23rd, 2009 at 5:10 PM ^

Well Done. Living in O-H-I-O would be a terrible fate.

I met a guy the other day who, while wearing an OSU shirt, said the funny thing about Michigan fans is that none of them attended Michigan.

So all OSU fans must have gone to school there, and when I see the mindless rabble who attend the OSU away games, I am shocked at what must be their ungodly low admission standards.

ole luther

November 23rd, 2009 at 9:27 PM ^

never happy are they, the scarlet and gray
who begin on their quest from god
when school's anew, and autumn is too
and the rankings have gave them a nod

"We're the best" they declare, but so unaware
of the fate about to befall them
alas, we all know, the top ten of the show
have yet to be discovered amoungst them

begin does the season, and for no logical reason
the scarlet and gray think they're best
"Why aren't we on top, in the number one spot,
you know we deserve no less"

a big ten title, so soon seems so idle
a shit isn't given for conference
so the coveted crown, on which they do frown
sits waiting to be gathered in earnest

the season progresses, with teams of the lesses
one here and there what does it matter
the intent is to show, the big ten title's too low
"we're reaching the top of the ladder"

but a pause is brought, in an ensuing onslaught
bearing the name of South Cal
"Oh well" they exclaim, we're really not lame
"losing early is sometimes your pal"

"We'll fight our way back, and remain on the track
of a trophy so rich and rewarding
we'll win all the rest, and pass every test
to prove we belong with the lording"

and so it goes, just like this prose
foes are laid waste right on cue
and when it seems clear, that there should be no fear
they forget to show up for Purdue

"Oh shit!" they exclaim, "we may really be lame
but at least we still lead in our league"
"Now wait just a minute, you friggin idiot
now you'd be happy with winning the league?"

they whine and complain, with every refrain
that are the ballots and polls
"We don't understand, we were in command"
but arm punts, they do take their toll

so when the best can't be had, and some victories are clad
with the robe of "you're welcome" fixed on them
skin of the teeth it would seem, is what we would deem
to be the OSU anthem

"Now that we're here, let's all give a cheer
to our warriors in '54' clothes
We told you before, the big ten title was all
that mattered, so on to the rose"

this is my pain, and from it no gain
i live with these bazzards all day
for forty five years, have cried Michigan tears
everytime i watch OSU play

i pray to my god, i thank him aloud
i prayed this in late of Novem
the Buckeyes they wonder, what is it i ponder?
i say, "Thanks for not making me like them!"

as time passes by, and November does fly
my past and my present collide
a once hallowed team, no longer it seems
becomes the true test of my pride

humility is hard, but play the dealt card
for patience is the virtue untold
there's no reason to frown, due to two lost crowns
revenge is a dish best served cold