Game Day Weather

Submitted by mgoweather on November 23rd, 2018 at 1:51 PM

Here we are. The big one. We can do this blue, you guys got this! At least temps will finally be a little better, but definitely have the rain gear if you're headed to this game! A low pressure system will work across the region bringing us near average temps, but steady rain to start the day. Rain will become more scattered for the game before ending, but tailgating looks wet. It'll be a little breezy, too, enough to put a chill in the air. Grab the layers, a raincoat, and cheer loud - let's go blue!  

If you're traveling to Columbus...


Rain is going to move in around midnight, so this is not the game to break out the cute shoes or forget the poncho. If you were looking for an excuse to buy those new warm boots on that Black Friday sale, ding! Not only will the ground be soggy/muddy, but it'll still be raining for the tailgate. Not a chance, not maybe, not spotty - it *will* be raining. Rain will be steadily falling pretty much all morning, starting to turn more scattered by gametime. It'll be chilly in the morning, so grab the thermos mug for the coffee and heat up all of the comfort food leftovers - if you have any! We'll start the day in the low 40s with a southerly wind at 15mph (loose paper blows about, small branches start to move) so it'll feel like the mid 30s! By mid-morning you'll be headed back for more warm breakfast casserole as we only warm up a couple of degrees. Combine that with rain - ugh.           


We do get some improvement as we start the game! Showers will start to lighten and become a little more scattered. Kickoff brings a temperature of 48 degrees. Winds will shift just a bit to the SSW at 15-20mph (you may see some small trees sway). That breeze will give us a wind chill in the low 40s.    


Luckily the rain is winding down and moving out! We'll still have a lot of clouds, and no doubt you're still happy you have some of those warm layers on! The temperature has gone up to around 50! A SW wind at about 15mph will keep it feeling like the mid 40s through the second half. It's a good game to grab up some hot chocolate! 


Mainly cloudy skies by the time the game ends. Not a bad evening to head out on the town and celebrate a win in Columbus! Clouds will continue to break up, so temps will start to fall - so if you forgot the raincoat and you got soaked, maybe go home and grab dry clothes first! No one likes the wet dog smell, friend, so don't have fomo and get warm! We'll be in the mid 40s for the evening, but it'll feel more like 40. Winds will lighten a bit to around 10mph out of the SW. Staying out late? We'll be in the low 40s for the end of the night with winds continuing to lighten to 5mph. Skies will be partly cloudy, turning mostly clear, leading to some sun for Sunday. Dry weather for a morning drive home is always a good thing! Go blue! 


If you're staying in Ann Arbor...

Rainy here, too, steady in the morning before turning more scattered in the afternoon with mostly cloudy skies. It'll be a bit chilly with highs in the mid 40s (near normal) with a lighter SW wind keeping wind chills in the mid 30s for the majority of the day. Lots of clouds stay with us not only for Saturday, but into Sunday. Rain looks to return later Sunday, changing over to snow overnight into Monday. Finish the regular season strong guys!